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   Chapter 4 Keep The Last Dignity (Part one)

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It was Tina's birthday. Everyone decided to go to a Sichuan restaurant to celebrate her birthday after work. She couldn't refuse, so she had to follow them.

Usually, Wendy didn't like to take part in activities like this, because she had to take care of her daughter who had serious kidney failure every day. In order to cure her, she had to work part-time to support their life.

It was already nine o'clock in the evening after the dinner. The night in Beijing in the late winter was surprisingly cold. Wendy still took the subway home as usual. At this time, many people had already got home, and there were only a few people in the subway, looking tired.

The weak lights on both sides shone in flickeringly, illuminating the face of Wendy, who was sitting by the window. Only when she got off work in the evening, there would be seats on the subway, because she usually got off work very late. That was the only time belonged to herself. She usually didn't think about anything. She just looked outside at the bright light, and being numb. And this was the most relaxed moment for her in a day.

There was still dozens of meters to go home after getting off the subway, and the wind at midnight was even more piercing. Wendy tightened her thin down jacket and sped up to home.

This was an ordinary residential area in the suburb of Beijing. There was no heating in winter, and they could only burn the stove to warm themselves. When she passed by the supermarket, she saw that there was a plate outside saying special price for apples, so she went in and weighed a few pounds. She often went to the supermarket to buy some special-priced food or fruits at night. Although some of them were not fresh, it could save some money.

She picked up the apple and walked home. Although it was only a few pounds heavy, it was not easy to carry it now. Although her hands with frostbite were covered with thick cotton gloves, her hands hurt because of the plastic bag.

She put the apple on her body and walked away with it.

There was no good lighting in the suburb area which hadn't been built yet. Only a few residents nearby had made simple street lamps which were shining dark light.

Thinking all the way, Wendy arrived at the gate of the yard. It was an old courtyard house with several families living together. Although they were poor, they were on good terms. They often sent delicious food to each other.

Before she reached the steps of the courtyard, someone behind her coughed softly. Wendy was taken aback. She took two steps back, leaned against the wall and turned around. For a moment, she felt like she was in a dream, a beautiful dream she only had a few times.

All of a sudden, she felt that it was not a dream, because Hugo was walking towards her. Wendy still didn't move. She leaned against the wall tightly. The north wind was whistling at night, and her old clothes were even shabbier. Her gloves were a little open, and her fingers exposed outside were retracted uneasily. The plastic bag was also blowing hard on her face. She thought that if only she didn't buy the apples, she wouldn't be in such a mess. But she subconsciously straightened up. She didn't need to hide anything in front of him. After experiencing the rough life, she was no longer proud and arrogant, no longer frivolous and uncertain, but more peaceful and firm.

Hugo walked up to her and his face couldn't be seen clearly in the dim light. Wendy raised her head slowly, but she could see the calmness in his eyes. It was totally different from the ridicule in the office this morning.

What Wendy didn't know was that since she left the office this morning, Hugo had been restless all day. She didn't know how long he had been waiting for her at the street corner opposite the 4S shop in the cold winter. He didn't even drive the car and took the subway with her.

She made up her mind. After all, she had exchanged the box she cherished the most with him. What else could she not put down?

Still expressionless, Hugo looked at her calmly. Luo [未央] thought he should break the embarrassment and say something. In the past four years, they had lived in different worlds and had led totally different lives. Wendy knew better than anyone how big the gap was. Although she was young, she had experienced from the peak of her life to the bottom, and seen the coldness and warmth of her life. And the gap between them was even not on the same level as the ordinary ones.

She took a deep breath and smiled, "Why are you here?" He didn't answer her directly. Instead, he looked at the dilapidated yard behind her and asked, "Do you live here?" He asked indifferently.

"Yes. How about going in and have a seat?" She invited politely without any emotion in her tone.

Hugo raised his eyebrows. She was quite familiar with this. He always had this expression on his face when he was surprised. She had thought that the atmosphere would be better, but Hugo's tone was still as cold and mean as before. "You often invite men in?"

"Well, No." she answered easily. "I just want to invite you in to have a chat. My fiance will be back soon. You know him, our h

igh school classmate Jeff Wang. "

"No, thanks. Maybe next time. He was still polite, as if he was treating a stranger.

