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   Chapter 25 Meet, Agree

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When she got home, Missy was sitting on the sofa watching TV alone. Parasol looked around, but didn't see Fairy. She turned to Andy and asked, "has Fairy gone back ?"

"Yes, she went back at about seven o'clock." Andy nodded.

"Didn't you drive her home?" Parasol looked at him strangely. It was not easy for her girlfriend to go home, but as her boyfriend, Andy didn't drive her home?

"She doesn't want me to drive her home." Andy felt so wronged. Judging from the expression on Parasol's face, it seemed that he was not good enough as a boyfriend.

"Okay." Parasol really felt that she had just been confused by Charles. Fairy didn't even let him know what happened to her family. How could Fairy agree to let him send her home.

When she realized what he meant, she patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "work hard to get grandpa tomorrow first."

Andy made an OK gesture to Parasol.

Then, Parasol walked towards her room. She began to doubt why Fairy was so confident. her grandfather would come tomorrow and would only go back at night. Wasn't she afraid that her grandfather wouldn't be free?

"Parasol." He shouted at Parasol's back.

"What?" She turned around and looked at him.

"Is her grandfather easy to get along with?" In fact, Andy was a little nervous.

Parasol couldn't help laughing. She looked at him and comforted, "don't be nervous. An ugly daughter-in-law has to see her parents in law."

"Fuck off!" After rolling her eyes at her, Andy turned around and was about to walk into the room. But as soon as he turned around, he turned around again. "Parasol, do you think that if I cater to him like this, will others think that I have a crush on her family's money?"

"No matter what others think or say, it's their business. We just have no guilt."

In the past few days, Fairy and she had been telling him what grandpa Earnest liked, what he didn't like, and what living habits he had. Anyway, they had told him all about Earnest's preferences.

Therefore, it was reasonable for Andy to hesitate because of his nervousness and his own conditions. He was confident in his own ability, but for the family conditions, he felt inferior than anyone else, especially to find a girlfriend like Fairy.

One day passed quickly. Finally, at the time they appointed, they received a call from Fairy, she said Earnest was on the way here.

After they had everything ready, they began to cook.

In fact, compared with Fairy and Parasol, who were from rich families, Andy was much better at cooking. Therefore, as long as he didn't go to work, he was basically responsible for the food. He always teased her that he must have owed them two in his previous life, and he must have failed them in his previous life.

"Take it out."


As soon as she finished her words, she hurried to take out the food that was cooked by fancis Liang, put it on the table, and then went in to help. When the table was full, Hester's grandfather came in with her.

Parasol pushed down Andy who was stunned in the kitchen after hearing the noise, then took off her apron and walked out of the kitchen with him who reacted to the noise and came to the entrance of the house, holding the shoulder of Missy who also ran over.

Seeing the door open, Parasol hurried over and held Earnest's arm. "Grandpa, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"Grandpa is in good health. You don't need to help me." He smiled at Parasol who came to help him. Earnest's face was full of love.

"I'm so happy that I can't fall asleep since I know Grandpa will come today. Please let me help you." Parasol didn't care what grandpa Earnest said. She still held him with her hands and said.

In fact, besides being sincere, she was also trying to say this to Andy. In the past, he got up late than her, but today, when she got up, he had been standing in the kitchen and looking at the food materials he bought with Fairy last night.

Parasol thought he must have had a bad sleep last night.

In fact, she was really happy that Grandpa Earnest could come here. In addition to the relationship between her and grandpa Earnest, she thought that if Fairy took grandpa Earnest here, it meant that there was another step between Fairy and Andy.

No matter how Fairy's father tried to stop them from being together at that time, it was at least developing in a good way.

"What a sweet girl!" Earnest walked in with a smile.

"Missy, call him Grandpa." Seeing that Grandpa Earnest had changed into slippers, Parasol quickly turned to Missy, who was standing still.

"Hello, Grandpa." Missy bowed to Earnest politely.

Grandpa Earnest looked at Missy who was standing in front of him with a smile on his face, "this is Missy, right? She is exactly the same as Parasol. Come on, I bought you a gift and it's at Fairy there."

"Thank you, Grandpa." Missy

made a bow again.

Earnest waved at Missy and said, "Missy, come and help me."

