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   Chapter 10 Wake Up From A Beautiful Dream

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Parasol turned her head and glanced at Wilson, who was leisurely sitting there and reading a newspaper. It seemed as if the principal specially broadcast to invite him to have tea.

It was not until she looked at Wilson did the principal remember the purpose of having the two of them here. He first looked at Wilson, and then turned to look at Parasol. Seeing that she had been chewing, he said in a bad tone, "Spit out the gum in your mouth."

Parasol didn't respond. She just lowered her head to look for the trash can. After she spat out the gum in her mouth, the principal looked at Wilson and said in a softer tone, "Wilson, I'm here for a favor."

"What is it? Please go ahead." Wilson then looked up at the principal.

The principal glanced at Parasol, who was standing there shaking her feet, and then turned to him. "Her name is Parasol Su. She has just transferred to our school. She is now in Class Four, Grade Two of our high school. You have seen her temperament. Naturally, her grades are self-evidently not good. Can you help her with her academic study?"

"Uncle Austin!" At first, Parasol didn't care what the principal was talking about, even if it was about her. But when the principal said the last sentence, she, who was just looking up at the ceiling, immediately turned to look at the principal.

"Call me Principal Austin at school!" Austin Lin felt helpless about such an unruly person.

"Uncle Principal Austin, my father has asked you to take care of me. How can you shift the responsibility to him? What if he bullies me?" Parasol didn't care about anything else now. She was more concerned about the principal's decision.

"Thank God if you don't bully him." From what the two people did in the Principal's Office, it could be seen who would bully whom.

"My father asked you to take care of me, but he didn't ask you to care about my grades. So don't worry." After saying that, Parasol turned around and was about to walk towards the door.

"Parasol!" Looking at her back, Austin Lin was finally a little angry. "Why did your father leave you to me? Don't you know? He is worried about you..."

Before Austin Lin could finish his words, she turned around and looked at him with great reaction. "Worried? Then how could he leave so easily? He left more at ease than anyone else."

It was not until this moment did Wilson turned to look at Parasol. He didn't know why, but at the first sight of her, he could see that there was a fragile heart hidden in her stubborn character that she didn't want others to find out.

He didn't want to hear the two arguing anymore, so he said, "Principal Austin, I'm busy."

"Look, he said he didn't have time. Besides, he is in the Department of Computer Science, isn't he? I'm in the Department of Literature, so it's not suitable." Seeing that Wilson said he had no time, Parasol quickly used his words to find some more excuses to refuse the principal's request.

"Even if he majored in science, he is a hundred times better than you in literature."

"You..." Parasol was speechless.

Austin Lin didn't care about her attitude anymore. He turned to Wilson, because whether Wilson was willing or not was still important. "Wilson, you don't need to spend too much time. You just need to improve her grades to the point that she can go to college."

Seeing the principal's humble attitude, Wilson began to soften. "Let me think about it."

"Okay. You can go back to the classroom first."

When Wilson came to the corridor, Parasol immediately ran out and asked, "Hey, that..."

As her words did not cause Wilson to stop, she hurried to catch up with him and shouted, "Stop, someone who was called Will son."

Wilson suddenly stopped, and Parasol, who was chasing after him, bumped into him.

After she steadied herself, she looked at him angrily and asked, "Can you make a sound before you stop?"

"Didn't you ask me to stop?"

She rolled her eyes at him and then remembered her intention to look for him. A flattering smile immediately appeared on her face. "Well... Will son, don't listen to the principal's nonsense. You don't need to teach me."

Wilson chuckled and said, "A person whose academic study is not as good as that of a primary school student. No wonder the principal is so anxious."

The smile on Parasol's face disappeared in an instant. In a bad tone, she asked, "What do you mean?"

"My name is Wilson, not Will son. Parasol, I was hesitating if I should teach you, but now I think I don't need to think about it. I agree with the principal directly."

"You..." Before Parasol could react, Wilson continued to walk forward. "Hello, Wilson..."

In this way, he became her extra-curricular teacher. Except for the time for classes and inter-class activities, the two people were basically together the rest of the time.

He said that it was also his ability to teach a primary school student to enter a university in a year and a half.

When she went to the bar to indulge herself, he would pull her out and ask, "If a person has given up himself, who else can he rely on to redeem? Now that God has made you a person who can't rely on others, you have to rely on yourself."

