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   Chapter 11 Visit And Disguise

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Fairy turned to look at the bandage on Parasol's hand. Fairy quickly reached out to take her hand to have a look. "Didn't you say that you were fine?"

"Ouch!" Because of Fairy's sudden pull, she touched the bruise on Parasol's arm.

Hearing Parasol's reaction, Fairy immediately gently lifted up Parasol's loose hospital clothes. Looking at the bandaged wound on her arm, Fairy felt guiltier.

"I'm fine. It's just a bruise..." In fact, Parasol knew that Fairy was blaming herself for causing her to be hospitalized because of the fight with Wilson last night.

Fairy didn't say anything, but put down Parasol's sleeves and hugged her. "Parasol, I will never leave you."

"What if you get married?" Parasol stood still and let Fairy hold her.

"I don't care. Even if I get married, I will live with you."

"Fairy..." Finally, Parasol's tears fell down.

How could she not know that Fairy lived with her just to pay her the rent? Since she rented the house two and a half years ago, Fairy had lived there for so long.

Parasol had asked her to go back more than once to be the lady of Tong family, but Fairy said she wanted to live with her.

In this world, only Fairy knew her best. Only Fairy knew that she didn't want to accept anyone's help, so Fairy lived with her and paid the rent of the apartment to give her money.

After hugging her for a while, Fairy wiped the tears and let go of Parasol. She handed the bag to Parasol and said, "Well, change your clothes and go home. Missy and Andy are worried about you very much."

"Okay." Parasol wiped her tears, took the clothes from Fairy and walked into the bathroom.

When Parasol came back home, Andy and Missy seemed to be happy. Andy held Parasol's hand and said, "Come here."

"What are you doing?" Parasol looked at Fairy in confusion, and Fairy shook her head to show that she didn't know.

Andy led Parasol to the table and let her sit down. Then he opened the lid of the pot on the table and said, "Eat the pig feet. I heard from the fortuneteller in Taiwan next door that pig feet drive away your bad luck."

"I'm not unlucky..."

Fairy didn't believe it at first, but when she heard what Parasol said, she immediately retorted, "If you are not unlucky, then who is?"

"Okay." Hearing that, Parasol was speechless. She sat down obediently and ate the pig feet noodles cooked by Andy.

The other three were sitting at the other three seats of the table. Seeing her eating noodles, Parasol wondered if they would play mahjong after she finished eating.

When Fairy calmed down, she remembered something. "I forgot to tell Yves. He must be looking for you."

Hearing this, Andy, who was sitting opposite to Fairy, suddenly remembered something. "By the way, Wilson has just come."

"Never mention this name in front of me." Fairy thumped the table angrily, and her reaction was even greater than that of Parasol. When they all calmed down, Fairy suddenly asked, "Did you tell him?"


"That's good. Leave him alone. Let him worry about Parasol." As if Fairy had taken her revenge in this way, she felt much better.

"Humph." Parasol sneered and went to pick up the noodles. Then she said to herself, "He won't be worried about me.

"Why did he come here if he didn't care about you?"

"Fine." Fairy rolled her eyes at her at Andy and then turned to Parasol, who was eating noodles. "Parasol, how about we go on a trip?"

"How can I have the money to travel?" Her mother was getting worse and worse. She needed a lot of medical fees, and she had to support Missy.

It was her responsibility to take care of Missy.

"You must have earned a lot of money when you work in Kingston. Plus the rent of Andy and I, you even set up a stall when you are free. Why don't you have money?" After Fairy said this, she suddenly regretted, because she did not consider Parasol's mother.

"How about this? I'll take you to play. It's my treat." Seeing this, Andy knew that Fairy just wanted Parasol to go out for a walk, so he quickly agreed.

Thinking of the time when they went out to play, Parasol suddenly smiled and said, "You are going to take us to go out to play?"

"Puff!" Hearing what Parasol said, Fairy thought of the three of them going out with Andy and couldn't help laughing. "Well, don't talk nonsense here. Call him soon."

Parasol took her phone from Fairy and called Yves. When Yves answered the phone, she called him in a low voice, "Third."

Hearing her voice, Yves was stunned for a second, and then suddenly burst out, "Parasol, you are still be alive?"

"My phone was wet in the rain."

"Where are you now?"

"At home."

"I'll kill you myself when I get there."

Before Yves finished his words, Parasol heard a sharp turn.

