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   Chapter 26 Cage, Cooperation

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"I will treat her well." Andy promised to Earnest firmly, holding Fairy's hand.

The smile on Grandpa Earnest's face became more and more obvious. Fairy was an accident of her father and a woman. When her mother took her to Tong family because of her serious illness, it caused a huge wave in the Tong family. At the same time, the news that her father had an illegitimate daughter spread all over the world, so her father did not like this daughter very much.

As a father, he didn't like her, let alone her mother, brother and sister who had nothing to do with her. At that time, Fairy was still young, only a few months old, and she knew nothing. It was useless for anyone else to hold her, but only when Grandpa Earnest held her, she smiled.

Therefore, Grandpa Earnest always felt that he was destined to be with this granddaughter and liked her very much. It was also because of his love that she could be a safe and stable lady in the Tong family.

Fairy also knew her background. Even if her father didn't tell her, her mother, brother and sister would always be told these things. She grew up in such an environment, but in fact, she also felt inferior. No matter how good the condition was, and the relationship between her family members was not good, people could not really be happy.

She would make good friends with Parasol. Apart from two people getting along well with each other, she also envied Parasol for having a happy family. She didn't ask for wealth, but for a little princess in the eyes of her parents.

Perhaps it was also because of this that she always felt that rich people were ruthless. Her father was the best example.

Someone looked for the other half according to their fathers, and she just wanted to find a person who was completely different from her father. Her father was a male chauvinist. He believed that a woman should do whatever women have to do.

It was impossible for him to cook for them like Andy, who had always been stick to the concept of "gentleman was not cooking".

"It's good to get married." Earnest touched Fairy's head and found tears in his eyes. For her position in the Tong family, anyway, it was a good choice if she could marry a man who loved her.

However, he didn't want to leave his granddaughter, who was almost brought up by him.

"Grandpa." Fairy was happily thrown into grandpa Earnest's arms. Only in front of him would she show the weakest side.

he turned around and happened to see Parasol next to her. An idea suddenly occurred to her, so Grandpa Earnest said, "Parasol, if Fairy gets married, you can marry the granddaughter in Tong family. You can choose two grandsons of Grandpa."

"I don't want it. Grandpa lets Fairy be out the cage. Do you still want me to be in the cage? " Parasol didn't like Tong family because of Fairy, let alone Fairy's brother.

She also knew that Grandpa Earnest was just joking, and she was just joking. She knew that there were many people who wanted to marry to Tong family, and it depended on whether the masters would marry them or not.

After dinner, Grandpa Hester played with Missy for a while. It was said that old people and children were very suitable to play together. It seemed that Grandpa Earnest liked Missy very much.

As an old general, Grandpa Earnest was also a very serious person, but he was different to Fairy from others. The others were also very jealous. Although they didn't dare to do anything to Fairy because they were afraid of Grandpa Earnest's fame, Fairy was more and more isolated because he liked Fairy.

It was understandable. After all, Fairy appeared too suddenly, and it was reasonable that they didn't like her.

In a spacious office, the huge French window gave the room bright light. At this time, Wilson was sitting in front of the desk and dealing with documents.

With the same document in her hand, Lillian said, "this is the contract from EM Company, and they have to ask you to sign it, but Chandler refused."

"Put it there." Wilson kept looking at the document in his hand, without even raising his head.

"Today is Saturday. Why are you here?" Since he came back from America, Wilson hadn't been to the company on weekends.

"I'm free at home." He closed the file and handed it to Lillian, "this is the budget for the cooperation with Qi group's real estate. Send it to them on Monday."

"Okay." Speaking of the real estate, Lillian finally remembered, "Wilson, my father said that he also invested in the real estate and wanted to cooperate with you. You What do you think? "

"Of course I can. I'll leave the cooperation with SOYI Company to you." He opened the contract sent by Lillian, glanced at it and signed his name at the bottom.

Staring at Wilson, Lillian pondered for a long time before she asked, "why did you agree to cooperate with him?"

"INCI company has just come to H city. If there is a cooperation with a big company like SOYI Company, it will benefit a lot." Wilson answered as if Lillian had asked such a stupid question.

INCI was the same sound of 'yinsi', which was naturally from the last names of the two peopl

e, Wilson YIN and Chandler SITU.

