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   Chapter 19 Grievance, Compensation

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As soon as she sat down, she heard the joking words of Wilson, "if you are in a bad mood, you will be hungry. It can be seen how happy you have been in the past five years."

She was getting thinner and thinner. It could be seen that she hadn't eaten anything.

"It's none of your business!" Parasol picked up the chopsticks and rolled her eyes at him.

"Parasol, I will be unhappy if you do this." Staring at her, the smile on his face never disappeared.

Her hand, which was about to pick up something, stopped in midair. She raised her eyes and glanced at him. The smile on his face made her feel creepy, so she immediately showed a charming face. She smiled, picked up something and put it in his bowl. "Enjoy yourself."

Wilson was finally activated with satisfaction.

After a while, Parasol suddenly remembered that she was brought here by Wilson, and they were going to have lunch at that time.

"Can I borrow your phone?" Said Parasol, stretching her left hand to him.

Wilson first looked at her hand, and then looked at her. "Where's your phone?"

"It's in the water." She was drenched in the rain that night, so how could the phone escape from the rain.

"why is not your mind in the water?" Wilson took out his phone and handed it to her.

She took the phone, pressed it, and reached out to him, "password." Wilson reached out and pressed four numbers.

Parasol took back his phone, dialed the number of Fairy and put it near her ear. Perhaps it was because they were eating outside, the surroundings were quite noisy. After a long time, she heard the voice of Fairy. "Hello? Who is it? "

"Fairy? It's me. Are you having dinner now?"

"Or what? If I wait for you, I will starve to death. "

"Is Missy on the side?" In fact, Parasol just wanted to confirm it. She didn't want anyone to say that she was too heartless and ran out herself, ignoring the child who was only four years old.

"What do you think? Now everyone says that Andy and I have such a child at such a young age. The three of us are really happy. " Judging from the tone of Fairy, she was still complaining.

"Are they blind? Can't they see that Missy doesn't look like you at all? " While chewing the food gently, Parasol was talking with Fairy.

"Sometimes, the gene will also change. Well, I have to eat seriously. Don't disturb us. " After saying that, Fairy hung up the phone directly.

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Parasol said to herself, "I haven't finished yet." She was about to take it over and return Wilson, but she found that he was eating very seriously, so an idea came to her mind.

Wasn't the switch of the door on his phone?

Thinking of this, she continued to look at his cell phone. She searched inside for a while, but did not know where the switch of the door he had just opened was.

"Parasol, you don't want to leave, do you?" Wilson looked up at her and continued to eat the seal.

"No." Parasol put his phone on his side and continued to eat.

On the other side, Fairy hung up the phone and continued to eat. she looked at Missy who had been staring at her and asked curiously, "why don't you eat?"

"Fairy? Is Missy's father Third?" Missy asked the question she had been thinking about.

"No." While preparing the food on the table, Fairy answered Missy, "Star lied to Jean on purpose. Don't take it seriously."

"Then who is Missy's father?" Although she didn't like 'father' very much, as a child, she always had a little curiosity.

At the mention of this man, Fairy was angry. "That bastard died a long time ago. Don't mention him."

"Okay!" Missy pouted and went to eat.

Andy saw that Missy felt a little disappointed as she didn't know who her father was.

He picked up a piece of her favorite braised pork and put it into her bowl. "Missy, your father did something to hurt you, so Fairy was angry..."

"I know. He doesn't want me and Star. I hate him." In fact, Missy really didn't like her father, no matter who he was.

But today, Parasol deliberately told Jean that it was Yves, so she asked.

Andy touched her head to comfort her, "let's eat."

The angry Fairy turned to look out of the window and saw a red carapace driving over. Of course, such a car could not attract her attention, mainly because the owner of the car was Lillian.

As Nathan's daughter, the daughter of a big company and the girlfriend of Wilson, how could she only drive a car worth more than 200000?

However, she had no interest in it. Besides, Lillian was driving in the opposite direction of Wilson, so she didn't pay much attention to it and continued to eat.

