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   Chapter 20 Crying, Old Place

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"I'm full." After saying that, Lillian stood up and went straight to the door. No matter how her mother called her behind, she couldn't stop.

When Selena opened the door, she saw that Lillian had already entered the elevator in a hurry. Selena came to the window, looked downstairs and watched Lillian's car leave the community.

In fact, what Selena wanted to say was that if that person liked Parasol, Lillian would let go of her. But if that person liked Lillian, then there was nothing to say.

However, Selena didn't expect that Lillian would react so strongly.

It was said that a mother knew her daughter better. Judging from Lillian's reaction, it was not difficult to see that the person she referred to liked Parasol. Otherwise, she would not care so much.

When Lillian arrived at the building where Wilson was living, she saw his car parking there. Without hesitation, she got out of the car and entered the building.

She came to the door, took out the key and opened it. She knew Wilson was at home, but she didn't expect that Parasol was also there. Seeing the two of them walking towards the door and Wilson holding Parasol's hands, Lillian thought that there might be a dispute between them and they were going out.

Whether she did it on purpose or in a bad mood, she didn't say anything when she saw Parasol. She went straight to Wilson and threw herself into the arms of Wilson.

Although Parasol had been mentally prepared for the fact that Wilson had a girlfriend from the very beginning, she still felt inexplicably sad when she saw Lillian throw herself into his arms.

At this moment, Wilson gradually loosened its grip on Parasol's hand.

Seeing that he let go of her hand, without any hesitation, Parasol ran directly away. When Parasol came to the corridor, Wilson who had been looking for various reasons not to let her go did not chase after her this time. It seemed that she wanted to give up completely and return again.

Standing at the door, Parasol saw Lillian leave his arms and kiss him. Parasol's heart ached, just like when she abandoned him.

Out of interrupting them or out of dissatisfaction, before leaving, Parasol slammed the door heavily, and then ran towards other direction.

Wilson had never thought that Lillian would do such a thing. Stunned, he was awakened by the sound of the door slamming by Parasol. He pushed her away and asked, "What are you doing?"

He passed by Lillian, opened the door and chased out, but Parasol had already disappeared. Even if he went downstairs, he still couldn't see her.

He took out his phone and was about to call her, but it suddenly occurred to him that she had just said that her phone was soaked in water. He had no choice but to go back home.

When he returned home, Lillian was leaning against the wall, raising her head with tears. When he walked up to her, she said softly, "I'm sorry."

She crossed the line, which made him and Parasol more misunderstanding. Although Wilson had deliberately used her to make Parasol misunderstand from the beginning, he could make Parasol misunderstand him, but she couldn't.

Because of her apology, Wilson stopped. Seeing her crying silently, he asked, "What's going on?"

The two of them had known each other for several years. He knew that she liked him, but she had never been like today.

Wiping her tears, Lillian shook her head. In fact, when she knew that the one Wilson loved was Parasol, she knew that she owed Parasol.

Her father took away the company from Parasol father. God found something to pay back to Parasol from her.

Without saying anything else, Wilson went to the study, took out the book Parasol had just casually read, sat at the desk and leafed through it.

Lillian, who had calmed down, went to sit on the sofa in the living room and looked at the carefully Wilson in the study.

He said that he knew she was Nathan's daughter. In fact, Lillian didn't dare to ask whether he was intentional to rent the same house with her in the United States.

She didn't know when he knew it, but she had never mentioned it in front of him. What she was afraid of was not the answer she wanted.

No matter he wanted to take back the company for Parasol or use her as Nathan's daughter to revenge on Parasol, he couldn't erase the fact that he couldn't forget Parasol.

However, if he didn't say it out, Lillian sadly found that she was useless for him. She was willing to be used to revenge on Parasol or a tool to take back the company.

After she finished her study, she chose to be his secretary. She just wanted to have more opportunities and time to be with him, but he never took it seriously, as if he could never see her heart.

