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   Chapter 30 Accompany

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After Andy came back from work, Parasol, Fairy and Missy said that they would go out to have fun to celebrate, as if he would never come back anymore.

After a crazy night, Andy went home in the afternoon of the second day, leaving only two women and one child in the family. The New Year's Eve would come in a few days. Fairy would be here almost the whole year, so she had to go back to accompany Mr. Earnest on such an important day.

Parasol wondered why Wilson had never appeared in front of her since that day, and there had been no action to verify Missy's identity. She thought maybe he had recalled what happened that night. He just got drunken that day.

To Parasol's surprise, around six o'clock on New Year's Eve, Yves showed up and said that he would spend the day with them. At that time, Parasol and Missy were having the New Year's Eve dinner together. He was very happy that he came the right time. Before Parasol asked him if he wanted to eat, he sat down to eat.

Parasol stared at him all the time. These actions were done by him in one go as if it was a matter of course, as if they were really a family of three.

"You've made progress in cooking." While eating, Yves praised Parasol.

"I didn't cook it." Although Parasol answered the question, she kept eating.

"Then who cooked it?" Yves also felt a little strange. Andy went back to his hometown, and Fairy also went back to her home. If Fairy didn't go back, Yves would think that it was sent by Tong family.

Parasol pointed at the big lunch box and explained, "I just heard the doorbell. When I went to open the door, I saw this one at the door. The person who sent it here has disappeared."

"Aren't you afraid of being poisoned?" Yves also felt a little strange. How dare she eat unknown food?

Missy took a card from the table and handed it to Yves, "Here is a card."

"I hope you can have a happy New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!" Taking the card, Yves began to read the words on it. Then he turned to Parasol and said, "You really don't know who it is."

Parasol shook her head. She really didn't know. After all, the people who had been in touch with her family before had no contact with her after her father's death, and her company had been taken away and she had moved out.

It was impossible for Fairy. Tong family's kitchen wouldn't have made such food.

It was even more impossible for Andy. He knew that Fairy would go back today, so he couldn't come back. He couldn't just gave them the food but left. Although Parasol had a good relationship with him, he didn't have such intention.

Although Parasol couldn't guess who it was, she could guess that it was a woman, because the handwriting was graceful. Anyway, she had sent it here. Parasol didn't want to cook, so she just ate it. There was always a chance to know who sent it here.

"Is it a mistake?" Guessed Yves.

"No. Since she has done it with all her heart, how can she give it to the wrong person? " In fact, at that time, Parasol also thought that it was someone else who sent to the wrong person, but one or two hours had passed, and no one came to her to say that she had sent the wrong person.

What's more, someone sent something here, and deliberately didn't tell Parasol who she was. How could she make such a low-level mistake?

The three of them didn't pursue the matter anymore. After finishing the meal, they watched TV in the living room. Parasol asked Yves to go back, but he insisted on accompanying them to spend the night.

Sitting in the middle, Missy raised her head curiously to look at the two people sitting on her left and right, and then she turned to look at Yves in front of her and asked, "Third, are you going to marry Star?"

Parasol thought if she was drinking water now, she would spit it out. She had never thought that Missy would suddenly mention it.

"It depends on Star." Yves smiled sweetly. Missy seemed to have known what he was thinking.

"Star said that if a man and a woman stay in the same room, they must have done something bad in the middle of the night. Missy will go to sleep in Fairy's room and let you do something bad with Star..."

Parasol tried her best to push Missy away, but it didn't work at all. Finally, Parasol covered Missy's mouth, but Missy insisted on saying it out.

"Parasol, what did you teach her?" At this time, Yves changed his sweet smile into a snicker.

Parasol looked at Yves with a bitter smile on her face. She was just kidding with Andy and Fairy at that time. She didn't expect that Missy would remember it. Sure enough, adults couldn't talk nonsense in front of children.

"Third. How about... You can go back first. " Hearing what Missy said, she and Yves had never been s

o embarrassed before, but now they felt a little embarrassed.

