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   Chapter 14 Suffering From The Same Disease

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When they heard the sound from the slide, the two of them turned their eyes to the side. When they saw that Missy fell down, they quickly ran over.

"Missy." Andy came here first and helped up Missy who was lying on the ground.

Fairy then came over and squatted on the side, "Missy, is there anything wrong?"

Just now, they had been paying attention to this place. Because of the sudden words of Andy, the two of them did not pay attention to Missy who was playing here.

Supported by Andy, Missy stood up and smiled at them, "I'm fine." After saying that, she patted the dust on her body.

Fairy looked at her. Because it was winter, she wore a lot of clothes, and there was a layer of lawn on the ground, so even if she fell down, it would not be very serious.

Fairy picked up Missy and walked towards home. While walking, she said to her, "Missy, why do you eat lighter and lighter? Haven't you eaten anything in the kindergarten? "

"I eat, the teacher said we shouldn't waste food." The lovely Missy kept the teacher's words in mind all the time.

"Then why are you so thin?" After saying that, Fairy pinched her arm wrapped in a cotton padded jacket.

"Like Star."

"Star is annoyed by other thing. She is tired. What are you upset about?"

"I am upset why is Star so thin?" Missy looked like an adult.

Fairy didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. She really wanted to slap her.

Seeing this, Missy smiled and whispered in Fairy's ear, as if she was afraid of being heard, "the food in the kindergarten is worse than that cooked by Star."

"So you haven't eaten anything, have you?" Fairy rolled her eyes at Missy.

Missy waved her hands, "No, no, No. I have eaten it. Missy and teachers have said that we can't waste it."

Fairy didn't say anything more. After all, there was something that could be inherited. Lisa was thinner. Although Parasol had been thinner because of these things, she hadn't been fat before. Therefore, according to these two people's weights, it was impossible for Missy to gain weight.

Thinking of this, Fairy took it for granted that Missy would be thin, and didn't care about it anymore. After all, Missy had been in poor health since she was born.

With Missy in her arms, Fairy was walking in front of Andy, and he followed them. The two of them didn't say anything. The atmosphere was so serious that even Missy found that there was something wrong between the two of them.

But she just looked at the two of them and didn't say anything.

When Parasol woke up because of thirst, she saw that Yves was leaning against her and playing with his cell phone. Her consciousness was a little blurred, but she saw him in the bed too. She came to her senses in an instant and asked, "Why are you here?"

She remembered that Fairy said she would take Missy downstairs to play. Didn't Andy come with them?

"I'm staying with you. I'm afraid that you'll catch a worse cold." Yves seemed to take it for granted that he was here.

"Is it necessary to stay here?" Parasol meant that he was in bed with her now. On this matter.

"It's so comfortable to lie here." Yves, who had already sat up straight, said with a cheeky smile and then lay down again.

Parasol rolled her eyes at him and said, "go away. I'm thirsty."

"Okay, I'm going to get some hot water." After saying that, Yves stood up and walked out of the room.

When he came to the kitchen to get some water, they came back. Walking out of the kitchen with a cup in his hand, Yves looked at them who were changing their shoes and said, "so soon."

"What? Don't you have a chance? " Fairy joked.


Fairy looked at the cup in his hand and asked, "is Parasol awake?"

"Yes." After saying that, Yves walked towards the room.

Hearing the sound, Parasol got out of bed. As soon as she stood firm, Yves came over with water. She took the water and drank it while walking outside.

As soon as she arrived at the door of the room, she saw that Andy entered the room unhappily. Strangely, she turned her head to look at Yves, who was following her, and asked in a low voice, "what's wrong with him?"

Shaking his head, Yves didn't know what was going on.

"Did they have a fight?" Parasol murmured to herself and went on walking out.

As soon as she walked out of the door, she was stopped by Fairy. Then she turned to Yves unhappily, "go away."

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that there seemed to be a dispute between Fairy and the Andy, so Yves didn't mind and directly made a detour.

After Yves left, Fairy pushed Parasol into the room and closed the door.

"What are you doing?" With a glass of water in her hand, Parasol was very careful now.

"Oh my God!" After letting go of Parasol, Fairy kept pacing and repeating the words.

"What?" Standing still, Parasol looked at her in confusion. Then she suddenly remembered and asked, "are you pregnant?"

"You are pregnant. All your family are pregnant." Fairy stopped murmuring and rolled her eyes at Parasol.

Maybe it was because she just got up and had a cold, Parasol felt her legs a little weak. Then she sat directly on the edge of the bed and asked

, "then what's wrong?"

