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   Chapter 28 Madness, Gratitude

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Hearing what Parasol said, Wilson stopped asking her and walked towards Missy. He knew that if Parasol really didn't want him to know, she wouldn't say anything, so he'd better be straightforward.

Because she had been watching what was happening here, seeing that Wilson was walking towards her with a gloomy face and the target was Missy, Selena quickly came to Missy's side.

When he came to the front of Missy, Selena quickly protected her behind.

"Who are you? Go away!" Wilson, who had been a little unhappy because of what Parasol had said, looked even more gloomy and terrible when it saw someone blocking his way.

He reached out his hand and bypassed Selena, grabbing Missy, while Selena tried her best to stop the Wilson that was about to take Missy away. At first, Missy had a good impression of him, but because of the two of them pulling, she gradually became a little resistant.

Seeing this, Parasol hurried over and protected Missy with Selena. She said inexplicably, "what do you want to do?"

"Since you don't want to tell me, I'll take her to have a paternity test."

"What's wrong with you, Wilson? Don't you know that we had nothing between the two of us? " Parasol was really speechless. She also felt confused. Since he returned to H city this time, he had known the existence of Missy. He had never doubted the child's identity. Why did he suddenly come here and say that he wanted to do a paternity test?

"That night when I was drunk..."

It suddenly occurred to Parasol that Fairy said she had something to do. there was nothing since her school had a holiday. But something happened on the day when Wilson signed the contract with Nathan?

Thinking of this, she was very sure that Fairy had said something to Wilson on purpose, in order to prevent him from being with Lillian or cooperating with Nathan.

Thinking of this, she also wanted to rebel. She wanted to add something to the relationship between him and Lillian on purpose, or to take revenge on Lillian. She directly interrupted him and said deliberately, "up to now, what can be changed, whether she is you daughter or not? So, Wilson, from now on, you can take your path of sunshine and I take my single plank bridge. We don't owe each other... "

"Don't owe each other? Wilson sneered, "Parasol, I think you owe me, so you owe me."

After saying that, Wilson turned around and left. Standing still, Parasol watched his receding figure and felt a little confused.

She just abandoned him and embarrassed him in front of everyone. Did she do anything wrong to him? Why did she seem to owe him a life in his eyes?

Parasol thought that she was not in the mood to set up a stall anymore. She'd better go home and teach Fairy a lesson.

When she took Missy's hand and was about to walk to the stall, she saw naturally that Selena who was protecting Missy just now. She smiled sweetly at her and said, "aunt, thank you just now."

Parasol had seen it just now. Without this aunt, Missy would have been carried to Wilson. Although it was not a big deal to be held by him, she knew that nothing would happen as she knew the reason. But she didn't know this strange woman at all. the woman didn't know what would happen if the child was taken away. The only thing she could do was to protect the child first. After all, there were still many human traffickers now.

"You're welcome." A look of embarrassment gradually appeared on Selena's face. After all, if it weren't for their family, how could Parasol become like this and take her child out to set up a stall.

It was known that Parasol was a rich socialite from childhood to adulthood. Her parents took care of her. Even if her father had passed away because of illness five years ago, her father had left the company and property to her and Lisa. Even if they two didn't work, they still had company income to let them live in the upper class.

However, it was because of Nathan's deliberate approach that things turned out to be like this. Therefore, Selena felt more and more sorry for Parasol.

After expressing her thanks again, Parasol went straight to the stall.

At the same time, Selena, who was behind her, also followed her. Seeing that she and Missy were packing their things, she also went to help them.

"Aunt, I will do these by myself." She was grateful that a stranger came to help her once. But now, he even came to help her pack up her things. She had a grudge against her, and she was also a little embarrassed.

"Your child reminded me of my granddaughter who was abroad, so please let me help you, okay?" Selena was afraid that if she told her the truth, Parasol would not allow her to get close, so she made up a random reason.

Since she said so, Parasol couldn't refuse. She nodded and let her help her.

"I'll take these for you." After tidying up, Parasol stood up, Selena str

etched out her hand to pick up those things and said.

