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   Chapter 24 Rascal, Beating

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After staying idle for a whole day, on the second day, Parasol went to work again. However, she felt weird. As Yves said, he really hadn't come to see her for several days.

What was he doing?

For a moment, Parasol was also a little strange. If something happened to him all of a sudden, he would not say such words as "I can't see you for a period of time" that day. She had never heard of his family affairs.

Until one day, when Kingston came to the hotel, she asked him. Only then she knew that Yves began to work. Was he irritated by her at her home that day?

Was this the so-called sense of responsibility as Andy said? But she hadn't told him that she might agree to his proposal.

This week hadn't passed, winter vacation was coming. Parasol, who had been with Missy all the time, also had a holiday. During summer vacation, she could allow Missy to take the summer vacation class. But now New Year was coming, so it was obvious that there was no such thing as winter vacation class.

Therefore, Parasol had nothing else to do and began to arrange the stall again. Although she could take Missy with her to work, it was not good to take a child to work all day long in such a big hotel. What's more, without her, there would naturally be so many employees in the hotel.

In the daytime, she would set up the stall in some places that were allowed to set up, and in the night market at night. In fact, she had met many nice people, including the elder generation and the peers. They were all friendly to her when they saw her setting up a stall with such little child.

On the side of a car across the road, Charles stood there and looked at Parasol who was doing business with someone. Somehow, when he saw her like this, he always felt sorry for her and wanted to make up for her.

He believed that Nathan must know what Lisa was crazy now, but he didn't feel guilty at all. Instead, he hated Lisa because she made him lose a finger.

He always felt that he was so similar to Nathan, both in personality and in the degree of fickleness. But why did he feel sorry for Parasol who he had only met her for two times?

That day, when she bit him, she bit him so hard that there was no trace of mercy. When her tears fell on his hands one by one, he felt a little touched.

Seeing a girl who had just bought a dress from Parasol, Charles stopped the girl and asked, "How much is the dress you just bought?"

"50…" The girl glanced at him and answered hesitantly.

"Thank you." After saying thanks to the girl, Charles let her go.

When a couple came over, he stopped them again. "I'll give you one thousand. You buy five clothes over there."

Charles thought that that girl had bought it just now. Parasol should remember the girl. So he asked the couple. And if one bought too much at once, he was afraid that Parasol would doubt it.

The girl of the couple turned to look at Parasol, who was busy with her work, and said, "Her clothes cost fifty dollars per piece."

"I know. Buy five. The rest gives to you."

The girl smiled. "Then what size should I buy?"

"Your size." Then Charles took out the money and handed it to the girl.

The girl took the money and went to Parasol with her boyfriend. After walking back and forth for about three circles, she finally chose five clothes.

The girl knew what Charles meant, so she didn't dare to be too casual, or she would be suspected.

Holding the clothes that had been packed by Parasol, they walked towards Charles again. The girl walked to him and handed him the clothes.

"Here you are. These are useless to me anyway."

Before the girl could respond, Charles had gone somewhere else and looked for the next person. "I'll give you five hundred dollars. Go and buy me two clothes according to your size. The extra money and the clothes you bought will be given to you."

Charles thought that no matter how obtuse she was, she would be suspicious if one always bought five clothes. Therefore, with his help, Parasol's business was particularly good tonight. She sold out all the clothes not long after.

After packing up, Parasol said goodbye to those people and then walked home with her simple tool.

Seeing this, Charles got on the car in a hurry and drove towards her. He stopped beside her and said to Parasol on the sidewalk, "I'll drive you home."

Parasol stopped and saw Charles. Ignoring him, Parasol walked straight ahead. But Charles didn't give up. He got out of the car and followed her. "Parasol, it's so tired to hold it like this. Let me drive you home."

"Who are you? You called me Parasol?" In fact, Parasol really didn't want to talk to him, but when h

e called her like that, she couldn't help but feel sick.

In this world, in addition to the elders who loved her more, Yves who grew up together with her, Andy who was a friend of her, and Fairy who was a good friend of her, there was only one Wilson that had called her like this. But now, when Wilson called her like this, she would feel that it was different, just like the time when she bit Charles.

But why did Charles call her like that? Only those who were close to her would call her Parasol.

"I'm Charles." Charles said with a playful smile.

Parasol stopped and looked at him, "Charles, I really don't want to see you. Can you get out of my way?"

"No." Charles answered sincerely, and then looked at the tool in her hand, "Let me help you with it."

Parasol dodged his hands. She really thought that Charles was more rogue than Yves. "Don't challenge my bottom line, or I really can't control my impulse to kill you."

If it weren't that she had to take care of her mother and Missy, she really wanted to kill Charles right now and let Nathan taste the pain of losing a son. Although she knew that Nathan had a lot of women who were willing to give birth to his children, Charles was his son after all.

She thought that no matter how heartless he was, he would be painful.

"Then what's your bottom line?" There was still a smile on Charles's face, completely ignoring the murderous look on Parasol's face.

Ignoring him, Parasol turned around and walked forward.

However, Charles didn't give up. He picked up the large clothes shelf in her hand and said, "Let me drive you home."

In a fit of anger, Parasol stopped, pulled out a steel pipe to hit it to Charles on the arm.

"I really don't want to see you again. Are you leaving or not?" Charles was like Nathan. Although it was hard to guarantee that Charles wouldn't do something bad to Parasol when Charles was angry, Parasol was not afraid. Besides, she had weapons.

"No." Charles was stubborn.

Parasol hit Charles again, "Charles, you deserve it."

"Parasol, if you are happy, I won't hide."

His words made Parasol want to hit him more. She hit him again and again. As he said, he didn't dodge, just stood there and let her beat him.

She didn't know if it was his trick. Because of the fact that Lisa was cheated by Nathan, she didn't trust men so much, let alone Nathan's son.

It was painful for the steel pipe to be hit by her so hard, but he just stood there silently, looking at her eyes sincerely.

Seeing this, Parasol wanted to laugh. Such sincere eyes were not suitable to appear on the face of Charles.

When Parasol was tired, she picked up those things again and walked forward. After all, these things were a little heavy. If she held them to hit him, even if he didn't feel pain, she was also tired.

Charles hurried to catch up with her, "Parasol, I really just want to make up for you..."

"Humph!" Parasol sneered, "Charles, no matter how you make up for it, I won't forgive you for the rest of my life."

"Then I will always make up for it." Charles was so persistent.

"Even if you apologize to me with your life now, I won't forgive Nathan for what he did to my mother. So, Charles, don't waste your time on me." Parasol was smart enough. It was impossible that Charles suddenly wanted to make amends for what his father had done to her family.

If so, where had they been in the past five years? In the past five years, they had never made up for it. If they really felt guilty to them, would they have to wait till now?

Parasol knew that as a playboy, Charles might think that she was a challenge for him in a short time, so he had the desire to conquer her.

This time, Charles didn't chase after her, because he also knew that his father had caused so much harm to Lisa, and it was impossible for Parasol to forgive him in a short time, so he had to take it slow. Anyway, he had a lot of time to do these things.

At this moment, Andy drove here. Looking at Parasol walking by the road, he got out of the car and asked in surprise, "Why do you end your work so early today?"

"I don't know. Today's business is very good. I have sold out all clothes, so I come back first." Parasol didn't tell him about her encounter with Charles.

Charles didn't chase after her anymore. In addition, the light here was a little dim, so it was natural that Andy didn't see Charles.

In the evening, both Andy and Fairy would be at home, so Missy would stay with them all the time. Today, because of Parasol took Missy to go out, Andy came to pick them up. There were many people buying her clothes today, so she naturally finished early.

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