After eating the noodles, Parasol was about to watch TV in the living room. Before she arrived at the living room, she heard a knock on the door. Missy went to open the door. As soon as the door was opened, Yves rushed in without changing his shoes. He pinc

hed her neck and shook her hard. "Parasol, I'll strangle you now, so that I won't worry about you."

"Dizzy." Parasol had already caught a cold. She began to feel dizzy after being shook by Yves.

Hearing this, Yves loosened his grip. Before Parasol could stand firm, he went straight to her and held her in his arms. "Parasol, marry me, okay?"

Leaning against his shoulder, Parasol shook her head.

In fact, she really wanted to say yes. If she married him, everything would be settled. Her mother would have medical fees, and Missy would have alimony. She didn't have to work then she would have a rich life.

But she didn't know why she would refuse?

"Let's forget about the bastard, Wilson, okay?" Yves almost begged her.

Parasol shook her head again, "He is not a bastard."

Letting go of her, Yves stared at her angrily and asked, "Are you still speaking for him?"

"I abandoned him, didn't I? I abandoned him in front of everyone, didn't I? " She humiliated him in front of the whole school and made him a joke. Now, no matter what he did, it was reasonable.

Looking at her red eyes, Yves didn't say anything. He just went over and held her in his arms again.

When they gradually came to their senses, Yves let go of her and sat on the sofa. "I've been looking for you the whole night, but I haven't had breakfast yet. Hurry up and cook something to reward me."

"Okay." Parasol nodded and went to the kitchen.

"Let me cook." Knowing that Parasol's hand was hurt, Fairy stood up and walked to the kitchen in a hurry.

"Can you?"

"You can teach me."

In this way, it was the first time that Fairy cooked, and Parasol was teacher.

Parasol said that she wanted to see her mother, but Yves was insisted on sending her there. So, after he finished eating the noodles, she went to see her mother in his car.

In the most authoritative psychiatric hospital in H City, Parasol and Missy stood in front of a room door. Parasol combed Missy's hair and said, "Missy, you have to call her Mom when you go in, remember?"

"Yes, I remember. Star has said it several times."

After getting the approval from Missy, Parasol let her go and let her in.

Parasol opened the door and closed it. Yves, who was standing at the door, turned to Parasol and asked, "Aren't you going in?"

Parasol shook her head and said, "Mom always thinks that Missy is me. I cut this hair for her. Except that I don't have time to tie up her hair, I want her to pretend to be me to see Mom."

After saying that, Parasol went over and opened the door a little bit. She looked in through the gap. Her mother, Lisa Yue, was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding Missy in her arms. With a loving smile on her face, she said, "Parasol, Dad has gone to work. He said that he would buy our little princess's favorite strawberry cake when he came back."

"Strawberry cake is Parasol's favorite." "Mom, do you want to eat?" Missy asked Lisa.

"Of course, your Dad said Mom was his big princess and Parasol was his little princess, so he bought two."

Seeing the happy smile on her mother's face, Parasol gradually showed a sense of relief. She closed the door, turned around and walked to the rest chair aside. "In fact, Missy doesn't look like me that much. Her hair looks like that man, so it naturally curled up. In order to let her pretend to be me, she specially straightened it."

Seeing her sitting on the resting chair, Yves walked over and said, "You didn't tell him. He has the responsibility to support Missy."

Parasol shook her head and looked away. "I'm determined to keep Missy. Even if it goes against my will, I don't blame anyone."

After a pause, she turned to Yves and said, "Third, the most difficult time has passed, really."

A smile appeared on Yves's face. He regretted leaving her at that time. When she needed him most, he was not by her side. He just never thought that her family would be worse after he left.

He thought that the worst was that her company was taken away by Nathan. If Parasol didn't want to revenge, Nathan wouldn't be so cruel.

In order to ease the atmosphere, Yves changed the topic, "Parasol, now I'm curious why you named her Missy?"

"I won't tell you."

"Well, Parasol, if you do this, I will take the blame."

"I just want you to take the blame." Parasol turned around and looked away.

They didn't stay here for a long time. Parasol asked for leave last night, so she went to the hotel to see if there was anything she could help.

Yves let her not to go because she felt uncomfortable, but she insisted. Unable to persuade her, he took her and Missy to the hotel.

In fact, he knew why Parasol insisted on going to the hotel. She was afraid that others would say that she had a support. She didn't want to be treated differently here because of Kingston.

When Parasol came here, her colleague just said that she had something urgent to deal with, so she asked Parasol to take her place. Yves and Missy were playing in the hall.

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