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   Chapter 12 Check out, Depressed

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Kingston went downstairs. When he passed by the front desk, he saw Parasol. He walked over and asked, "Parasol, why are you here?"

"Didn't you ask for a leave last night? I think since I have nothing else to do, just let Third sent me here. "

Kingston turned to look at Yves and Missy who were playing in the hall, and then turned to Parasol, "where did you go last night?" After all, he had looked for everywhere she could and would go in H city.

"I caught a cold in the rain last night." Parasol knew that Kingston must have found her since she disappeared all of a sudden last night.

"If you have nothing else to do, go back and have a good rest."


After exhorting Parasol, Kingston walked towards Missy with a loving look on his face, "Missy."

When she stopped playing with Yves, Missy turned to look at Kingston and smiled even more brightly, "Uncle Kingston, I miss you so much."

Kingston went over and sat on the sofa. He picked up Missy and sat on his laps. "Missy is the most considerate." After saying that, he glanced at Yves and said, "the difference between you is not small."

"Dad, why did you mention me?" he was very dissatisfied with Kingston because he had something to do with her in front of Missy.

"It means that Third is really not good." Before Kingston responded, Missy took the lead.

"You bad girl, now join hands with my father. Don't play with me when he leaves." Seeing that Missy was on the same side with Kingston, who had a good time with him just now, he felt helpless.

Kingston was very satisfied with Missy's response. He held her in his arms and sighed, "if only uncle Kingston had a daughter like Missy I will be very happy. Unfortunately, three of them are sons."

she turned to look at Kingston, who was holding her in his arms, and asked, "is that why Uncle Kingston loves Star and Missy so much?"

Kingston didn't say anything but touched the mushroom head of Missy.

Wilson, which had just come in from the outside, happened to see this scene. It stopped and stared at the three people who were talking and laughing in the hall. Then he turned to look at Parasol, who was standing at the front desk and staring at the three of them with a smile.

Because of his glance, Parasol also turned to him from the other side. After seeing him, the smile on her face disappeared.

Suddenly, Wilson wanted to laugh. The whole family was happy. Why did he appear here? What a big joke.

Parasol and Wilson looked at each other for a while without saying anything. What happened last night made the two people who had a knot in their hearts even more alienated.

Wilson walked over to the front desk and said without looking at her, "check out."

If he didn't check out, he would laugh at himself.

"Okay." Parasol lowered her head and began to operate.

"Let me do it." A colleague who just came back saw that she had something to do and rushed over.

Without stopping her, Parasol handed the job over to her colleagues.

Hearing the voice, the three of them turned here. At last, Kingston said, "Parasol, he's back. If you feel uncomfortable, you can go back and have a good rest."

"Okay." Parasol had never been obedient before. Maybe it was because she had been obedient to Kingston, or maybe she was really uncomfortable, or she didn't know how to get along with Wilson for the time being.

Seeing that Parasol walked out of the front desk, Yves hugged Missy and said deliberately, "Missy, let's go home."

his voice was neither loud nor low, which could be heard at the front desk.

Not daring to see the reaction of Wilson when he heard Yves's words, Parasol walked straight to the door of the hotel.

Yves chased after her with Missy in his arms. When he came to the side, he said, "Parasol, last night, the news reported that there was a car accident in Golden County Garden. I thought it was you, which scared me to death."

Hearing this, Parasol stopped and looked at Yves who was walking forward. "Last night I did have a car accident... "

"What? A car accident? " Yves's loud voice attracted everyone's attention in the hall. He didn't notice that Parasol stopped, but he returned to her and asked, "where did you hurt?"

"Of course it's on my body. Why are you so loud?" Originally, they had already walked towards the door. Her voice was so low that they couldn't hear her at all. However, they all heard what Yves said.

"Body? Take off your clothes and let me have a look. " Originally, Yves didn't intend to speak loudly, but after hearing what Parasol said, he suddenly remembered that Wilson was still there, so he specially raised his voice.

She kicked Yves directly. At the same time, he ran to the door in a hurry to protect Missy in his arms. He looked at Parasol and said, "the child is here. What if I fall?"

"Yves Tang! Try to take advantage of me again? " She shouted at Yves, who had already run out of the hotel, and shouted at the closed automatic door, "stop!"