Fairy turned around, with a complicated expression on her face. There was joy, entanglement, and uneasiness. she looked at Parasol and said softly, "Andy just said that he wanted to marry me."

"Don't you want to marry him?" Parasol asked curiously as she continued to drink water.

"Of course I do."

"That's good, isn't it?" Then Parasol raised her glass to drink water again.

"Are you an idiot?" Fairy went over and sat next to her. She lowered her voice again. "Can my parents agree me to marry him?"

Reminded by the child's painting, Parasol was still in a daze. Fairy didn't want to let Andy know her family background, because she was afraid that her parents would object.

Seeing that Parasol paused and continued to drink water without saying anything, Fairy continued, "Parasol, will I be like you?"

Putting the glass on the table in front of her, Parasol turned to Fairy with a smile and said, "no, your parents are fine, aren't they? You still have grandpa? "

"I mean, Andy and I, will we be like you and Wilson before?" Although Andy had a high salary, his family was too poor to buy him a house in the city. Looking at Parasol, Fairy suddenly smiled.

"What are you laughing at?" The emotion of Fairy change was so fast that Parasol didn't realize it at all.

"I find that the two of us are so alike. Even the men we like are in the same series." Fairy thought that the ending might be the same.

"Fairy. it won't be like this. You are different. Even if your parents don't agree, you still have Grandpa? He loves you so much. He will definitely agree. " Everyone in the Tong clan would listen to Grandpa Earnest. As long as Grandpa Earnest agreed, no one would object.

"It's different." Fairy shook her head, stood up and walked to the window. Her expression became heavy again. "As the daughter of Tong family, if I marry a man who can't even afford a house, my father will definitely feel ashamed. Even if my grandfather agrees, he won't agree."

Hearing what Fairy had said, Parasol thought it made sense. A man as proud as Steven, his daughter had to marry a man like Yves anyway.

Sitting on the bed, Parasol stared at Fairy beside the bed, speechless for a moment. Because she was sitting there, her eyes naturally looked at Fairy's belly. Thinking of the pregnancy thing she had just mentioned, she suddenly came up with a way. "Fairy. If he really doesn't agree, you can have sex with him. As long as you are pregnant, your father will definitely agree."

Wasn't he a proud man? As long as Fairy was pregnant, even if he didn't agree, he would agree for dignity.

"He will kill me, okay?"

"I don't believe it." Parasol didn't believe that a father would kill her daughter, so she walked towards the door of the room with Fairy. "So, from today on, you can sleep with him."

Fairy avoided Parasol's hand, Fairy stared at Parasol and said in an unfriendly tone, "then why didn't you have a baby with Wilson?"

"Honey, I didn't graduate from high school at that time, okay?" Parasol began to doubt whether Fairy was confused by this matter.

"Wilson was at the University. Didn't you..."

"Stop!" Parasol stopped Fairy. She had a feeling that she had just met a soldier. Seeing that it couldn't make sense, she changed the topic. "So you had a fight?"

Parasol thought, Even if Wilson wanted to marry her, he had to wait until she graduated from high school?

"I just said Did he want me to marry here? Then, he was like this. " In fact, Fairy was afraid that she would break up with Andy because of this.

In the current situation of Andy, it was certain that he couldn't afford to buy a house, and she also said this condition. Therefore, either he worked hard, or he broke up with her.

In fact, Fairy knew that no matter how hard Andy worked, he couldn't meet the standard set by her father. If she wanted to marry a man of equal social rank as her father said, Andy could only be regarded as the second Wilson.

"Maybe that's why he thought about it." Parasol just thought that she could only take it step by step.

Fairy turned to Parasol and asked worriedly, "will my words hurt his self-esteem?"

"I think Yves will hurt his self-esteem if he stays here." Some people were born with something that others would never be able to fight for.

In terms of ability, Yves couldn't compare with Andy, but in terms of family property, there was no way for Andy to compare with Yves. This was the difference in his whole life.

"I think it's better for me to marry Yves and you to marry Andy." Fairy thought, 'Yves must be worthy of his father.'.

"Okay, I'll go to Andy now and get the marriage license on Monday." Parasol walked towards the door with a smile.

Fairy held Parasol's hand in a hurry. Although she knew that she was joking, she still pouted and explained in a spoiled manner, "I'm joking. I won't give you Andy.? But what should I do now? "

After thinking for a while, Parasol looked at Fairy and said, "I'll talk to him."

Anyway, they hadn't been known by the Tong clan yet, and the main problem was still about Andy.

"Okay." Fairy let go of Parasol's hand.

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