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   Chapter 22 Breaking Up With Each Other

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After getting in the car, Lillian just took a look at Wilson and didn't say anything. After all, it was her brother's fault to provoke Parasol first.

"How did your brother know her?" When the car moved forward, Wilson asked.

Hearing his question, Lillian, who was looking ahead, immediately turned to him and explained for Charles, "my brother is the same as my father. He only met a good-looking woman and accosted her. He will forget it in two days."

Wilson didn't say anything. It just looked ahead and sometimes around. It was also because he seemed to be looking for someone that Lillian looked around. He was driving in the opposite direction of the company, but it was on the way home of Parasol from SOYI Company.

She knew that it was natural for him to worry about Parasol since she left in that situation. However, they didn't see Parasol along the way.

Therefore, Wilson came directly to her house and stopped at a temporary parking lot. Instead of getting out of the car, it sat in the car and looked at the entrance of her house.

After a while, a taxi came over. After it stopped, Parasol got off the car and ran into the entrance of the house without hesitation.

At the same time, Wilson started the engine and drove out of the community towards the company.

As soon as the door was opened by Fairy, Parasol rushed directly to the bathroom. Although there was not much blood in her mouth, the smell of blood had been irritating her for so long.

A wave of nausea surged in her stomach, causing her to spit out a large mouthful of blood as soon as she came to the bathroom. Originally, Fairy felt strange, and her whole face turned pale.

"Parasol, don't scare me." However, Fairy, who was standing outside the bathroom, saw her spit out a mouthful of blood and hurried into the bathroom.

Parasol didn't respond, but kept vomiting.

"What's wrong with you?" Fairy thought she was spitting blood, but at this moment, she was in a panic.

After all, no good thing would happen to anyone who would spit blood.

In the living room, due to the crying voice of Fairy and the vomiting of Parasol as soon as she came back, Andy and Missy rushed to the bathroom.

"What's wrong?" Looking at the vomiting in the washbasin, [梁安信] turned to the children's painting at a loss.

After vomiting, she turned on the tap and washed the dirt away. Then she rinsed her mouth several times until her mouth was clean and there was no smell of blood. Then she turned to the child's painting standing beside her, which was crying.

"What's wrong?" With a sobbing voice, Fairy stared at Parasol. She was afraid of getting bad news, but she was also afraid that Parasol would not tell her.

"Nothing!" Parasol smiled knowingly at Fairy and went over to hold her without saying anything.

Fairy stood there, letting her hold it. A moment later, she reached out her hand and patted her on the back. "Did Wilson bully you?"

She came from Wilson, and Fairy naturally thought of this possibility.

She was just holding Fairy, but because of this sentence, Parasol's tears fell silently. Fairy in her arms couldn't be seen, but Andy, who was standing at the door of the bathroom, could see it clearly.

If she didn't respond, it meant that she acquiesced. Then Fairy continued, "let's forget that bastard, okay?"

Parasol nodded and said Okay... "

Over the years, this was the first time that Parasol had said 'okay', Fairy had said the sentence many times. She didn't hesitate, as if she had already prepared for it.

Fairy moved Parasol away from her arms and stared at her. she reached out her hand and wiped her tears. "What happened, the blood just now?"

Even if Wilson would bully her, it wouldn't make her angry to spit blood, would it? Fairy thought.

Seeing that the three of them were worried, Parasol couldn't help laughing. "That's Charles's blood. I bit it."

"Charles? Nathan's son? " Since Fairy knew Lillian, she certainly knew Charles. Seeing that Parasol nodded, she asked in disbelief, "no, how do you know him?"

Since she lived here, she had been with Parasol almost every day. Except for those days when she went out with Andy, she really couldn't think of how she knew Charles.

"Didn't I stay in hospital two days ago? After I left grandpa's banquet that night, I was hit by a car, wasn't it? It was Charles. "

"Oh my God!" Fairy touched her forehead and couldn't help but sigh, "the fate of your relationship with their family is really terrible."

Parasol also felt the same way. In the street, anyone who bumped into a person casually could be Nathan's son. It was fate.

"But why did you bite him?" Andy asked curiously. He didn't believe that Parasol would bite Charles for no reason, even if he was the son of her enemy.