"Auntie, that's so kind of you? You have helped me a lot today. " Parasol felt a little embarrassed. After all, she didn't know this woman. Even if she was kind, she couldn't accept her completely.

"It doesn't matter. I have nothing to do at home anyway. Just let me accompany you more." Selena just wanted to do her best. No matter how useful it was, she would feel better.

Hearing this, Parasol's heart softened. In fact, she was very cruel, and rarely could be softhearted. She thought that maybe this aunt reminded her of her mother.

Moreover, according to what the aunt said, she thought that the children were not around by her side. It was good that the two of them made the aunt think of their children. At last, the aunt alone at home was very lonely.

Maybe it was because she was lonely at home that she wanted to go out more. She didn't want to stay in an empty room all day long, being in a daze, watching TV and eating alone.

"Well, auntie, please take these for me and hold Missy's hand for me." Parasol handed a small bag to Selena.

"Okay." Seeing that Parasol agreed, Selena didn't say anything more. She took the thing from her, held up Missy's hand and waited for her to lead the way.

Taking all the things with her, the three of them walked on the road. Selena was a little happy for herself to do her best. "No one will pick you up?"

"Yes, normally someone will pick us up. I finished my work early today. My home is close to here, so I didn't ask him to come." Andy had to go to work. he usually took her back when he was off duty. She was not in the mood, so she didn't call him again.

Just then, a milky white luxury car stopped on the side of the road they were walking. After getting out of the car, Yves came to Parasol and said angrily, "are you dead? Can't you answer the phone?"

"What?" This was the first time he had come to see her since he went to work. Of course, Parasol was surprised not because he came, but because he said he would answer the phone.

She didn't seem to hear any phone ring.

She took out her phone and looked at it. There were more than twenty missed calls in just a few minutes. Parasol smiled at Yves and said, "it's too noisy. I didn't hear it."

After the quarrel with Wilson, she began to pack up her things. She didn't have the time to check her cell phone, so naturally, she didn't know someone called her.

Yves didn't say anything more. He took the things in her hands and put them in the back seat of his car. he had planned to put all the things in her hands into the car first, but Parasol asked him to take them in Selena's hand first.

When he finished, Parasol turned to look at Selena and asked, "aunt, are you going to my house?"

Selena smiled at them and said, "no, I have to go back."

Parasol didn't force her, "thank you for what you did today. Let's go back." She thought that since this aunt was here, she must live nearby.

"No, I'm not on the same way. I'll be there in a while. Just take it as exercise."

"Well, auntie, we are leaving now." Since she said so, Parasol didn't know what to say. After all, walking was a good way to exercise. She couldn't say that Auntie didn't need to exercise.

"Bye, auntie." On the other side, Missy waved at Selena.


Then Parasol took Missy's hand and went into Yves's car.

While fastening the seat belt, she teased with Yves, "what's wrong? Do you remember to come to see me now?"

"You don't know how harsh my father is to me, because I promised to go to work and he arranged a lot of things for me." Hearing what Parasol said, Yves complained Kingston while driving, "I was supposed to come to see you later, but there was no one at home. Why didn't you answer my phone? I was scared to death, okay?"

"It's all my fault, okay?" Parasol made a bow to Yves and apologized jokingly.

"That's good." Yves accepted her apology gladly, though reluctantly.

When they arrived at the destination, Yves began to pack up those things in a warehouse downstairs. After everything was done, he said to her, "I'm leaving."

"Aren't you going upstairs?" Parasol was also a little strange. Why didn't Yves go to her home when he came here on purpose?

"No, thanks." Shaking his head, Yves said, "I came here to have a look at you. If there's nothing else, I'll go first."

"Okay." Parasol didn't say anything more, but replied obediently. After all, he was willing to work hard and began to have a sense of responsibility that he didn't have before.

Besides, he said he came here to visit her when he was free. To be honest, Parasol was a little moved.

"Go upstairs." As Yves walked towards his car, he turned around and said to Parasol, who was standing still.

"You go first." Parasol just wanted to have a try and let her watch him leave.

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