In this way, Earnest walked in with the help of two people, Parasol and Missy. At the same time, Fairy ran to Andy with a smile on her face, which was happier than anyone else. "Grandpa, his name is Andy Liang."

Pushed by Fairy, Andy greeted him in a hurry, "Hello, Grandpa Earnest."

After taking a look at Andy, Grandpa Earnest continued to walk into the room. While walking, he looked around and asked, "Parasol, have you lived here for the past few years?"

"Yes, I bought this place after the house was sold." Seeing that Andy's face turned pale because of Grandpa Earnest's reaction, Parasol hurried to follow him and asked, "Grandpa, are you hungry? You haven't had dinner with Parasol for a long time. "

"Yes, Grandpa. We haven't had lunch yet." Fairy also echoed.

"Yes, then we... Let's eat, Missy. " After saying to Missy, Grandpa Earnest walked towards the dining room. When he passed by Andy, he still didn't look at her or ask him to eat with him.

At this moment, Fairy was not happy. She was about to follow him to the restaurant, but she stood still and stared at Earnest's back. "Grandpa!"

Hearing her call, Earnest turned his head to look at her. Seeing that she was pouting and losing her temper with him, he looked at Andy who was going to persuade her. A smile appeared on his face. "Let's eat together."


Grandpa Earnest was the first one to sit on the chair of the restaurant. They also sat down one after another. Earnest glanced at the dishes on the table. He liked steamed fish, shrimp soup, bean curd and vegetable cups, golden needle and bean curd, celery fried bean curd and other light dishes.

"You two didn't cook this, did you?" Grandpa Earnest knew that he didn't ask too much. he was clear that Fairy wouldn't cook. Even if Parasol had learned it in the past few years, she wouldn't be able to do it.

"He did it." Parasol pointed at Andy, who was sitting opposite to her, and then pointed at the cold soybean sprout on the table. She looked at Grandpa Earnest with a smile and said, "I made it."

"Grandpa Earnest, let's see if you like it." Seeing that Earnest's grandfather looked happier, Andy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yes, Grandpa. Try it. But don't eat the cold soybean sprout."

"Grandpa, look at Fairy. It seems that a lover is more important than a friend." Seeing that Fairy was slandering her, Parasol immediately reported to Earnest.

Grandpa Earnest nodded with a smile and sighed, "a grown woman can't be kept."

After saying that, he picked up his chopsticks. Fairy told him not to eat cold mixed yellow bean sprouts. Seeing Parasol's expectant eyes, Grandpa Earnest said, "Parasol, after eating, I think the suggestion of Fairy is right."

"Grandpa." Parasol's face immediately became messy. She picked up the chopsticks and tasted it in disbelief. "I think it's delicious. Grandpa, you are so mean."

Earnest tasted all the dishes cooked by Andy. After taking a small bite, he said to Parasol again, "Parasol, why haven't you made any progress in cooking in the past few years?"

"Grandpa, Fairy doesn't know how to cook." Of course, Parasol wouldn't compare with Andy.

Reminded by Parasol, Grandpa Earnest turned to Fairy and said, "yes, you don't know how to cook. If you get married, who will cook for you?"

"He knows how to cook." Fairy pointed at Andy and took it for granted.

"What if he goes to work?"

"If it really doesn't work out, I'll learn to do it." After replying, Fairy suddenly remembered another question. "Grandpa, so you agree?"

"Does it work if I don't agree? I wanted to show my authority when we met for the first time, but you didn't like it. " In fact, Fairy had already told him the general situation of Andy last night. Moreover, he had grown from a poor boy to such a situation, so he had never noticed the difference in status.

From the dishes he cooked, although Fairy and Parasol must have told him what he liked, it took a lot of effort to match his taste.

When he ignored him just now, Fairy was a little unhappy. It was obvious that he wanted to persuade her, but he was stopped by his words.

At his age, he was good at judging people, so at the first sight of him, Earnest was very satisfied with this person.

"Grandpa Earnest, do you really agree with Fairy being with me? Don't you mind that I can't even afford a house? " Although Fairy and Parasol had expected that Earnest would agree, Andy was still very happy to hear it in person.

"In my opinion, as long as Fairy is happy, she can't live in such a big house. She would rather live here with you. It must be here that can make her happier." After saying that, Earnest turned to Andy and said, "Fairy is not happy in Tong family. Children, I really just hope that you are good to her."

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