Sitting on the sofa, Lillian took out her phone and sent the address of Parasol to her mother. Her mother had always been tolerant of Nathan's infidelity. Lil

lian knew that her mother did it just for her and her brother.

In order to protect the family for her and her brother, her mother didn't care about her husband who cheated on her again and again, because she knew that even if she cried and blamed, she could only get back to a period of happiness.

Her mother was such a kind person. Her mother kept telling herself that maybe she hadn't done well enough that her father couldn't accept her.

But it was all because of Lisa. No one would feel guilty for the woman whose husband had an affair, but her mother had always been guilty for Lisa.

Because her father cheated Lisa and took away Lisa's company. Now her mother knew that Lisa was crazy and lived in a psychiatric hospital, her mother would definitely feel sorry for Lisa and Parasol.

Lillian didn't want her mother to live in guilt all the time. Since her mother wanted to make up, she would try her best to make it up.

After sending the message, Lillian stood up and went to the study. She put the key in her hand on the desk, turned around and walked towards the door.

She knew that even though Wilson didn't say anything, he was blaming her for what she had done today. Anyway, he had given her the key just to make it easier for her to take things, but now it caused a misunderstanding between Parasol and him.

She would rather take the key out herself than let him ask her return the key. She didn't want to be embarrassed.

At the same time, in the taxi, Parasol was sobbing. Her sight in front of her gradually became blurred, and tears were struggling to fall from her eyes. She did not wipe them dry, nor did she stop crying. The tears could not help but flow down from her beautiful face.

The driver, who was driving the car, looked at her from the rearview mirror. Seeing that she was crying sadly, he was too embarrassed to ask. After thinking for a while, finally at an intersection in front of them, he had to ask, "Miss, where are you going?"

Hearing the driver's question, Parasol, who had been absent-minded all the time, noticed the surroundings. She cried so sadly that she couldn't stop crying for a while. "Well. It's here. How much is it? "

Since she didn't want to go home now, she could choose a place to take a walk.


Parasol took out the money from her pocket and handed it to the driver. Then she was ready to get off the car.

"You... Are you really okay? " The driver took over the money and asked worriedly when he saw her crying.

"Thank you. I'm fine." Parasol wiped her tears and smiled at the driver. Then she got out of the car and walked on this unfamiliar road.

The driver didn't say anything more. He just took a look at her and then drove away.

Parasol walked on the street aimlessly. For five years, she hadn't strolled like today.

When Parasol turned her head and looked around, she found a building diagonally ahead, with a big SOYI on it. It was not until then that she realized that this was the company that Nathan took from her family.

After five years of reform, her father's company gradually became Nathan's company.

Sometimes, fate was really a wonderful thing. Parasol actually saw Lillian's father's company here after she saw the kiss between Lillian and Wilson.

Walking to a small park across the company, Parasol sat on a rest chair and stared at the building, which belonged to her father.

She thought that she would never be able to take back this company in her life. In fact, she had never thought of getting back to this company. She just wanted to live a good life with her mother and Missy. Her request was so simple, and she only hoped that her mother could get better.

However, sometimes, she thought that it might not be a bad thing for her mother. At least, her mother could not remember what happened before, and could not remember the hurt which Nathan had done. She could only remember the happy time of the three of them.

In the past five years, with the plain and busy life, Parasol no longer remembered the harm that Nathan had left to her family. If Wilson hadn't come back, if he hadn't brought Nathan's daughter back.

She kept her eyes on the company building, and tears fell inexplicably. A sports car drove out of the company and finally stopped beside her. He rolled down the window and a handsome man poked his head out and looked at her with a smile. "Ah? Aren't you the one I bumped into that day? "

At first, Parasol didn't remember him, but after hearing his words, she remembered that he was the person who sent her to hospital that day.

Out of gratitude, she smiled at him.

"Why are you sitting here? Where are you going? I'll drive you there. " Sitting in the car, he said.

"No, thanks." Although he was a good man because he sent her to the hospital that day, she didn't know him anyway. How dare she get in the car casually?

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