"Then I'll go in. Bye." Holding the apple, she turned around, opened the door and ran into the courtyard.

Without any response, Hugo just stared blankly at her closing the door. He didn't want to see her again. Because from the moment he threw out the check and the money in the morning, he knew that he would have nothing to do with her. He followed her all the way here by subway. He just wanted to see her live a bad life so that he could feel at ease.

Turning around and walking back, Hugo found that the snow had fallen heavily. The whole world was clean and beautiful, just like her when she came out of the bathroom in that afternoon after the sunset.

In the royal suite on the 27th floor of BurjAl-Arab hotel in Dubai, Wendy had just had a bath. She was wearing a white robe that reached her knees. Drops of water dripped down from her wet hair. She looked fresh and natural without any make-up.

Through all the French windows of the 780-square-meter suite, which was the largest royal suite in the hotel, they could see the boundless Arabia sea at any time.

The decoration of the room was elegant and glorious. With the top-level decoration and the furnishings from all over the world it was as magnificent as the Imperial Palace, and the furniture was all gold-plated. All the bathroom utensils in the bathroom were of Hermes brand, including soap, and cologne. Of course, the shower equipment was also extraordinary. In addition to the shower head on the top, they could also choose three sections of spray, top, middle and bottom. Beside them, there was a massage bathtub decorated with mosaic murals.

Wendy, who had just enjoyed her bath, stepped on the carpet barefoot and sat next to Hugo, who was lying on the sofa and resting. He seemed to be very tired and was still sleeping soundly. Wendy liked to see him sleeping, sometimes smiling and sometimes frowning. Every time she sat cross legged next to him, she would observe him carefully. Sometimes she would even smile blankly.

She gently raised her hand and touched his face. His beard was a little popping out without shaven for a day. Every time he kissed her, he would get close to her and make her giggle and beg for mercy.

She put her hand on his eyebrows and gently smoothed the uneasiness in his dream with her thumb. She used to think who could be so lucky, but a few years later it was her. Thinking of this, she could not help but feel a little proud.

Maybe it was because she was so happy that she used too much strength and woke him up. Startled, Wendy withdrew her hand subconsciously. Hugo still frowned slightly to adapt to the sudden dazzling sunlight. It took him a long time to wake up. Seeing her sitting on the sofa, he suddenly pulled her into his arms.

Holding her soft body and smelling her hair, Hugo took a deep breath and closed his eyes with satisfaction. He patted her back gently, just like coaxing her to sleep when she was a child. The environment and identity had changed, but those little habits had always been there.

Lying in his broad arms, Wendy put her arms around his waist. Hugo was a strong man. He often went to the gym and bragged about his eight pack abs to her.

"Do you love me?" Wendy always asked him this question. In fact, she was an insecure person and always wanted to get confirmation from him.

"There is a girl named Wendy in the city. She is beautiful and kind, with a pair of beautiful big eyes and long braids." Hugo changed the lyrics and hummed.

Wendy laughed out loud. Then she pulled her arm out and punched him in the chest. "Why are you so annoying? You not only don't answer my question, but also make up a song to laugh at me. I won't talk to you." While speaking, she pretended to get up from him angrily, walked barefoot to the French window and looked down at the sea.

From the position where Hugo was lying, he could see her back. He didn't make a sound. He smiled and squinted his eyes. Sure enough, after a while, he saw Wendy turn around and peek at him secretly. He opened his eyes at the right time and caught her in the act.

She had always been like this since childhood. She always liked to act like a child and pretend to be angry. At the beginning, Hugo was at a loss and didn't know how to coax her. Later, he had some experience and ignored her. After a while, she returned to normal and followed him to call him brother.

Hugo sat up from the sofa and straightened his cuff link. This cuff link was a gift from Wendy to him on his eighteenth birthday. It was a Eabri square cuff link with ripples on. It was decorated with sparkling pearl shells, which made it look smooth and comfortable, not exaggerating but delicate and generous. This was customized by Wendy in the United States, so she asked Hugo to wear it all the time and not to take it off.

Thinking of this, Hugo couldn't help laughing again. He stood up, walked to Wendy and hugged her from behind. He lowered his head and put her earlobes in his mouth, whispering, "I will love you forever."

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