And she bit his lips so hard that blood could be seen. It seemed that all her hatred for Nathan was vented on this bite.

So Parasol told them everything that had happened today.

After listening to it, Fa

iry on the sofa looked at Parasol sitting next to her and couldn't help asking, "I want to know, your mouth is full of blood. Didn't the driver be frightened when you took a taxi?"

Even if the blood outside was wiped clean, the driver would always ask her where to go, and she had to answer. As long as she opened her mouth, he could always see the blood in her mouth.

"He asked me if I should go to the hospital. Maybe he thought I was terminally ill. I said I would be fine after taking the medicine at home." The driver was also afraid of death and asked her to get off the car.

However, she didn't get out of the car. She even threatened him that if he didn't drive, she would die in his car. The driver had no choice but to drive like a rocket.

"Don't say that. You spit out a mouthful of blood as soon as you came back. I thought you were terminally ill."

"Parasol, marry Yves." Andy, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said.

"Good for you, Andy. Are you going to let Missy and I go? Then you two can stay overnight in the same house." In fact, Parasol knew why he proposed this. She just pretended not to understand.

Andy didn't explain, because he knew she was joking. "Only when there is someone by your side can you forget the person in the past."

After a long silence, Parasol said, "Third he is too childish. He doesn't look like a responsible man at all... "

As the third master of the Tang family, Yves was naturally favored by more people because of his youngest age. As a result, he was still like a child till now.

"Since he married you, he will naturally be responsible for you. He can't support you with his father's money all his life, can he?"

All of a sudden, Parasol felt that what Andy said was reasonable. She nodded and said, "well, if he proposes next time, I will agree."

Gradually, Missy fell asleep on the sofa, and the three of them just sat on the sofa watching TV.

After watching for a while, Parasol stood up and came to the room. She stood in front of a wardrobe and thought for a long time. Finally, she squatted down and took out a diary from the drawer.

she opened the book and found the name of Wilson.

She reached out her hand and touched the name on the paper. Parasol sang softly, "you said that we had a dream and we would realize it on that day I miss you so much My diary is full of your name... "

She didn't finish the song, but sang part of the song. When she finished, she smiled with tears and loosened her grip on the diary. The diary slipped from her hand, turned around one hundred and eighty degrees in the air, and finally entered the trash can below.

Perhaps her feelings for Wilson should be thrown into the trash can along with the diary, and then burned to ashes along with these trash.

Andy was right. She didn't accept others and would never forget Wilson. If the new one didn't come, how could the old one go. Maybe it was the best choice for her to marry Yves.

She knew that Yves's mother had a knot in her heart, but she wouldn't hate her. Everyone in the Tang family was nice to her and Missy except his mother.

In fact, Parasol knew that she would be happy to marry Yves. He liked her since he was a child. When she cried, he would feel sadder than her. When she smiled, he was happier than her.

If she married him, she wanted, gradually, she would fall in love with him.

Standing at the door, Parasol watched her throw the notebook which was more important than anything into the trash can. In fact, there was no memory between Parasol and Wilson, and this was the only thing.

Fairy thought, maybe this time, Parasol really wanted to put down Wilson and let herself go.

However, it had been five years. Was it really that easy to let it go? How could Parasol let go of Wilson that he had embarrassed the whole school?

Just now, when she stood by the window and looked downstairs, she saw the car of Wilson. Although Lillian was still sitting in the car, he left after seeing Parasol come back.

Was it a relationship? If she missed it, then she missed it. Even if the two of them could not let each other go, and even if the two of them still had each other in their hearts, they could not go back to the past.

Thinking of this, Fairy naturally thought of her and Andy. In fact, she knew that her family didn't know her situation now. If they knew that she was with someone like Andy, they would definitely stop them.

At that time, the two of them would be like Parasol and Wilson.

Therefore, she cherished the time when no one stopped her. That was why she asked her grandfather to come to see Andy. She knew that her grandfather would definitely agree, and perhaps he would help her at that time.

The new year was coming soon. She wanted to find an opportunity to ask her grandfather to come here next week. He would be glad to see Parasol. Fairy thought that he had to be mentally prepared, or the situation would be too sudden and frighten the old man.

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