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   Chapter 21 Father's Debt, Son Pays

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Charles smiled, turned off the engine, opened the door and got out of the car. He came to her side, sat down, tilted his head, looked at her, and said with a smile, "Although I bumped into you, you were in a high fever that day. I took care of you all night in the hospital, so you must invite me to have a meal, right?"

Parasol turned to look at him who was with a faint smile on his face, which made her feel that he was deliberately using that thing to get close to her. She glanced at the car he was parking on the roadside. It was a luxury car. She couldn't afford to invite the owner of such a car to have a meal. "I don't have money."

Charles laughed, as if he had met an interesting person. "Then I'll treat you today, and return it to me next time."

"Don't you understand?" Staring at him, Parasol pointed at the car in front of her and said, "I can't afford to treat the person who can drive such a luxury car."

Perhaps it was because Parasol's mother was cheated by Nathan, she hated the kind of man who came to get close to her for no reason. She felt that they were not good people.

She had been grateful to him for taking her to the hospital and taking care of her for a whole night, but now it was all gone, leaving only disgust.

Standing up, Parasol didn't want to talk to him. She thought it was better to stay away from him. However, it seemed that Charles didn't want her to get what she wanted. He quickly stood up and stood in front of her.

Parasol stopped. She had been fearless since she was a child, and they were on the road, so she stared at him angrily without fear.

Looking at her, Charles couldn't help laughing. He looked at her with a cheeky smile and asked, "What's your name?"

After looking at him so carefully, Parasol felt that he looked a little familiar. Although she had met him once, she was not in a good mood that day. In addition, she had a cold, so she was not in the mood to see him seriously.

If he hadn't stopped her, Parasol wouldn't have looked at him face to face. She turned around and saw the place he had just come out -- SOYI Company. It suddenly occurred to her that he looked like Nathan. "What's your name?"

Although it was just not long ago, she still couldn't remember.

"Charles..." Because she asked his name, Charles could not help showing joy.

"Charles Song?" Before Charles could finish his words, she interrupted him, "Nathan's son?"

Parasol didn't know that Nathan had a son called Charles, but because he looked like Nathan and he came out of Nathan's company.


"Fuck off!" Parasol pushed him aside with all her strength and walked towards the direction she was about to go.

The God was so ridiculous. H City was so big, but she was hit by Charles's car. She suddenly found that her family and the Song family really became entangled.

Her mother, Lisa, was hurt so badly by Nathan. Her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend was Nathan's daughter. She could understand the God's arrangement, but why the God let she be hit by Nathan's son?

"You haven't told me your name yet." Then Charles held her hands.

"Let me go!" Parasol glared at him, her eyes burning with anger. "Charles, if you don't let go of me, I might kill you."

Charles looked like a rogue, just like his father, Nathan.

"Tell me your name first." Charles kept asking this question. Of course, he was not afraid that a woman would kill him.

"Parasol!" She stared at him undisguisedly. She just wanted him to know that she had a grudge against him and was not the person he could get close.

When Charles heard the name, he loosened his grip on her hand a little. When she was about to pull hands out, he immediately grabbed it again with all his strength.

"Charles, let go of me!" Feeling the strength of his hand, Parasol began to struggle, "Charles, you bastard, let go of me!"

Charles let her beat and curse, but he just pulled her towards his car.

Finally, Parasol found that it was useless to struggle. In addition, Parasol thought of what Nathan had done to Lisa, she was afraid that as Nathan's son, Charles, would be the same. She began to feel flustered and angry.

Her strength was not as strong as his, so she had no choice but to bite his hand tightly. Her hatred for Nathan, her hatred for Lillian, and the pain she had experienced today were all vented on Charles's hands.

She bit his hand hard without any hesitation. She had never been so cruel to a person she had met twice.

Charles didn't dodge or break free. He just stood there, enduring the pain. It was the first time that a woman bit him to vent all her dissatisfaction.

Parasol felt the smell of blood in her mouth, but he didn't let her go and she didn't let it go either. In this way, the two people confronted each other.

