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   Chapter 15 Acting And Overbearingly

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Parasol walked to the door, opened it and walked out. She saw that Yves and Missy were sitting on the sofa and watching "Happy Sheep and Gray Wolf". Yves was very happy. He was so childish. "Why are you still here?"

Only then did Yves notice that Parasol had come out. He looked at her and said, "You three are all in the room. Of course I have to take care of Missy. Right, Missy? "

"Yes, yes." Missy didn't even look back. Her eyes were fixed on the TV, but she was responding to Yves.

"I think you just want to watch cartoon with her." Parasol glanced at the TV and said with a little disgust.

At the mention of the cartoon, Yves' eyes lit up. "Parasol, I think if we two get married, we will look like grey wolf and red wolf..."

"Humph!" Parasol rolled her eyes at him with disdain, "Grey wolf is very intelligent, well planned and good at inventing. He is unremitting, and good at fighting. You? All I know about you is to stay at home and be the third son of Tang family. "

"Anyway, in your eyes, Wilson is the best." All of a sudden, Yves found that Wilson met all the things that Parasol had said.

"Big brother also accompanied Missy to watch Happy Sheep and Gray Wolf that day." Missy, who had been watching TV, suddenly said when she heard Yves mention Wilson.

"Look, your Wilson is also childish."

When Parasol heard this, her mind was no longer on this matter. She immediately turned to her and asked Missy, "What did you say?"

It was not until Missy was questioned by Parasol that she realized that she had spilled the beans. She quickly covered her mouth, opened her big eyes and looked at Parasol with blinking eyes.

"When did you go to see him?" Parasol didn't care about Missy pretending to be pitiful.

Missy shook her head and said, "Missy said nothing. Missy said nothing..."

Seeing Fairy coming over and was not very happy, Parasol remembered her main intention of walking out of the room, so she pointed at Missy and said, "I'll let you go for the time being."

After saying that, Parasol walked to the room of Andy and knocked on the door. Without waiting for the response from the person inside, she opened the door and went in.

She didn't open the door until she saw him sitting in front of the computer. Otherwise, she wouldn't open the door without permission. If she saw something she shouldn't see, it would be embarrassing.

Andy seemed to know it was her, but he ignored her and continued to sort out the things in the computer.

Parasol first looked at the things in his computer, and then sat on the bed behind him. She looked at him with his back to her and said, "Andy, we are still young. We are not in a hurry to get married."

Stopping what he was doing, Andy just sat there and didn't look at Parasol. "She isn't going to marry me, is she? Is she just for fun?"

"If she is just having fun, why did she come to you? Are you the one who is more interesting? " Perhaps it was because of Andy's terrible words for Fairy that made Parasol a little angry and her tone was not very good.

"Of course you're on her side," said Andy with a smile. In fact, he and Parasol were very good friends.

When Parasol sold her house and bought this place, she didn't tell Fairy, but she told him. At that time, when he saw that she was going to rent her room to others, he thought he could rent her house.

She was unwilling to accept any financial help from him, so he agreed with Fairy and helped her in this way. Fairy moved into her house after Parasol made the lease advertising. It was a month after he moved in.

"Andy." Hearing Andy's words, Parasol's imposing manner softened. "Although I have known Fairy. for a long time, our relationship is not worse than hers. Andy, to be honest, I hope more than anyone else that you two will get married and have a child. However, every family has its own requirements. But now, you can't meet the requirements given by their family. Do you understand? "

"I see." Andy said in a low voice. After hesitating for a long time, he asked, "She... Is rich? "

When Parasol heard Andy's words, her tears fell inexplicably. "If she dislikes the poor and loves the rich, she won't be with you, will she?"

Noticing the change in Parasol, Andy turned around and saw her crying. He stood up and sat beside her. "Parasol, I didn't mean that..."

"She likes you."

"I know. I know. Don't cry." Andy knew that she remembered Wilson because of what happened between him and Fairy.

"You know shit. You all think that women are vain, love gemstones, love diamond rings, love famous brands, and love handbags." Wilson had no doubt that she left. He thought she disliked him for having no money.

