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   Chapter 13 Proposing, Unhappy

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Although Fairy was angry for Wilson being with Lillian, she still had a feeling that he didn't forget his feelings for Parasol.

Just as what Andy said, if he didn't worry about Parasol, how could he come here?

Perhaps he would be with Lillian just to revenge on Parasol.

"Only Andy, you as well as Uncle Kingston and Third know Missy's background. I don't intend to hide it from you. But Uncle Kingston asked me when Missy met him and I introduced him. " After all, she could ask Missy to call their names directly, but what was appropriate for her to address Kingston? She couldn't just call him by his name.

"Then what Missy call Wilson ?" Missy had seen Wilson and Fairy knew it.

"Just Wilson." Parasol was not sure. After all, when she was present, Missy didn't have the chance to talk to Wilson, let alone when she was not there.

"Doesn't he know?" Fairy even doubted the IQ of Wilson. How did he become a straight-A student back then?

"Maybe he thinks I want to be his elder." After all, Missy's name was Missy Su, and five years ago, she broke up with him because of Yves.

Time was right. Missy born at that year when they broke up.

Fairy paused for a few seconds, and suddenly looked at Parasol with a smile, "Do you want to be with him? I can help you kick that bitch Lillian away. "

Parasol shook her head and said, "That's it. No matter how deep the first love is, we may not be together in the end. Like my mother, she seemed to be very sad when she broke up with Uncle Kingston, and then she fell in love with my father so much, didn't she? "

"No, don't be like your mother. Nathan just did a few simple things that your father did for her and then your mother completely trusted him. she also said that your father didn't want to leave her. What a fool! "

"If I had stopped them from being together, wouldn't it be different?" In fact, Parasol felt guilty for her mother, Lisa.

At that time, although she was dissatisfied with her being with Nathan, she was only in love with Wilson, so she didn't care about Nathan.

Fairy didn't say anything. In fact, even if Parasol wasn't with Wilson, could a teenage girl, a little princess who was the apple of her parents, see through Nathan's purpose?

"Have you taken your medicine?" She didn't want Parasol to be entangled with this matter, so Fairy changed the topic.


"don't let me worry about you, I'll get you some water." After saying that, Fairy walked towards the door and mumbled, "I really don't know how you took care of Missy back then."

she poured a glass of warm water and handed it to Parasol. Seeing that Parasol had already prepared the cold medicine and took it, Fairy said like a mother, "take the medicine and have a rest. Andy and I will take Missy out to play. We won't disturb you."

Parasol nodded at Fairy with a smile.

Then Fairy walked out of the room.

Maybe it was because of the medicine, Parasol fell asleep soon after lying in bed.

After leaving the room, Fairy walked towards Missy: "Missy, let's go out to play, okay?"

"Where are Star?" Seeing that there was no sign of Parasol showing up, Missy asked with concern.

"Star has caught a cold. She will be fine after taking the medicine. Let's go to play and don't disturb her sleep, okay?"


In this way, they were about to go out. Unexpectedly, when they opened the door, Yves was still outside. Fairy was a little surprised. "Why haven't you left yet?"

"Where are you going? Where is Parasol? " Seeing that they were about to go out, Yves looked inside the house.

"She is sleeping. Are you going in?" In fact, Fairy also wanted to make a match between Yves and Parasol. After all, he was really good to Parasol.

If Parasol married him, she would be very happy.

"Is that okay?" When Yves heard what Fairy said, his eyes lit up.

"go inside." Fairy nodded and made way for the door. After he entered, she warned again, "but you can't take advantage of her."

"Okay, I know." he pushed out Andy and closed the door. Before he closed the door, he said, "have a good time."

The moment the door was closed, Andy looked at Fairy with concern and asked, "is there really no problem?"

"How could it be any problem? Don't worry. If Yves does anything to Parasol, he will be chopped to death by Parasol. " Fairy was not worried at all.

"But Parasol has no energy to kill him now." The point was that Parasol was not feeling well now.

"Don't worry. If Yves wants to do something with Parasol, the child of them will be as old as Missy. Besides, if Yves does something to Parasol, it's very good. " Then she went downstairs.

Andy seemed to understand what Fairy meant. No wonder she asked Yves if he should go in when they were about to leave. It seemed that she did it on purpose.