Hearing what Wilson said, Lillian didn't dare to ask any more. Since he was avoiding her question, she didn't need to ask any more.

In fact, she wanted to ask if it had anything to do with Parasol that he agreed to cooperate with her father. He wanted to take revenge on Parasol or both Parasol and Nathan.

She believed that he knew the main meaning of her question. Since he didn't want to say, it was inconvenient for her to ask more.

"If there is nothing else, you can go back." Wilson was still busy and didn't look up at Lillian.

"Okay." Lillian didn't spend much time with him. Since he said so, how could she still stay?

After Lillian closing the door, Wilson stood up and walked to the floor to ceiling window, overlooking the scenery outside. his short hair was neat and he matched with a white shirt, making him look mature and steady.

How could he not know the reason for Lillian's question. As his secretary, how could she ask such a question if it was just a business matter. There was personal relationship between the two of them, so she asked such a question.

In fact, he didn't know whether it had anything to do with Parasol. He had never forgotten what he had promised her five years ago. But now, she would have Yves help her fulfill her promise.

It was said that Yves had begun to work because of Parasol. She said that Yves was famous but powerless in the Tang family, so she wanted Yves to have power so that he could compete with Nathan.

Because he said that Lillian would be busy with the cooperation with SOYI Company in the following days. Knowing that Wilson agreed to cooperate, Nathan was very happy and insisted on signing the contract before the new year. As a result, Lillian had been busy signing the contract with Nathan these days.

They were busy because of the Spring Festival, while Parasol was free because of the Spring Festival.

"Parasol, hurry up. The award ceremony is about to begin." Fairy was sitting on the sofa, watching TV, and rushing Parasol who just came back to take a shower.

"All right, all right. You are urging me." Parasol's voice came from the bathroom.

After a while, the door was opened and she saw Parasol walking quickly towards her while tidying up her clothes. When she saw the advertisement on the TV, she immediately turned to Fairy and said, "Fairy, it hasn't started yet. What are you urging me to do?"

"If I don't urge you, can you be so fast?" Fairy didn't take her displeasure seriously at all.

"You are right." Parasol suddenly felt that what Fairy said was reasonable.

Not long after she sat down, the ceremony began. Parasol kept her eyes on the TV, while Fairy beside her was not as concentrated as her. "Parasol, your prince Felix has appeared."

"I see. Don't make any noise." It seemed that Parasol didn't want to be reminded by Fairy.

"I heard that he has a daughter called Parasol!"

At first, Parasol didn't talk to her until her dream lover disappeared from the camera. Then she turned to Fairy aside and asked, "do you know the full name?"

"I don't know. It's not exposed."

Parasol turned to look at the TV again. In fact, he filmed it the year before yesterday. Because of something happened last year, it was a year late for the TV to be broadcast. Since Felix got married, he rarely appeared on the screen. She had always thought that he wouldn't attend the ceremony this year. After all, he hadn't shown up in front of everyone for one or two years.

Parasol looked at Fairy again and said, "Andy will go back to his hometown in a few days. Will you go home?"

Fairy rolled her eyes at her and said, "I live here for you, not for him."

"How about you accompany him back to his hometown?"

"No. do you want me to leave or not?" Fairy, who was watching TV, finally looked at her when Parasol said this.

"I'm afraid you'll have to stay here reluctantly." She smiled at her. In fact, Parasol knew the reason why Fairy didn't go back with Andy.

Except for Earnest, no one else knew that Fairy was with Andy. If Fairy was not at home during the Spring Festival, it would definitely attract the attention of Tong family.

At this moment, Andy came out of the room with a notebook in his hand and handed it to Fairy and Parasol.

The two of them took it over inexplicably and looked at the screen. It was a report of the cooperation between two companies, saying that they would officially sign the contract tomorrow.

The two companies were SOYI Company and INCI Company. Seeing the two names of Wilson and Nathan appear in this text report together, Fairy couldn't help but get angry. "Take off the computer!"

Her good mood was ruined by this business report.

In fact, the main reason why Andy revealed the news was that he wanted to make Parasol choose Yves faster. It was obvious that the cooperation between Wilson and Nathan had something to do with Charles.

Although Parasol didn't say anything, she was looking forward to it in her heart.

Andy just wanted to make Parasol give up and be with Yves. At least, she wouldn't be so tired.

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