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   Chapter 17 The Shadow

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Jean was too angry to say anything. She pointed at Parasol with her index finger and didn't say anything for a long time.

Parasol glanced at Jean and ignored her. She was about to leave here again.

"Parasol!" Jean stopped Parasol, "What did you mean that day in the hotel?"

"When?" Parasol asked in confusion.

"... That day... " After all, she was a virgin. It was a little embarrassed to talk about this on the street. Moreover, there was Wilson behind Parasol. Jean blushed and she spoke intermittently.

It was not until then that Parasol remembered that the other day, when Yves checked out, she saw Jean come to the hotel, she deliberately said condom. ... Yeah, the condom.

"That's what I meant literally." Speaking of this, Parasol also thought of another question. She turned to look at Jean and said, "It happened a long time ago."

If Yves really took a woman to a hotel and took actions later, they would get married and have their own children. It was too late to blame her now.

"If I hadn't been busy with grandma's birthday party, I would have come to you earlier."

Parasol didn't respond but nodded with a smile. Parasol forgot that her grandmother's birthday was yesterday.

"Why do you work in Kingston Hotel? Parasol, don't seduce... Yves... "

"Ha ha," said Parasol with a disdainful smile. "Yves. He needs me to seduce him? "

"……" Jean was speechless.

Missy raised her head and looked at Jean. When she couldn't figure out who Jean was, she reached out her hand and shook Parasol's arm. "Star, who is she?"

It was also because of this voice that Jean saw a child beside Parasol. When Jean saw the child, she was also stunned.

Because this child looked exactly like Parasol. Even her hair was the same as that of Parasol's childhood.

"Who is she? Who is the little bastard's Dad? "

Although Parasol didn't like Jean, Parasol didn't have a bad attitude except that she didn't want to see Jean. However, when Parasol heard what Jean said, Parasol became angry. "Watch your mouth!"

After seeing Missy, the anger on Jean's face disappeared and was gradually replaced by a complacent smile.

Parasol thought that Jean must think that Missy was her and other man's child, so with this child, it was impossible for her to be with Yves. That was why Jean was so happy.

Therefore, a smile gradually appeared on Parasol's face. She touched Missy's head and introduced to Jean, "I forgot to introduce her. Her name is Missy." Parasol specially introduced Jean to Missy, "Missy, her name is Jean."

When Jean heard the girl's name, the smugness on her face disappeared. She opened her eyes wide and asked, "What's her name?"

"Missy, Yves's daughter." Seeing the expression on Jean's face, Parasol was overjoyed.

"No, it's impossible." Jean shook her head, "The child is about four or five years old, but I didn't see you pregnant four or five years ago."

"Hehe..." Parasol smiled disdainfully again. "Jean, since my mother and I were kicked out of the Su family by grandma, when did you care about us?"

Jean thought it didn't make sense. If Parasol wasn't pregnant, where did she get the baby? Then Jean thought of another question. "If she is the child of Yves, why doesn't he marry you?"

"It's not that he doesn't want to marry me, but that I don't want to marry him." Looking at Jean, Parasol had an unprecedented complacency on her face.

Jean sneered, "Who are you lying to? You have worked in his hotel. If he wants to marry you, will you be unwilling to marry him?"

According to the current situation of Parasol, her company had been taken away. Her mother was mentally abnormal and she was taking care of a child. If Yves wanted to marry her, would she be unwilling to marry him?

"Are you stupid, Jean? Although Yves is the third son of the Tang family, he has no real power. Why should I marry him? I'm waiting for the right time. Do you understand? " Whether it was revenge or rebellion, Parasol liked to see the angry expression on Jean's face.

Since Parasol's father died, her grandmother, who had been dissatisfied with her and her mother, became even worse. Later, because her mother believed in Nathan by mistake, the company was robbed, and her grandmother directly cut off the relationship with them.

As for Jean, her mother was from a rich family, so her grandmother liked her naturally. Moreover, her mother gave birth to a boy and a girl twins, which made her even better. Therefore, Jean had always been living in an environment where her parents, grandmother and brother loved each other. The only thing that made Jean sad was that she liked Yves, while Yves liked Parasol since childhood. In fact, Parasol didn't have a good relationship with her grandmother and uncle. What's more, the relationship between them become worse because of Yves.