When Parasol came out, Yves suddenly stopped and smiled at her weirdly. "Didn't you

ask me to take the blame? Look, I'm the scapegoat! "

Glaring at Yves angrily, Parasol reached out to take Missy over and then went downstairs. Seeing this, Yves hurried to catch up with her.

Kingston, who was still sitting on the sofa in the hall, looked at the three of them and couldn't help smiling lovingly. When he turned his head, he saw Wilson staring at the backs of the three of them outside the glass door. The smile on his face gradually disappeared.

After checking out, Wilson was about to go back to the room to get something. But when he turned around, he saw Kingston who was staring at him. he smiled at him and nodded. Then he continued to walk towards the elevator.

Seeing Wilson, Kingston wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. In fact, he knew the relationship between Wilson and Parasol. he wanted to explain, but stopped.

He thought that if Parasol could explain, she would have the chance to explain, but she didn't. In fact, he also had his own selfish motive. He hoped that Parasol could be his daughter-in-law.

Yves liked Parasol. Since childhood, although she had no feelings for Yves, they had a very good relationship. he loved Parasol and Missy so much, except that he didn't have a daughter. The other reason was that he and Lisa were his first love, which was unforgettable.

Although their first love was beautiful, few people would be together in the end. For example, he and Lisa, like Parasol and Wilson. Some fate, maybe it was in the past.

Although Lisa still couldn't forget him at that time, she also had deep feelings for Parasol's father. Therefore, it was not impossible for her and Yves to have a chance.

As soon as she got home, Parasol said she was not feeling well and needed a rest, which shut the door for Yves.

"Hello, Parasol, Parasol." Outside the door, there were knocks on the door one after another. At the same time, there was a shout of Yves from outside, "Parasol, you can't be so ungrateful. After all, I've been your driver for half a day. You can't treat me like this."

"What are you doing?" Fairy and the Andy, who were sitting in the living room and watching TV, looked at the door that was knocked by Yves, and then turned to Parasol. Fairy asked in confusion.

"I'm tired. I want to have a rest." Then Parasol walked into the room and closed the door.

Fairy was a little confused. She turned her head and looked at Missy who came back with Parasol. She asked in a casual tone, "what's wrong?"

Missy spread out her hands and shook her head, indicating that she also didn't understand the world of adults.

Fairy stood up and went to Parasol's room. Seeing that she was hiding in the quilt and covered herself tightly, she walked to the bedside table while saying, "don't tell me that you are asleep?"

Although it was true that she was not feeling well, Fairy didn't believe that she could fall asleep so soon.

Seeing that she didn't move, Fairy reached out to take away the quilt. Seeing that she was lying there still with her eyes closed, she asked, "did you see Wilson?"

Parasol and Yves grew up together. The two of them were used to talking nonsense. Even if Yves said something that made her angry, she wouldn't have such a reaction.

In the past five years, when Missy was just born, it was so difficult and she was not in a low mood. Perhaps, after all these things, Parasol had already become calm in dealing with things. Perhaps only Wilson could make her a little emotional.

After all, she had feelings for Wilson and deserved him. What's more, Nathan's daughter, Lillian suddenly appeared. The knot between the two was getting deeper and deeper.

"He checked out." With her eyes still closed, Parasol said softly.

"Didn't you always want him to check out? Isn't it exactly what you want when he checked out now? " Since the moment Wilson was checked in at Kingston Hotel, Parasol had been praying in her heart that he could check out and go home.

"I don't know." Parasol thought she would be happy if he checked out before. However, after knowing that Lillian was Nathan's daughter, he checked out and she had a feeling that he wanted to leave her world.

she sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her. Since she knew that Wilson was with Lillian, Fairy really didn't want her to have too much feelings for Wilson. "Why did he check out?"

In fact, Fairy just wanted to know what had just happened. After all, he had a family and he wouldn't stay in the hotel every day. Besides, a presidential suite in a hotel like Kingston cost tens of thousands of dollars a day.

Parasol told Fairy what had happened in the hotel. In fact, she didn't know why Wilson checked out. When she saw him, he looked at her.

Although people who lived in a hotel would check out one day, Wilson was really a sudden decision, because he went to his room to pack up his things after checking out.

"Does he know Missy's background?" From what Parasol said, Fairy guessed that maybe he had seen the love interaction between Kingston, Yves and Missy.

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