"Brother!" Getting out of the car, Lillian rushed over

, trying to separate the two of them, but she couldn't do anything to them. She could only hold Charles's hand anxiously and said, "Brother, let her go. Let her go."

Parasol bit his hand and her tears seemed to drop on his hand and his wound.

Wilson also came over. Although he didn't know how Parasol knew Charles, he saw that the two of them were in a stalemate. One didn't let Parasol go, and the Parasol didn't let her mouth go. If it went on like this, the flesh in Charles' hand would be bitten off sooner or later. Of course, this was not what Wilson worried about. He was afraid that if Parasol bit the flesh in Charles' hand, she would have a nightmare.

He came to Parasol and called her in a low voice, "Parasol."

The voice was so familiar. It had been a long time since Parasol heard it again. As a result, she forgot to use too much strength and gradually let go of Charles.

Seeing that Parasol let go of Charles and there was still blood dripping from Charles's hand, Lillian went to the car and fetched some tissue to help stop the bleeding in hurry.

Parasol let go of Charles, stood up straight and stared at Wilson in front of her. For a moment, she even thought that time had returned to the past. She was unhappy and fought with others. He said the same words to her.

However, when Parasol saw Lillian, who was busy wiping Charles's blood, she suddenly realized that she was too naive. Why could the gentle voice of Wilson make Parasol put down all her emotions? It seemed that his intimate shout could wash away all the evil thoughts in her heart.

She thought he was still afraid of her getting hurt as before, but she was wrong. From the moment she ruthlessly abandoned him, he would no longer be afraid of her getting hurt. He did so today just because she was fighting with Lillian's brother.

"Ha ha!" Looking at the three of them, Parasol couldn't help laughing. She slowly stepped back and said, "I thought what Nathan did to my mother five years ago was a test for me, but I didn't expect that God's tricks would come later."

As she spoke, she stepped back slowly. She looked away from Wilson and looked at Charles, who had been staring at her. She smiled even happier. "Charles, as I said, if you don't let me go, I will kill you." Finally, she turned to the three of them and roared, "Don't let me see you again!"

Parasol turned around and ran forward with all her strength. She wanted to escape from here forever. She would never see anyone related to the Song family, including Wilson!

Wilson stood still, staring at her receding figure, and the last sentence she left before she left kept flashing through his mind. She said that she didn't want to see them again. He knew that he was one of them.

"Brother, why don't you let go of her? Just stand there and let her bite you. If Mom sees the wounds, she will be heartbroken. " Holding Charles' hand with one hand and carefully wiping the blood with the other, Lillian asked in confusion.

The car was driven by Wilson just now, so Lillian clearly saw that it was Charles who held Parasol's hand first.

Of course, if Charles let Parasol go later, the wound wouldn't have been so deep.

Charles shook off his injured hand and stopped her from stopping the bleeding. He also looked at Parasol who was getting farther and farther away. He opened his mouth and only said four words, "Father' debt, son pays."

Lillian's hand, which was about to stop the bleeding, stopped in midair. It seemed that she slowly understood the meaning of "father's debt, son pays".

When Wilson heard the four words, he turned to Charles. His intuition told him that Charles' feelings for Parasol had changed from the initial accosting to knowing that she was Lisa's daughter.

Perhaps at the beginning, Charles just accosted Parasol because of her appearance, and Parasol's attitude aroused his interest. Later, when he knew that she was Parasol, he began to feel pity for her.

"Brother, let's go to the hospital." Seeing that the wound on his hand was still bleeding, Lillian hurried over and held his hand.

"No." Charles dodged Lillian's hand again.

"What if it gets inflamed?" Looking up at Charles, Lillian couldn't understand why he didn't go to the hospital.

"It doesn't matter." After saying that, Charles turned around and walked towards his car without waiting for Lillian's reply.

"Alas..." Lillian, who still wanted to say something, turned around to look at him. Seeing that he got on the car, she didn't say anything more.

Seeing that Charles' car drove away, she turned her eyes to Wilson on the side, and Wilson also walked towards his car at this time.

After standing there in a daze for a while, she hurried to Wilson's car.

Since it happened, Lillian had been in confusion because she was worried about Charles' wound.

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