"Parasol..." All of a sudden, Andy was at a loss, becau

se Parasol seldom cried. It seemed that she could always remember the past since Wilson came back.

"Andy, you and Fairy must be fine. Don't be like me and... ... " When Parasol mentioned Wilson, she paused and skipped it.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? " Hearing the noise, Fairy opened the door and came in. She was surprised to see Parasol crying on the bed.

"What happened? Didn't you come to mediate? Why are you crying? " After Fairy entered the door, Yves walked over and stood at the door, looking at the crying Parasol.

"It's none of your business." After rolling her eyes at Yves, Parasol wiped her tears, stood up, walked out of the room and pushed him out.

For a moment, there were only Andy and Fairy left in the room. The chaotic scene suddenly quieted down, which made the two people uncomfortable and stood still.

"I... Go to see Parasol. " Pointing at the door, Fairy said and walked towards the door.

"Fairy." Seeing that she was about to leave, Andy hurriedly shouted. Seeing that she stopped, he said, "She just remembered the thing about Wilson."

Andy was not a fool. Since Parasol and Fairy had been best friends for so many years, Fairy must have a good family background. Although he never said it, it didn't mean that he didn't know.

Fairy turned around and looked at him. A smile gradually appeared on her face. His words seemed to show that it was because of her relationship with him made Parasol thought of Wilson.

Slowly, she walked up to him, and the smile on her face became deeper and deeper. "Andy, I get close to my grandpa at my home. I'll take him to see you another day."

"Okay." Andy replied with a smile.

At first, Andy thought that if the younger generation wanted to see the elder, it was him would see Fairy's grandfather. But then he thought that maybe Fairy didn't want other families to know, so she let Earnest see him.

Strictly speaking, the meaning was the same. Fairy allowed him to contact her families.

The two smiled at each other and said nothing.

Outside the room, Parasol was against on the wall, poked her head out and looked at the situation inside.

Standing beside her, Yves crossed his arms over his chest and silently watched Parasol. After observing for a while, he finally went over and pushed her head. "Why don't you be an actress?"

Being pushed by Yves, Parasol leaned forward defenselessly. However, even though Yves pushed her, he didn't push her too hard.

However, she had been looking at the door, but she was almost standing at the door by his gentle push, which naturally attracted the attention of the two people in the room.

At the same time, Fairy and Andy ran out. Seeing that Yves was kicked by Parasol, both of them agreed with Yves.

Looking at Parasol, who was chasing after Yves to take revenge, Andy couldn't help asking, "Parasol, did you lie to me?"

According to her current situation, the cry just now was just to lure Fairy into the room. Was it a quick decision? Or was it premeditated? Or was she sad because of the scene?

Andy had always thought that the scene of him and Fairy reminded Parasol of her relationship with Wilson. Was it true?

Hearing this, Parasol stopped chasing Yves, turned around and smiled at Andy.

Looking at them, Parasol hurried to her room and said, "I'm fine. I'd better prepare the stall."

Anyhow, now that both Andy and Fairy were here, she could leave Missy to them. Yves would come back sooner or later, so Parasol didn't take care of Yves.

"Come back!" Standing still as an outsider, Yves looked at Andy and Fairy. Seeing that Parasol was going to set up a stall, he immediately pulled a long face.

"What are you doing?" Parasol turned to look at Yves. She had never seen him so serious before.

"You haven't recovered from your cold yet? Don't go out during this period of time! " At this moment, Yves walked to Parasol. For the first time, Yves was born domineering.

"Okay." Parasol stared at Yves who stopped in front of her. It was the first time that she had been so obedient to him.

It was mainly because it was the first time that Parasol had seen Yves talk to her in such a tone. It could be seen that she was a person who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

"I'm leaving." Seeing that Parasol nodded in a hurry, Yves continued, "Take good care of yourself. Don't push yourself."

Parasol nodded again and again, seeming to be waiting for him to leave.

"Maybe I can't come to see you for a while." Reaching out his hand, Yves stroked her hair, as if he was saying goodbye to his girlfriend.

Parasol nodded.

Seeing her so obedient, a satisfied smile appeared on Yves' face. Then he turned around proudly and left, leaving those who were confused.

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