Half a year later, when she was in the third year of high school, she s

uddenly changed her major from literature to science.

"What's wrong?" Looking at Parasol who was crying on the table, Wilson went over and sat opposite her.

"Wilson, what if I fall in love with you?" Looking up at him across the table, Parasol said tearfully.

"What? Why are you so sad when you fall in love with me?" He unfolded the documents he brought and looked at them casually.

"Didn't you get a high scholarship to study in the United States?" It meant that he was leaving in less than a year.

Stopping reading the documents, Wilson thought for a moment and looked up at her. "Parasol, I'm a top student. If I stay with a person who can't even get into a university, it will be ridiculous. So, work hard and wait until you can go to college."

Since then, even the principal was flabbergasted by Parasol's serious attitude.

Wilson said, "Parasol, I don't want to go to America all of a sudden."

Although Parasol didn't get good grades, she was smart. She knew that Wilson was to give up the opportunity to study in the United States for her.

Therefore, she studied very hard and hoped that she could go to college. At least, she didn't want to be too different from him. He said he liked long hair, and she had never had her hair cut since then.

Just two months before the college entrance examination, on the day of the school anniversary, she came out of the luxury car of Yves and came to Wilson that had been staring at them. She said in front of everyone, "Wilson, let's break up."

"Why?" Although he had guessed the reason, he still wanted to figure it out thoroughly.

"Isn't it obvious? I fell in love with someone else. I suddenly found that I still like those luxuries. He has luxury cars for me to drive, brand clothes for me to wear, and big houses. You can't offer these."

After saying that, Parasol stood there for a few seconds and looked at Wilson who was dumbfounded. She turned around and got into Yves's car with him.

When Yves drove the car away, her tears fell uncontrollably. She couldn't wipe them all, which almost scared Yves into a car accident

A ray of dazzling sunshine shone on her face and woke her up. Her face was still full of tears. She looked around. There were white walls, white curtains and white quilts.


It turned out to be a dream.

"Are you awake?" The man sitting beside the bed asked her when he saw her open her eyes.

Because she had been sleeping and her phone had been turned off because of the moisture, he could only wait for her to wake up. Sitting in the ward and looking at her smiling and crying, he wanted to know what had happened to her.

After all, normal people wouldn't run in such a heavy rain.

Parasol turned around and looked at the man. She didn't ask any questions or give him any response. She just stared at him.

"My name is Charles. I knocked you down last night, so I sent you to the hospital."

A nurse who opened the curtain came over and said with a smile, "This gentleman is really a good man. He has been here with you all night."

Parasol finally knew who the man was and thanked him.

"Don't say that. I bumped into you. It's my fault."

"The doctor said that you can leave the hospital if you wake up. The wounds on your body are just some bruises. You have been sleeping for so long, mainly because you have a cold."

'How could I not catch a cold, being wet in the rain on such a cold day while I was dressing like that?' She thought.

"Then I'll go through the discharge formalities."

It was not until both Charles and the nurse left did Parasol realize that Fairy must be worried about her since she didn't go home last night.

She quickly picked up the phone on the cabinet, but it couldn't be turned on. She got out of bed and ran out of the room, but she couldn't see the man or the nurse. She could only run to the nursing station. "Excuse me, can I borrow your phone?"

When the nurse agreed, she quickly dialed Fairy's number, "Fairy..."

When she called out the name, Fairy immediately roared like a lion, "Parasol, you still know to show up. I thought you were dead."

"I'm in the hospital." Although Fairy was cursing her, she heard Fairy crying.

After going through the formalities, Parasol and Charles waited in the ward. Looking around, Charles said, "Let me drive you back."

"No, thanks. My friend will be here soon. You can go back first. I'm sorry to have delayed you for so long." In fact, Parasol was really sorry. After all, the main reason was not because she was hit by a car, but because she caught a cold.

She went to a party last night, so she didn't bring any money with her. She asked him not to go through the formalities. When her friend came, she would help her, but Charles didn't listen.

"Don't say that. I'm also responsible. Are you really okay?"

"It's okay. Don't worry. Thank you."

Finally, after Parasol's repeated persuasion, Charles left the room. Not long after he left, Fairy came here with her clothes.

As soon as she came to the room, she put down the clothes and looked at Parasol. "What's wrong with you? Got hospitalized after a banquet. Is there anything wrong?"

Standing up, Parasol jumped in front of her and said, "See? I am all right."

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