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   Chapter 5 On Purpose, Being Busy

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Yves was the third son of the Tang's. Everyone called him Mr. Yves, while Parasol, who was a few months younger than him, always called him the Third ...

"Parasol, have you had breakfast? Let me take you to eat something delicious." Yves stopped cleaning and sat next to her, looking at her expectantly.

"Yes, I did. I ate in your family's hotel." Turning to look at him, Parasol replied.

"Let me take you to eat something delicious." Yves repeated.


"Look at you. You are so thin. You are a lot thinner than when I was here years ago." Pointing at her body wrapped in winter clothes, Yves said with dissatisfaction.

"I am..." She looked down at her figure and said, "I'm skinny with clothes on and chubby in the buff."

"Then take your clothes off and let me have a look." Yves said evilly.

"Yves! Tang! !!" She shouted at Yves, who had already run five steps away, and threw the cushion on the sofa to him. "Try again? Go and clean the rooms up."

Holding the pillow that she had thrown over, he slowly walked over and said, "I haven't had breakfast yet. Just keep me company."

"Clean up the rooms first."

"Okay." Hearing the instructions, Yves put the pillow in its original position and then continue to clean up the mess made by Parasol.

On the other side, Wilson remained silent in the car, which made Lillian, who was sitting next to him, dared not to make any sound. Sometimes she turned to look at him, who was silent.

"Are you going home first? Or go to the company first?" After a long time, Lillian finally asked.

"Let's have breakfast first." Wilson said, looking ahead.

After saying that, he drove to the breakfast shop nearby. The two of them randomly found a seat and sat down. However, not long after, coincidentally, Yves and Parasol also came here.

There was a decorative wall between Yves and Parasol's table and Wilson and Lillian's. Though the wall blocked the eyesight, they could hear the other two's conversation.

The waiter brought the menu but Yves pointed at Parasol. So the waiter handed the menu to her.

Taking over the menu and looking at it, Parasol looked up at Yves and asked, "What if I want to eat yogurt mousse?"

"Just order." After saying that, Yves turned to the waiter and said, "Ten yogurt mousse."

"Do you want me to gain weight to death?" Parasol rolled her eyes at him. Even if she hadn't had breakfast, she couldn't eat ten.

"It doesn't matter. Even if you become fat, I still want you."

"Well, let's talk about it when I become fat." After saying that, Parasol looked at the menu again.

On the other hand, Yves turned to the waiter next to him and said, "Fifty yogurt mousse."

On the other side, Wilson paused for a moment when Parasol made a sound. Then he slowly ate breakfast and listened to the two of them showing off their love.

After ordering, Yves gave the menu to the waiter, and then turned to Parasol, "Parasol, how about I buy your original house back, and you go back to live there?"

"No." Parasol said without hesitation, drinking the drink served by the waiter.

"Why? Your current apartment is so small... " Yves was still dissatisfied with the apartment.

"I can't afford it." Although the villa was comfortable to live, it still cost a lot of money.

"Aren't you renting the rooms of the apartment to someone else? There are so many rooms in the villa. We can rent them out." Parasol once mentioned that there were two other people living in her apartment. One was her bestie and the other was her classmate. But the two of them were out for fun now.

"What's wrong with me? Why should I rent a villa?" Parasol thought it was funny. Since she couldn't afford it, why did she have to live in such a good house?


Parasol stopped drinking the juice. Knowing what he meant, she looked up at him and said, "Yves, my father is gone. My mother... She can't live there with me. I'm alone. It's different. Do you understand?"

Hearing these words and looking at her tearful eyes, Yves finally stopped talking about it. "Okay, then tell me where your mother is now."

"I won't tell you."

"Can't I investigate it if you don't tell me?"

"Then you just go investigate it." Anyway, she was not afraid. She just didn't want to tell him.


When the breakfast was ready, Parasol urged Yves, "Eat quickly. I have to go back to catch up on sleep. I have to go to work in the afternoon."

"Weren't you on duty last night? Why do you have to go to work later?" Yves, who was about to have breakfast, stopped what he was doing and looked at her.

"I have the weekend off." Parasol began to doubt about the IQ of Yves. Since Missy didn't have classes on weekends, she had to stay at home on these two days.