Jean didn't like Parasol because of Yves, and her family treated Parasol as an enemy because Jean couldn't get the one she loved.

Therefore, Parasol often provoked Jean with Yves, which made herself feel better.

"Parasol you are such a bitch." As soon as Jean finished speaking, she went straight to catch Parasol. As Parasol dodged, Jean grabbed Parasol's ponytail.

Wilson, which had been standing behind Parasol all the time, was about to help Parasol, but when he saw that Andy and Fairy got out of the car and rushed here, he stopped.

"What's wrong with you, Jean?" Fairy and Andy came over and pulled away Jean.

When Andy and Fairy were interrogating Jean, Wilson went over, took Parasol's hand and went straight to the parking lot.

"Hey, what are you doing, Wilson?" Before Parasol could react, she was pulled by him and had to follow him.

His car was parked at the side, and Andy, Fairy and Missy's eyes were all on Jean. By the time they came to their senses, Wilson had already put Parasol into the car.

Andy and Missy were about to chase after him, but they were stopped by Fairy. First of all, Fairy felt that Wilson still had feelings for Parasol. He wouldn't do anything to Parasol. What's more, Parasol still had feeling to Wilson. Maybe there would be new development.

After getting into the car, Parasol stopped struggling, because she also wanted to know what he wanted to do by taking her away.

He drove very fast. Looking at the place where the car passed, Parasol could not tell where he was going at all. So she turned to look at him, who was focusing on driving, and asked, "Where are you going?"

Wilson was focused on driving as if he hadn't heard what she said.

Seeing that he didn't respond, Parasol didn't ask any more questions. She just sat there and let him take her anywhere.

The car stopped in front of a high-end apartment building. After getting out of the car, Parasol kept looking around. Although she had lived in H City since she was a child, she was not familiar with this city, so she had no sense of direction. She only remembered that he had been driving here after passing several crossroads.

The apartment area was newly built in the past two years. It was surrounded by a beautiful lake and a pavilion in the middle of the lake. It was really suitable for people to live.

When they entered the elevator, Wilson pressed the button of 17 floor directly. Since Parasol didn't struggle anymore, he didn't pull her any more. The two people were like familiar strangers, and they didn't say a word from the beginning of the elevator to 17th floor.

In fact, Parasol was also a little confused. Why did she come here with him so willingly? If she really didn't want to come, she would definitely try her best to escape. Was she still expecting him in her deep heart?

As soon as she entered the living room, she saw the black leather half round sofa. The super large French window behind the sofa gave infinite light to the living room.

It was a duplex apartment including the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, the study and the reception room on the first floor. Parasol didn't go to the two floor, so she didn't know what was on the two floor. Maybe it was rooms.

Standing by the sofa and looking at the scenery outside the French window, Parasol was a little afraid of heights. 17th floor, she really didn't dare to go out.

She imaged that he standing there, looking down at the whole H City.

"Is this your home?" Looking outside, she asked.


Turning her head to look at him, Parasol thought, "It's not his home. Is it Lillian's?" But she felt something was wrong. If it was Lillian's house, why did he bring her here? Moreover, from the decoration of the house, it could be seen that it was a man's house.

Knowing who was in her mind, Wilson smiled but didn't explain. He ignored her and turned on his laptop. There was a video call.

It was not until the video was connected that Parasol realized who might own the house. Chandler, the best friend of Wilson, was a roommate of Wilson in college.

The two of them had a good relationship all the time. Later, they went to the United States together. It was said that the two of them opened a company together and Wilson chose to return home, but he was still in the United States. And Wilson was said to be a gay. ... He loved Chandler?

"Am I out of my mind? Why do I see Parasol? " As soon as the video was opened, Chandler's voice was heard.

"Let's talk about the business!" Wilson glanced at Parasol who was walking towards the study, but didn't respond to Chandler's question.

"EM Company has agreed to cooperate, but they want to talk to you face to face. The details will be sent to you later. As for whether to let them go to H City or you go to America, you have to think about it yourself."

"I see. Is there anything else?"

"Yes!" Seeing that Wilson was about to hang up, Chandler hurriedly said, "Wilson, my house is temporarily lend to you. If you want to do anything to Parasol, you must hold it back until your house is ready. Otherwise, after I go back and lie in bed... I'll feel sick... "

Before Chandler could finish his words, Wilson had already hung up the video.

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