After closing the door, Yves went straight to Par

asol's room. He tiptoed to the bedside, fetched a small stool and sat down. He looked at her with a smile.

Seeing that she was in a deep sleep, he reached out his hand to touch her forehead and felt her temperature. Her fever had gone.

"Fairy. Don't disturb me." Parasol murmured with her eyes closed. Then she turned her back to him.

He smiled and didn't touch her anymore. He sat on the chair, took out his phone and played games.

Fairy and Andy took Missy to the park near the community to play. Missy went to play on the slide, and the two of them sat on the resting chair beside, staring at the other side.

"Do you think Parasol and Yves are possible?" Looking at Missy who was climbing the slide, Andy asked.

"Yes, of course? Parasol didn't agree with Yves because she still couldn't put down Wilson. Now that Wilson is with Lillian, she will gradually agree. " Fairy had a wishful thinking in her mind.

Fairy really hoped that Parasol would agree to marry Yves. Even if she didn't love Yves, at least Yves would treat her well if she married him, and wouldn't be wronged in the Tang family. Besides, even if she had to go to work after she married to Yves, she wouldn't be so tired as she was now.

Andy turned to look at the confident Fairy and didn't have the heart to interrupt her thoughts. "Does Tang family agree with Parasol's current situation? What kind of woman can't Yves marry? "

She immediately turned her head and stared at Andy. In an unfriendly tone, Fairy shouted, "What do you mean? What's wrong with Parasol? "

"I mean, even if Yves wants to marry Parasol, what about the Tang family? Would Yves's family agree? Even though Parasol is excellent, she has a daughter named Missy and a mother who needs to be hospitalized for a long time. " Andy thought that even if the Yves's family was wealthy, it was not a problem to raise these two more.

But the key point was that his family was rich. There were really many women who were from a family of equal social rank. Even if they were not, at least their condition were better than Parasol.

"Don't worry." Fairy then turned to look at Missy. "The Tang family members like Parasol very much except for Yves's mother."

Kingston liked her very much. Even Yves's two brothers liked Parasol very much. Perhaps it was because they didn't have a sister themselves that they treated her as their sister.

"Why?" At first, Andy, who had been looking at Missy, turned to her after hearing the words of Fairy.

"Uncle Kingston and Parasol's mother were first love. It makes sense that Yves's mother doesn't like her." What's more, Kingston still had feelings for Lisa.

So it was reasonable that Yves's mother didn't like Parasol.

Looking at Fairy and seeing that she was looking at Missy in front of her, a faint smile appeared on Andy's face. After a long silence, he said, "Fairy, we have been together for two years, right?"

"Yes. What's wrong?" Fairy nodded and kept her eyes on Missy.

"I have never seen your family..."

The smile on Fairy's face froze when she heard what Andy said. Then she slowly turned to him and said, " I also haven't met your family yet."

When Andy heard this, a smile instantly appeared on his face. "Then I'll take you to see my parents tomorrow."

"Tomorrow..." Fairy, who had found an excuse for herself to breathe a sigh of relief, was depressed again. "It's too hasty tomorrow. Besides, it will take you several hours to drive to and back."

Andy's home was in a small town in H city. It took two or three hours to get there. It was possible for him to go back.

"Then next weekend..."

"Andy." Fairy interrupted Andy's words and found a casual excuse. "My parents are not in H city for a short time, so let's talk about it later."

After saying that, Fairy stood up and turned to Missy, "Missy, we're going back."

"Fairy." he shouted at her back. After she stopped, Andy stood up and walked towards her slowly. "Let's get married."

Taking a deep breath, Fairy turned her back to Andy. and said, "Andy, now I... I don't want to get married yet. "

"You didn't plan to marry me, so you refused me?" Andy wasn't a fool. She looked weird when he mentioned her family.

Taking a deep breath again, Fairy seemed to have made a decision. She turned around and looked at him. "Are you going to let me marry into Parasol's house? Parasol's house is worth about one million. "

The monthly salary of Andy was more than 20000. For ordinary people, it was already a very high salary, but he also spend a lot every month.

Young people didn't have any savings. Even if he had, he couldn't afford a house of about one million dollars. He didn't even have down payment.

For a moment, the two of them kept silent and looked at each other without saying a word. All of a sudden, the air seemed to be frozen.

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