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   Chapter 3 Jeremy's Feelings

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The cars whizzed past Wendy, but she didn't mind them. She was walking to the hospital to see Merry again. Only when she was alone could she felt less exhausted. Since her mind was too preoccupied, she arrived at the gate of the hospital unconsciously. She tried to forget all her worries and put on a smile as she entered the hospital.

Wendy had been here in the hospital for quite a long time, so the nurses on the third floor already knew her. They even called her by her first name now. She was thankful that they were all kind to her and Merry. "Wendy, you're here. Have you had breakfast yet?" "Wendy, how is Merry? Is she feeling better today?" Wendy was on her way to the director's office, and she greeted all the nurses that she met.

"Where have you been? I called you, but you didn't answer." Jeremy Lian raised his head. He and Merry were playing with building blocks.

He was the director of the Internal Medicine Department of this hospital. He came from abroad with superb medical skills and fame. As a matter of fact, many people came to see him from all over the country. Jeremy Lian studied nephropathy abroad, and he was Merry's current attending physician.

"Oh, I went to raise money. It's not easy to get a kidney donor. We've been waiting for three years. I don't want to miss this opportunity." Wendy put the bag of money on the table, sat down, and rubbed her sore arm.

When Merry was only two years old, she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Since then, it was Jeremy Lian who personally took care of her in the hospital. Wendy and Jeremy Lian became more familiar with each other. She treated him as a friend, so she didn't hide anything from him. He was aware of her family's current situation.

"You look tired. Drink some water first." Jeremy Lian came over and handed her a glass of water. He then took her arm and tried to massage her.

"No need. I feel much better now." Wendy casually pulled her arm out of his hand and walked past him to see the blocks that Merry built.

She knew very well that Jeremy Lian liked her. Although she didn't know whether it was love or merely sympathy, she clearly knew that she only wanted him as a friend. Jeremy Lian was an excellent man, and they were not from the same world either. After all, she was already married.

Jeremy Lian respected her a lot, so even though they were friends, he never asked her any personal questions. Just like right now, he didn't ask where she had gotten such a large sum of money today. He knew that Wendy was from a poor family, and she couldn't afford to pay the high cost of her daughter's treatment. So, as soon as they found out that there was a kidney donor, he personally gathered some money to help her. He was able to raise around eight hundred thousand dollars. But he didn't tell her because he wanted to surprise her. Jeremy Lian was just an ordinary doctor with a monthly salary of a few thousand dollars. He never received red packets from the patients' families. But he worked hard and saved money for several years. As a result, he was now able to buy a house in Beijing for his future family.

But since he knew that it was almost impossible for Wendy to raise such a large amount of money, he didn't have the heart to see her helplessness. Just like what she said, it wasn't easy to find a kidney donor. To help her with the financial burden, he sold his house and borrowed some money from his friends to collect the amount of eight hundred thousand. But it seemed useless now. He reached out and pushed the bank card that had been hidden under the glass of his desk inside.

Jeremy Lian held Merry in his arms and walked through the hallway. He would take her downstairs to bask in the sun. "Look, Dr. Lian is here." The nurses shrank at the side of the corridor and whispered to each other upon seeing him approaching.

Aside from being a famous doctor because of his skills, Jeremy Li

an was also known for being an indifferent person. He seldom spoke even with his patients. He would simply inquire about the patients' condition, check them, and write diagnoses without saying anything more. Because of his attitude, patients often complained about his coldness. They felt that he was so irresponsible because he didn't show care to them. But everyone in the hospital knew that although he was young, his medical skills were excellent. He could make a diagnosis with just a few inquiries. Even the old doctors agreed that he was unparalleled.

Jeremy Lian continued walking, not minding the nurses. Every time he saw his colleagues, he just nodded at them slightly as a greeting. After getting along with him for a long time, his colleagues had already known that although he was a cold man, he was a good person. Today, so many people were surprised seeing him holding a little girl in his arms.

"Merry, don't sleep yet, okay? I'll take you to the garden so you can see the beautiful flowers there," he coaxed Merry softly.

One of his broad and soft hands was under her legs, while the other gently wrapped around her back. Merry nodded obediently and rested her little head on his strong shoulder. She looked like a cute doll.

If Jeremy Lian wasn't wearing a white gown, people would think that he was a father playing with his daughter. This time, he was wearing a beautiful smile, and the coldness in his eyes was replaced by warmth. He thought of teasing Merry, so he trotted. She got a little scared and held onto his neck tightly. At times, he would also make faces that made both of them laugh.

Jeremy Lian didn't know that Wendy had seen everything. She had been standing in front of the window upstairs, watching them. Wendy lowered her head slightly and leaned against the glass window. Her hair, which was tied behind, was a little messy now. Some strands even fell on her face. Some strands of hair that also scattered on her shoulders looked like dry straw, lazily curling up.

Her hollow eyes were filled with undisguised gratitude. She hadn't seen Merry laughing like this for a long time. Merry was just a little girl, but she had to suffer so much pain. As a mother, Wendy felt so sorry for her. Sometimes, she even hoped that she hadn't given birth to Merry. If Merry was not born, she would have been free from this torturous pain. Merry was a sensible girl. Every time she saw Wendy crying secretly on the sofa, she would climb onto it and reached out her little hand to wipe the tears on Wendy's face. Imitating the way Wendy coaxed her to sleep, she would wrap her arms around Wendy's neck and coax her, "Mommy, don't cry. I will always be a good girl. I will listen to Uncle Jeremy and take my medicine obediently. I promise I will recover soon and play with other children."

All of a sudden, Hugo's words rang out in Wendy's ears. She seemed to see his face full of mockery and complacency in front of her again. "This is your retribution. This is what you deserve from betraying me."

Downstairs, Jeremy Lian was still playing with Merry. He let her ride on his neck so she could touch the snow on the branches of the trees. Wendy had dreamed of this scene many times. In her dreams, the man was sometimes Jeremy Lian, and sometimes Hugo, but never Jeff.

Jeff seldom went home to be with Wendy and Merry, and Wendy had gotten used to it. He was addicted to gambling and never cared about his family. Sometimes he would even hit Wendy when he drank too much. There were times that Wendy felt like giving up. But as she saw Merry growing up day by day, she felt that there was still hope in her life. No matter how difficult her situation was, she could bear it because of Merry.

It was almost noon. She only asked for a half-day leave, so she had to go back to work in the afternoon. She hurriedly went downstairs and brought Merry back to Jeremy Lian's office for lunch.

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