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   Chapter 23 Purpose, Matchmaking

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In a European style villa, Charles sat on the European style sofa, staring at the teeth marks that had just been treated. The scars were so deep that it could be seen how much Parasol hated them.

Nathan came in and saw the scars on his hand naturally when he passed by. "What's wrong with your hand?" He walked closer and saw more clearly, "was it bitten by some woman?"

When he got closer, he could see the teeth marks. He knew his son well. He always hooked up with many women when he was free, and it was understandable to be bitten by a woman.

Pulling down his sleeves, Charles looked up at Nathan, who was standing by the sofa, and asked, "Dad, have you ever liked Lisa?"

"Why did you mention her?" He was supposed to be kind, but when he heard the name of Lisa, his face immediately darkened.

"Have you visited her? Have you ever thought about her in the past few years? " Ignoring Nathan's unhappy face, Charles continued to ask.

"She made me lose a finger. I haven't settled accounts with her yet." After saying that, Nathan looked at his right hand without his little finger, and then looked at the silent Charles. "By the way, I just heard that your sister came to the door of the company?"

Charles didn't respond but nodded.

Nathan's fingers were cut off by a sharp weapon five years ago. However, no matter who asked the reason, he would never tell anyone. Everyone knew that it was probably because of Lisa. They guessed that there was a dispute between the two.

"I heard that she appeared with Wilson?" Nathan also went to sit on the sofa. Although he asked, he said affirmatively.

Now that he had heard about it, it was naturally true.

"What do you want to say?" Since someone in the company had seen them, it was true. Charles was very unhappy that Nathan was beating around the bush like this

"Isn't the company of Wilson engaged in technology? If we invest some high-tech in the newly invested buildings, they will surely be very popular and will be sold out. " Nathan told Charles the main reason why he came to see him today.

"So what?" He was ignorant and suddenly became a rich man, so Charles was not interested in business at all.

Nathan drew closer to [宋连辰] and said in a lower voice, "your sister has a bad relationship with me. You go to find her and ask her to talk about the cooperation with the imperial seal."

"If you want to cooperate with him, why don't you go by yourself?" If two companies wanted to cooperate, shouldn't the CEOs of two companies sit down and talk? As the Secretary of Wilson, what should Lillian say?

"I heard that on Mr. Earnest's birthday last time, Wilson took your sister to the party. It can be seen that they have a special relationship. If your sister said to him, it will be twice the result of negotiating the cooperation." Although Wilson had just transferred the company to H City, it had a great reputation in the United States.

For the time being, Charles didn't have any feeling for business, and he didn't know much about business. "He just came to H City, and the company hasn't taken root yet. With such a big company as ours to cooperate with him, how could he refuse?"

Although he was not interested, he had some opinions. Wilson had just returned to H city. If there was a cooperation between big companies like SOYI Company at this time, wouldn't it be something that they were eager to see?

Why did Lillian need to be reconciled?

"Don't underestimate him. If your sister gets involved in this, the future cooperation will be more smooth." If the reflection was good, the two companies would cooperate more than once.

"If you want to go, you can go by yourself." After saying that, Charles stood up and went upstairs.

"You You brat! " Nathan could do nothing about Charles's attitude. Now that he didn't agree, he had to go to find Lillian by himself.

That night, Nathan bought some things and came to the house of Lillian. Standing at the door, he rang the doorbell. It was her mother, Selena, who opened the door.

When she saw the man standing at the door was Nathan, Selena, was also a little surprised. His suit was straight. Although he was indeed a little more charming than before, such a man always reminded her of the innocent people involved.

"Don't you invite me in?" Seeing that she didn't do anything else at the door, Nathan said with a smile.

It was not until then that Selena came to her senses and stepped aside to let him in. Although the two of them didn't live together and were at such an old age, it was impossible for them to behave like young people. When they met again, they were just ordinary, neither sad nor happy.

Nathan put the bags on the wall, looked around and asked, "where is Lillian?"

"She hasn't come back yet. She said she had a video meeting with the American side." While saying, Selena walked towards the dining room.

Nathan also looked at the table and asked, "why do

you have dinner so late?"

