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   Chapter 27 Making trouble, Life

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Parasol turned to TV again and looked at the camera of her idol on TV. Joy still appeared on her face, as if she had never seen this report.

In fact, since she saw Wilson and Lillian kissing, she seemed to be immune to these things. Since the two of them were together, it was natural that he had something to do with Nathan.

Besides, it was not that Wilson didn't want her, so she had no right to blame anyone.

Compared with Parasol, Fairy seemed to be very unhappy. The joy of chatting with Parasol just now disappeared. Perhaps it was because Parasol and Wilson were similar to her and Andy, and she knew Parasol's heart better than anyone else, so she was even angrier.

Parasol was watching TV seriously, but Fairy was thinking about how to destroy it tomorrow. Well, to destroy it.

Thinking of this, Fairy was in a better mood and began to chat with Parasol and Andy. Seeing that they were talking happily, Missy, who was playing with dolls, also came to the sofa and began to play with Fairy.

At the sight of Missy, an idea suddenly flashed through Fairy's mind. Yes, that's it.

On the second day, when Andy went to work, Missy went to the stall with Parasol, leaving Fairy at home alone. When she saw them all leave, she went out to the place where Wilson and Nathan signed the contract today.

Today, the two companies signed the contract in a very formal way. Many financial reporters were present, and there were security guards outside. Fairy without any IDS could not enter at all.

Besides, she was stuck in a traffic jam and went out late. When she came here, everyone had entered. It was impossible for her to sneak in with anyone.

There were two people guarding at the door. Even if she could fool one, the other could catch her. Unwilling to give up, she walked around and tried to find another entrance. However, even if there was another door, there would still be people watching here.

When she was wandering around at the door, a person's appearance interrupted her thoughts. When she saw that person, she was about to dodge, but unexpectedly, he saw her again. "Fairy, what are you doing here?"

Fairy turned around and looked at the man with a flattering smile. her eyes narrowed into a straight line. "Hahaha Brother, why are you here? "

"It's stranger you are here." Her brother didn't answer her question.

Fairy suddenly felt that what he said was a little reasonable, so he pointed at the door beside and stammered, "I want I went inside to look for someone, but they didn't allow me to come in. "

Her brother looked at the place where she pointed, and then looked at her. "Come in with me."

"Okay." Joy was written all over Fairy's face. She hurriedly followed him inside.

It was so strange. The two men who had been trying to stop her didn't stop her anymore after her brother appeared.

As she grew up, her elder brother's attitude towards her had also eased a lot. Perhaps it was because of the big age gap, and her elder brother was ten years older than her. Perhaps he was more mature and no longer resisted her like they were children.

He was going to the third floor, and she was going to the first floor, so they were separated.

However, when she appeared at the scene of their contract, the contract signing ceremony they wanted had been completed, and now it was the end of the ceremony.

She stood at the back, staring at Wilson and Lillian on the stage. Wilson seemed to see her gaze, and gradually looked at her. When he saw her, he was obviously surprised. Then he looked around and Fairy guessed that he was looking for Parasol.

In fact, Fairy didn't want to make a scene, so she had been waiting for them to end. After all, if she made trouble here, she would not be able to pass the test of her father.

After they finished, she walked to the front of Wilson, looked at Nathan, and then turned to him, "can I say something?"

Although everyone knew that there was a little girl in the Tong clan, they had never seen her, so very few people would recognize her.

"Go ahead." Wilson didn't stop her.

Fairy turned to Nathan and said with a smile, "he can't listen."

Nathan was sensible, said a word to them and left first by himself.

After Nathan left, Wilson kept staring at her, as if telling her that it was okay now?

"Do you know why I am here?"

Wilson nodded. After all, according to what Fairy had done at Grandpa Earnest's birthday party, he could probably think of what it was for.

"Aren't you curious about Missy's background?" Raising her head slightly, Fairy snickered in her heart and praised her own idea.

"What do you want to say?" Wilson spun the ring on her finger two times and became a little impatient.