"No. Did I say that I want to be with you together to spend the night, didn't I?" He shook his head and didn't look at Parasol.

Parasol was speechless. In the middle of the night, Missy had fallen asleep and Parasol was a little sleepy. But Yves still didn't leave. She finally became impatient. "Yves, are you leaving or not?"

"How can I rest assured that you two are alone now? What if there is a criminal? " Yves said seriously.

"I've been like this for three years. When did there be gangsters?" Parasol was speechless.

"Just in case." Staring at Parasol, Yves said seriously.

"No, you have to go back!" Parasol began to doubt what was going on in Yves's mind. How could the gangster come here to rob things in the old neighborhood like theirs?

"I sleep in the room of Andy. He can do sleep in your house. Why can't I?"

“……” Hearing that, Parasol was speechless. Well, there was indeed no difference. Since she could let Andy live in, how could Yves not?

Thinking of this, she gradually walked towards her room and said, "Then you continue to watch. I'm going to sleep. I'm very sleepy."

In this way, for the first time, Yves spent the night with the two of them.

Fairy hadn't come here for the past few days. In the past, as long as the New Year was over, she would come here on the second day of the New Year. Therefore, Parasol had always thought that Steven had already known about the relationship between Fairy and Andy. Later, when Fairy called, Parasol knew that it was Earnest who let Fairy stay in Tong family for a short time.

Parasol asked Fairy to stay with her grandfather until Andy came back or she got back to school. After all, she had a lot of time with Parasol all year round. Parasol thought she couldn't be too selfish.

After the New Year, Yves also had a few days off. It was the first time that he had such time since he began to work.

During this period of time, he was the one who accompanied them most and often appeared here. Some people who came to H City to work in other cities had gone back home to celebrate the New Year. The clothes Parasol sold were mainly for these people. Besides, no one would buy these things during the New Year, so Parasol began to relax.

In the past few days, she and Yves often played with Missy. Although they seldom went out, the three of them often talked and laughed at home.

Missy liked to celebrate the New Year best, because only at this time could Parasol have time to accompany her. Normally, Parasol would either go to work or set up a stall. Although Missy often went with Parasol, Parasol couldn't have the leisure time to play with her like the New Year.

In the past few days, Yves had been worried that the two women so he asked to live here. To be honest, Parasol was relieved to have a man, so she didn't stop him.

On the six day of the first lunar month, Yves left for work. Not long after Yves left, Jean appeared.

Parasol thought that Yves had lived here these days, Jean must have wanted to show up, but she couldn't lose her temper because of Yves. She could only show up after Yves left.

It seemed that Jean had been paying attention to the situation here all the time. It was obvious that Jean grasped the right time to show up here after Yves left.

"Parasol, you are such a bitch. You seduced two men. Why don't you let go of Yves and seduce him?" When Jean came to Parasol, she asked in such a tone again, as if Yves had to get her permission to be with Parasol.

"It's weird. Who are you? Does he want to ask for your opinion when he is with me? " At first, her grandmother didn't love her because of Jean and Jean's brother, and Jean was always against Parasol, so naturally, Parasol didn't like Jean.

“……” Jean was speechless. After all, what Parasol said was true. She was nothing to Yves. However, Jean couldn't be weak. "Parasol, you don't deserve him now. You two are not matched."

Parasol smiled from the bottom of her heart. She stared at Jean and said ruthlessly, "Then why don't you marry him since you are from a family of equal status with him? And let him live with me here. "

Parasol stressed the two words "live together" on purpose. After all, Jean knew that Yves had lived here these days, so Parasol deliberately suppressed Jean with what Jean cared about. Parasol won this round!

In a word, the two of them mostly fought with each other because of Yves, and more importantly, Parasol could always win over Jean because of Yves. After all, Parasol won in the matter of whom Yves liked.

"You... Bitch! " Jean was defeated in the battle of lips and tongue, she could only use force again and fight directly.

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