"I have nothing to do anyway." She was supposed to wait for Lillian to have dinner, but she just called and told her that she couldn't come back yet and asked her to eat first. Since it was so late, Selena naturally ate, so she didn't wait any longer.

Nathan walked over and sat opposite to Selena. He said kindly, "Selena, you can move back with Lillian. It's good for us to be together."

"I don't need that kind of money." While eating, she refused without reservation.

"You..." Hearing what she said, he lost his temper. He was about to knock on the table, but suddenly remembered his purpose of coming here, so he stopped showing his bad temper.

he just stood up and walked to the sofa in the living room. he had thought that things would change after so many years, but it was still the same. The two of them could not talk.

Selena ignored him. After dinner, she went to wash the dishes by herself. She didn't take him seriously at all, as if she was the only one in this family.

After washing the dishes, she sat far away from him and turned on the TV.

Nathan seemed to be a little impatient. He looked at Selena for a while and finally said, "call Lillian and ask when she will come back."

"She's in a meeting. Don't call her if there's nothing else. She'll come back after work." Selena answered, staring at the family ethics play on TV.

"You..." He was a little angry when he saw that she didn't look at him. But he couldn't lose his temper after hearing her words. "It's late at night. What if she goes back with Wilson?"

Nathan thought that a girl should be in danger outside. In addition, she was always with Wilson. In that case, Selena would be a little worried.

Hearing that, Selena turned to look at Nathan with disdain, "do you think every man is the same as you?"

"……" Nathan was rendered speechless. He really couldn't have a good chat with her.

Of course, Selena could tell that Nathan came here for Lillian, but she just didn't want to call her. He came here only when he had purpose. Why didn't he think that he had a daughter when he was free.

In that case, let him wait. Besides, Lillian just said that she was in a video meeting and it was not a good idea to disturb her.

She knew her daughter well. If there was nothing else, she would definitely go home. If there was something wrong, she would definitely call back.

The two of them didn't say anything. They just sat there silently. After half an hour or so, the door was finally opened. Nathan turned to the door faster than Selena.

"Mom, have you eaten yet?" Standing beside the shoe cabinet, Lillian talked to Selena in the living room while changing her shoes.

"Yes. I have eaten" Selena stood up and walked to her. "Have you eaten yet? Are you hungry? "

"I'm not hungry. I've eaten." When Lillian walked past the wall by the door and saw Nathan, she immediately stopped and stared at him without saying anything.

"Lillian, why are you so busy now?" Seeing that Lillian was looking at him, Nathan looked amiable.

"Dad..." After a long time, Lillian said, "Why are you here?"

Nathan smiled, picked up the things on the wall and handed them to her. "I don't know what young people like. These are recommended by the shop assistants."

Taking a glance at the things in Nathan's hands, which were just some bags and shoes, and some things that girls liked now, Lillian bypassed him and put her bag on the sofa. "Dad, it's so late. What brings you here?"

It had been four or five years since they left. He hadn't come to see them once, but this time he suddenly came. Lillian believed that there must be something bad.

Nathan walked closer to Lillian. When he heard her question, he stopped beating about the Bush and said, "Lillian, you are the Secretary of Wilson. I'm investing in a real estate now. I want these houses to be added with some high-tech and want to cooperate with Wilson. Lillian, I'm wondering if you can make some connection?"

Lillian had been wondering why Nathan came here all of a sudden. It turned out that he had seen her and Wilson at the company's gate in the daytime.

She didn't know if Nathan had seen that Charles was bitten by Parasol. She wanted to ask him about it to express her dissatisfaction, but she was afraid that her mother would be worried, so she didn't ask.

At first, Lillian didn't want to agree with him, but she felt that her mother, Selena, didn't want him to stay too long in the middle of the night, so she agreed, "I'll ask him sometime. But it's his business whether he cooperates or not."

"Okay." Nathan's face was full of smile. He didn't expect that Lillian would agree so soon. After all, their relationship had always been bad.

She felt sorry for her mother. She had never cared about him since she was a child. He thought it would take some effort to persuade her. Since she was so easy-going, he couldn't force her.

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