"Have you forgotten? Wilson. Five years ago, when Parasol broke u

p with you, you came to her home drunk and she sent you back. Have you forgotten what happened that night? " Fairy couldn't help laughing, especially when she saw the obvious change on Lillian's face.

Wilson was playing with the ring, but he suddenly stopped after Fairy said that. That night it happened

Reminded by Fairy, the picture of him kissing Parasol forcibly after getting drunk suddenly appeared in the mind of Wilson. The more she dodged, the more rude he was.

"No way!" Suddenly waking up from his memory, Wilson directly denied, "if it is my child, how could it be called Missy Su?"

If they really had sex that time, Parasol would be really pregnant. Since she would think about Yves later, she would definitely have an abortion. It was impossible for Missy to appear.

"Don't you know Parasol well? She did it on purpose, because you never believed her. "

As soon as Fairy finished speaking, Wilson rushed to the exit in a hurry. Leaving Lillian who was stunned aside, he rushed out of the door without any hesitation.

A car was speeding on the road. Wilson was in a mess. The relationship between them didn't change all of a sudden. Parasol had been hiding from him for nearly a month before she broke up with him.

He was in the University Department, while she was in the high school department. The course arrangement was different. If she really wanted to avoid him, it was really easy.

Therefore, a month later, when she said she fell in love with him in front of everyone, he didn't doubt it at all, because there was a emotional change between the two.

However, after hearing what Fairy said today, he suddenly felt that even if there was a change, it changed too fast. After she sang "It's you" to him on the stage of the singer competition, she changed after she told him that she wanted to be a good wife and mother.

he came to Parasol's home, but no one answered the doorbell no matter how many times it rang. So Wilson called her and found her specific place according to the place where she answered the phone.

At this time, Parasol sat in front of the carpet and hung up the phone. She looked at Missy who was playing with other children on the side.

She cursed Fairy in her heart, 'isn't he school on holiday? Why wasn't she free today? What was she doing.

Missy was playing with those children. When she was running, she accidentally fell down. Sitting on the edge of the tree and watching them, Selena quickly stood up and ran over.

"are you hurt?" Holding up Missy, Selena patted the dust on her body and looked at her up and down.

"no." Missy shook her head and gave Selena a sweet smile, "thank you, auntie."

"You are such a sweet talker. You should call me grandmother." Hearing that, Selena couldn't hide her smile when she heard Missy calling her auntie. According to her age, she had to call her grandmother anyway.

Obviously, Missy's brain capacity was not enough. She tilted her head slightly and stared at Selena, thinking about the words she said to let her call her grandmother.

Star asked her to call Third's father uncle, so she should call her aunt?

"Go and play." With a loving smile on Selena's face, she said to Missy.

"Okay." Then Missy continued to play with those children.

It was not until Missy left that Selena turned to look at Parasol who was doing business not far away. In the past few days, whenever she was free during the day, she would come to her place and go out with her.

At this moment, a man ran over. Before Parasol finished her business, he took her hand and walked towards an empty place.

She wanted to go there, but Parasol didn't struggle, so she didn't go there.

When they came to an empty place on the side, Parasol shook off the hand of Wilson unhappily, turned her wrist and complained, "what are you doing? Aren't you signing the contract? What are you doing here? "

Parasol was also a little confused. Yesterday's report said that he would sign the contract with Nathan today. Then why did he appear here at this time? He not only showed up, but also took her away, which made her lose a customer.

"who is Missy's father?" Wilson didn't say anything more and went straight to the point.

"Didn't I tell you that it was Yves's? Missy's name means that Parasol misses Yves. Don't you understand?" In fact, Parasol was also a little curious. Why did Wilson suddenly appear here today and ask such a question?

She didn't know why, since Wilson was getting closer and closer to the Song family, Parasol said these words on purpose to let him hear. Maybe she was unwilling to admit that she had never forgotten him. Or maybe, no matter whether he would feel uncomfortable or not after hearing these words, at least, she would not make herself too embarrassed.

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