The car of Lillian was driven into a high-end and moderate community. The house here was newly built in recent years, and the surrounding green was also good.

After parking the car in the parking space, Lillian got

out of the car and went straight into a building. she entered the elevator and pressed the five floor button. When she opened the door of room 503, she changed her shoes and greeted the people inside, "Mom, I'm back."

"It's so late. It's time for lunch." A well-dressed middle-aged woman came to the table with a bowl of rice.

"Okay." After changing her shoes, Lillian went to the bathroom to wash her hands before coming out.

When she arrived at the dining room and sat down, Lillian picked up the bowl and chopsticks and said to Selena, "Mom, didn't I tell you that you don't need to wait for me to eat?"

A smile appeared on Selena's loving face. "I'm fine anyway. I'm not hungry. Let's eat together."

After putting a mouthful of rice into her mouth, Lillian chewed it elegantly. Hearing her mother's words, she stopped picking up food. After thinking for a while, she looked at her mother and said, "Mom, I met Parasol."

Selena, who had a big smile on her face, put on a bigger smile as if it was a piece of good news when she heard what Lillian said. "Really? Where did she live? I'll go and have a look. "

"She may not want to see you. Don't go." Lillian picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

"Then I don't want her to see me. I just want to know how she is doing. Two years ago, I went to her house. The people there said that she had sold the house and I didn't know where she went... "

Stopping picking up food, Lillian looked at her mother and said, "it's none of our business."

"We owe her..."

"If it weren't for her mother, my father wouldn't have cheated on you and you two wouldn't be separated now. Who on earth owed who?" In fact, Lillian knew that her mother had been looking for Parasol all these years, but she couldn't find her even in this city because she was just a normal woman.

However, Parasol hated her father and Parasol's mother. If it weren't for Lisa, her father and mother wouldn't have ended up like this. The two of them were still married, but they lived their own lives.

Selena, who was eating, put down her chopsticks after she heard what Lillian said. She looked at her and said earnestly, "Lillian, without Lisa, your father will still have an affair. He approached Lisa not just because he wanted to have an affair, but because she is rich..."

"In that case, it should be my father who owes them." She interrupted her mother again. Perhaps it was because of Wilson that Lillian disliked Parasol more.

In fact, she knew that her father was not only looking for Lisa. He often looked for other women even when he was poor before, let alone now. Lisa was just a victim of his many mistresses.

"We robbed her family's company and cut off their economic sources. If there was no other choice, how could they sell the house. baby, tell mom where she is now. I just want to make up for her. " Selena knew that Parasol's father must have left a lot of money to them after he died.

Although Nathan had the company, the life of the two women should be fine. They would not sell the house left behind by their father.

"Then my father and brother should make up for it. The two of them live in big houses now, and in front of the chairman of a big company and the master of a rich family, we get nothing. Why should we make up for it?" Since the two of them had separated, her brother chose to be with her father and be a master because her father was rich now.

She bought the house and the car for the two of them. They didn't use the money they got from Parasol. Why did they have to make up for it now?

"Charles resembles your father more and you resembles your mother more. So, even if you say so, you still feel guilty to them..." Selena thought that if Lillian didn't feel guilty for Parasol's family, why did she help her investigate?

Without saying anything more, Lillian continued to eat. After a few bites, she stopped and looked at her mother, who was also eating opposite her. "I heard that her mother is sick and lives in a psychiatric hospital."

The bowl fell on the table carelessly. Selena looked up at Lillian and said nothing. She had thought that they were having a hard time, but she had never thought that Lisa would be hospitalized because of Nathan.

Looking at the guilt on her mother's face, she thought of the seal. She couldn't help asking, "Mom, if I fall in love with the same person as Angelina, you will let me give up, won't you?"

Looking at Lillian, Selena kept silent for a while. When she found that she was not joking, she replied, "Lillian, if that person likes her, let him go..."

After talking about Parasol with her mother, a smile appeared on Lillian's face for the first time. "Just because my father took away her things, I owe her all my life. I don't even have the qualification to fight for the person I like?"

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