"No, I permit you to have a holiday. You have to tour around H City with me this afternoon. I haven't come back for several years." Seeing that Parasol had to go to work in the afternoon, Yves specially approved her to have a holiday as the son of the hotel owner.

"Who do you think you are? Find somewhere to cool yourself down. Quickly f

inish your breakfast."

After hearing what Parasol had said, a smile finally appeared on Yves's face. He approached her and said with a cunning smile, "I think the hotel is the coolest area. I have decided that from today on, I will live in Kingston."

Parasol rolled her eyes at Yves and ate the yogurt mousse without saying anything.

In this way, Yves did what he said. He took his luggage to the hotel, chose a room and checked in. When he arrived, Parasol watched him go upstairs after going through the formalities with a dark face.

However, she had never thought that Wilson would come here again and stay in the room that he had checked out in the morning.

Why it seemed that the two of them were acting in concert? Five years ago, one of the two man went to America and the other went to France. And now one of them came back, and the other followed him back. What's more, they both stayed in the hotel.

What happened?

In the following days, Parasol was immersed in endless busyness, which made her think that it was better for the two of them not to come back.

"Parasol, room 1217 asks you to go upstairs..."

"Parasol, room 1314 asks you to go there..."


"Say I'm busy." When she just returned to the front desk and heard her colleague call her name, she directly interrupted.

"The supervisor is calling you." Interrupted by her, the colleague was a little hesitant.

Yves and Wilson had lived here for a week, and Parasol had been busy for a week. As long as Wilson asked her to go to his room, Yves would definitely do the same. And once Yves asked to her to go to his room, so would Wilson.

Over and over again, the two of them had become famous among the hotel staff. And so did she. For Yves, it was understandable since he was idle, but why was Wilson so idle? Didn't his company just move to H City?

The two of them even asked her to go upstairs for some trivial things. They must have done it on purpose.

When Parasol arrived at the supervisor's office, she walked to his desk and asked, "Supervisor, what can I do for you?"

"Well, I heard that you can sing well. Go and sing a few songs in the entertainment area later."

"Who said that?" She had never sung since she graduated from high school. How did the supervisor know that?

"Ivy told me."

"No, I won't." Maybe she really had Kingston as her backer, or maybe it was because of her nature that she would refuse every time the supervisor asked her to do something.

"Parasol, I have seen what happened to you these days. If you go to sing, you can avoid the entanglement between the guests in room 1217 and room 1314, right?"

"Yes." Hearing what the supervisor said, Parasol suddenly felt that it was reasonable. "Supervisor, you are smart. I will go right away."

"Okay." Seeing that Parasol walked out of the office happily, the supervisor showed a complacent smile on his face. He just didn't tell her that in fact, it was Wilson who asked her to sing.

Parasol came to the entertainment area very early, just to get familiar with the surroundings. Although she worked here, she was the receptionist and rarely had the chance to come here. In addition, she was very busy, so she went home as soon as she got off work, unlike other employees who could have a chance to come around and have a look.

Besides, she hadn't sung for several years, and she didn't know if she could still sing very well. Singing in such a big hotel made her very nervous.

The band asked her what song she wanted to sing. She chose "The Legend of The Stars and The Moon". She had tried several times, and everyone thought she could be a part-time singer.

The guests of the hotel came one after another. Parasol had never expected that Wilson and Yves were also here. She thought that maybe the two of them knew she was here when they came to look for her.

But she had never thought that the whole thing was required by Wilson.

When the music started, Parasol stood in the singing area. All the lights in other places were turned off, only the circular lights shone on her.

There was only a faint light in the audience area. Wilson and Yves were sitting in the same direction, and Parasol had been staring at that direction all the time. She sang softly with the accompaniment.

"The best scene in my life is to meet you..."

When she was singing, the audience was quiet. After she finished, unexpectedly, there was applause. She liked this song very much, so she devoted herself to it.

If they had been brave enough to be together, would they have a different ending?

In fact, Parasol also wanted to ask, but she didn't have the courage to ask.

This was an entertainment area. The guests were busy with their own things, and she was just here to lighten the atmosphere. Listening to the applause, a smile appeared on Parasol's face. She held the microphone and said to everyone, "It's the first time to sing. If it's not good, please forgive me. The supervisor had asked me to prepare three songs. Do you still want to listen?"

"Yes, we do." The audience echoed.

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