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   Chapter 16 Everything Is Different

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Fairy kept staring at Parasol without saying a word. In fact, she thought that even if Parasol really wanted to lure her into the room, Parasol didn't pretend to cry at that time. Parasol just used acting to cover her real feeling.

Parasol didn't listen to Yves. After Yves left, she wanted to prepare for setting up the stall, but Fairy and Andy didn't allow her to go out.

So she didn't do anything on the weekend for the first time. She had been idle for one night. The next day, she still wanted to go out. However, Andy and Fairy didn't allow Parasol to go out, not to mention that she caught a cold. What if she went out and infected others?

"Fairy, I've been busy for years, but I haven't seen the world carefully? Can you let me go out to have a look when I'm free today? "

Fairy stood still and did not respond. She thought for a long time before making a decision. It was that Andy drove the car and took them out to visit H City.

Parasol rolled her eyes at Fairy. She just wanted to go out alone. She wanted to be alone, but it was rare for them to go out together, so they all agreed.

A white BMW was driving on the street. Wilson looked forward expressionlessly.

A club's name in front of him attracted his attention, and his cold face softened a little.

M Club? It was a famous night club in H City. The club had been opened here five years ago, now it was still there. In the past five years, everything was changed, but this old place was still there.

Wilson stopped the car and walked into the night club. ...

"Hello, Sir. It's not open yet." A waiter saw him and hurried to greet him.

"Let me have a look first." Wilson replied to the waiter as he walked.

"Okay. Do you need me to introduce here to you?" Normally, the people who came in here were all distinguished people, so the waiter's attitude was very good.

"No, thanks. Go ahead with your work."

"Okay, take your time." The waiter thought Wilson was here to look the environment and was about to make a reservation. So the waiter didn't bother Wilson anymore.

Walking across a corridor with all kinds of lights, Wilson seemed to be a little familiar here and went to the dance hall. Because it was daytime and the club was not open yet, there was no one around. It was a huge difference from the last time he came.

Standing by the bar counter, he stared at the center of the dancing floor, recalling the scene five years ago...

The deafening music, noisy voices and shining lights made the scene in the dancing hall a little chaotic but somewhat orderly.

As soon as Wilson came in, he kept looking for someone in the crowd, walking into the crowd. When he saw Parasol, she was dancing with another group of sexy women in the middle of the dance floor. At this time, the music was ringing: come on, have fun. Anyway, there was a lot of time...

Parasol's short hair became wild- curl up, and she was wearing a bare midriff, shorts and a pair of high-heeled knee boots. At this moment, she was twisting her body and slender waist in the dancing floor, causing the men around her to hoot again and again.

Wilson rushed over, grabbed her hand and pulled her out. Although others made some noise, they didn't take much action. After all, no one knew the relationship between the two of them, and no one would meddle in this matter.

Besides, no one came here to drag a woman, except her family, or her boyfriend in a fight.

"Wilson..." Being dragged by him, Parasol trotted behind him. Even if she tried hard to get rid of his hand, she still failed.

"Wilson. It's none of your business!" Behind Wilson, Parasol kept patting his hand, "Wilson..."

Finally, under the gaze of passers-by, she was pulled out of the night club. Wilson didn't let go of her hand until they arrived at the door. She didn't say anything. She turned around and was about to walk inside.

"Parasol!" Standing still, Wilson stopped chasing after her and stared at her back.

Parasol stopped and turned her back to him. "I beg you. Mind your own business, okay?"

Seeing that Parasol continued to walk forward after she finished speaking, Wilson continued, "A person has even given up on herself. Who else can pull her out?"

Parasol stopped, turned around and looked at him. "I never let you redeem me."

Wilson walked towards her step by step, as if trying to save a child who had gone astray. "Since God has made you a person who can't rely on others, then you have to rely on yourself."

Parasol sneered and looked up at the sky. "What do you know?"

A good student and a girl like her were from two different worlds.

"My father is a gambler and a drunkard. Every time he loses money, he drinks and beats my mother. When I was ten years old, he fell into the river when

he was drunk. On the second day, he was dead. Do you think I should be more like you? "

Finally, Parasol turned to Wilson and looked at him. He was so handsome and had good grades. In fact, he was very famous in the school, both in academic performance and appearance. However, no one knew what was going on in his family.

"Haven't you heard a saying? You can't rely on anyone... "

"You can rely on yourself." Looking at him, Parasol continued, but after she finished, the tears that she tried hard to hold back finally fell.

"Dad is dead and will never appear again... How could he be so cruel to leave me alone? He didn't let me see him for the last time... " She squatted down and cried like a child on the street. This was the first time that Wilson had seen her cry, but it was always engraved in his heart.

Wilson came back to his senses from memory and looked around. The club had been renovated. Although some things had changed, it was roughly the same as five years ago.

Parasol, who was sitting in the back seat of the car, seemed to come to this city for the first time. Her eyes were fixed outside the window, looking at the H City, which had changed in the past five years.

"Andy., stop!" Parasol saw M Club.

Andy stopped the car. He and Fairy turned to look at Parasol and asked, "What do you want to do?"

"Aren't you looking for the place for lunch? There is a good restaurant not far away. You two go to order. Missy and I will go for a walk. " Parasol pointed ahead and said to Andy and Fairy.

Fairy and Andy looked at each other and nodded at the same time. They agreed.

Parasol looked at them in a daze. How could they have a tacit understanding? Why didn't they reach such an agreement before?

"Get off or not?" Seeing that Parasol had been looking at her, Fairy urged.

"Yes, yes." Parasol quickly took Missy's hand and got out of the car.

"We'll pick you up after ordering." After saying that, Andy drove to the place where Parasol had just mentioned.

Parasol held Missy's hand and looked at the night club. She couldn't help smiling.

Seeing that Parasol had been standing there all the time, Missy followed her gaze, but saw nothing. Missy looked at Parasol and shook Parasol's hand. "Star, didn't you say that you wanted to take a walk?"

"Yeah!" Reminded by Missy, Parasol suddenly remembered something and said, "Let's go ahead and have a look."

"Okay." Missy didn't go out with Parasol before, so she was willing to do anything.

They stopped in front of the night club and stood there. Five years ago, Parasol cried like a fool here. It was also here that Wilson had changed her world.

"Who changed my world? No direction, no day and night." This was John's song called It's you.

Why did she like the song? Why did she sing this song to Wilson? It was because he had changed her world and given her a direction.

When Wilson came out, he had never thought that he would see Parasol. At the same time, standing at the door, Parasol had never thought that Wilson would come out.

In this way, the two stared at each other. Wilson stood at the door and did not go further. Parasol stood still and didn't move an inch.

Time seemed to reappear, but they stood in different positions at that time.

"Big Brother." When Missy saw Wilson, there was undisguised joy on her face.

It was also because of her voice that the two of them returned to reality. It turned out that everything was changed.

"Why are you here?" Wilson spoke first, because he knew that she caught a cold in the rain that night.

"… Passing by... " Parasol answered with guilty. She was really passing by, but she specially asked Andy to let her get off the car.

The two didn't say anything more, so Parasol asked politely, "Why are you here?"

"I'm also passing by." Compared with Parasol, the answer of Wilson was much calmer. Although he was really passing by, he just stopped on purpose to have a tour of the place.

The two remained silent again, and the scene fell into embarrassment.

"Andy and Fairy are waiting for me. I'm leaving now." After saying goodbye to him and seeing him nod, Parasol turned around.

However, she was stopped by a voice.


Just as Parasol sighed that the world was so small, Jean Su had come to her. Her clothes were of famous brands, in sharp contrast to the cheap clothes in Parasol'.

Parasol didn't want to talk to Jean and walked past her directly, but Jean was not ready to let Parasol go. She stretched out her hand to stop Parasol.

Glancing at Jean, Parasol said in an unfriendly tone, "Jean, little bitch, get out of my way."

"Bitch?" Hearing what Parasol said, Jean's face darkened.

"Yeah!" Parasol stared at Jean directly and answered decisively.

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