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   Chapter 4 Questioning and Venting

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Seeing Wilson coming in, Parasol, who was watching them, quickly bowed her head and packed up the things on the reception desk. Passing by the front desk, Wilson went straight to the elevator, ignoring her.

His indifference enabled Parasol to get through this night shift smoothly. She had thought that since he had make trouble for her in the daytime, he would definitely make fun of her at night, but he didn't.

'Perhaps it's because of Lillian's coming, he was in no mood to do it.' Parasol thought. That's good. The only thing she expected now was that he could move away as soon as possible, so that her life could return to its original state.

In fact, even if Wilson didn't idly make trouble, she would be more or less uncomfortable for Wilson's staying in the hotel, in addition to Lillian's coming around now and then...

So, Wilson, you'd better go home now.

In a twinkling of an eye, time passed. Parasol's night shift ended smoothly along with her worry. However, she had never thought that someone would appear by accident when she was about to be off duty.

Parasol fixed her eyes on the man who was walking towards her. Yves walked to the front desk with a smile on his face and said to her, "Check out. How much is it?"

"Which room?" Seeing that he was joking, Parasol chose to be cooperative.


The colleague who just came to work checked and said to Yves, "520 thousand."

A person appeared at the door of the hotel, which attracted a glance of Parasol. She immediately turned to Yves with a smile and said, "Plus two condoms."

"You..." Yves was about to say something, but when he also saw the figure at the door leaving in a hurry, he understood. When he turned to Parasol, he happened to see someone standing at the elevator entrance. He immediately turned to Parasol with an evil smile and said, "Parasol, it's for your own use. Do you have the nerve to ask me for money?"

"Fuck off!" After rolling her eyes at Yves, Parasol packed up the things at the front desk.

Just then, Wilson at the entrance of the elevator came over. She had thought that Yves was just returning an eye for an eye. When she saw Wilson, she immediately understood what Yves meant. She looked up at Yves and said, "Childish."

"You too."

While the two of them were making fun of each other, Lillian came in and happened to meet Wilson that was about to go out. Wilson said to her, "Check out." Then he walked towards the gate of the hotel.

Hearing this, Lillian walked straight to the front desk. Seeing that Parasol was packing up, she asked, "Parasol, are you off duty?"

"Yes." Compared with last night, at this time, Parasol was much calmer.

As soon as she finished her words, Yves said, "Are you off duty? I'll drive you home."

It was also because of Yves's words that Lillian realized that he knew Parasol. Considering that Wilson suddenly wanted to check out, she seemed to know who this person might be, so she specially asked, "Who is this?"

"Boyfriend." Yves answered immediately, before Parasol could respond. The voice was loud, at least Wilson at the entrance of the hotel could hear it.

"Lucky you." Said Lillian with a smile.

Parasol just smiled and didn't respond. She just walked towards the staff dormitory.

Yves followed up right away. At her side, he asked, "Where are we going? Go home? Let me drive you home."

"Kindergarten." Said Parasol as she walked.

"What are you going to do in the kindergarten?" Yves asked in confusion.

Parasol stopped and turned to him with a faint and weird smile on her face.

"Parasol, don't look at me like that. I'm scared by your smile."

"Third, I have given birth to a daughter for you and I have to send her to school. As her father, you should send her to school." The smile on Parasol's face was still there.

"Well, that's what I should do. As a father, I have been neglecting my duty for more than four years." Yves didn't take her words seriously and continued.

At this moment, the door of a room in the corridor opened. Missy ran over happily. When she came to Parasol's side, she said, "Star, I can brush my teeth and wash my face by myself."

"Missy, you are awesome." Stroking Missy's mushroom-style hair, she turned to Yves, who had been stunned, and said, "Her name is Missy."

"No..." Yves suddenly couldn't say a word, "Are you kidding me, Parasol?"

"I'm not kidding."

"Who is he?" Missy looked up at Yves, who was standing next to Parasol, but it seemed that she was not interested in it for the time being. She jumped and said, "Star, hurry up. We are going to be late."

"Right!" Reminded by her, it suddenly occurred to Parasol that it was just the right time to send her to the kindergarten when she was off duty. But now it seemed to be too late because of Yves.

She turned to Yves and said, "Hurry up. Take us to the kindergarten."

"Okay." Yves nodded

, and then he looked at the little girl who was called Missy again and walked towards the garage.

If she weren't Parasol's child, he wouldn't believe it. Because of her hair style, this girl looked exactly like Parasol when she was a child.

When he sent Missy to the kindergarten, although he had a lot of questions, he didn't ask in front of the child. On the way to Parasol's home, he asked, "Parasol, is this child really called Missy?"

"Or what?" Parasol said casually.

"Don't be like that. I'll take it seriously." Not hearing her response, Yves turned to look at her, who was sitting on the passenger seat. "Wilson's?"

Parasol looked ahead. Without teasing, she gave no response but shook her head.

"No, Parasol, except me, 'the Third person', do you have 'another lover'?" At this moment, Yves didn't look as playful as before. He looked serious.

"Here we are." Looking ahead, Parasol didn't answer his question. "Stop in front."

Yves looked around and listened to her words. He found a parking space and stopped. "Parasol, what happened in the past few years?"

Parasol kept silent for a while, but she didn't answer his question. Instead, she opened the door and got out of the car.

As soon as Yves saw this, he unfastened his seat belt, got out of the car, and chased after her. When he arrived at the elevator, he pulled her and said, "Although that thing happened when I left, there was no problem for you and your mother to live a good life."

"It's a bit messy at home. Do you want to go upstairs and drop round?" The elevator door opened and Parasol changed the topic again.

Yves didn't say anything more. He went straight into the elevator and stood there, waiting for her to come in. Then the two stopped talking.

After entering the old apartment, as usual, Parasol threw the key on the cabinet, changed her shoes and went in. While tidying up the clothes thrown in the living room, she said, "It's a little messy. I don't have time to clean it up. It's Fairy who usually helps me with the tidy-up. She went out with her boyfriend these two days."

Standing next to the sofa, Yves held her hand and stopped her from packing. He exerted force to make her face him and asked, "Tell me. Why did you sell the house? Why do you work in my father's hotel?"

Yesterday, as soon as he came back, he went to that house to look for her. But the new owners of that house said that she had sold the house three years ago. He asked them why she wanted to sell the house. They said that she had gone to France with Mr. Yves, the third son of the Tang's. They didn't even know him. How could they tell that she had left with him?

After Parasol's father's death, he left a large amount of money to Parasol and her mother. Despite the incident that happened five years ago, they two should have enough money to live. How could she sell the house and go to find his father to let her work in the hotel?

"Can... you please don't ask?"

"No! !" Yves replied firmly. Looking at Parasol, he felt pity for her deeply in his heart, "Don't you even want to tell me? Have you forgotten our childhood friendship? Parasol, even if you keep silent, I can ask Fairy."

Finally, under the pressure of Yves again and again, Parasol squatted on the ground and sobbed, "Since... my mom was cheated by that man... she was in a bad condition, for a long time... Later, it became more and more serious... very serious... "

Crying, Parasol spoke intermittently. The appearance of Yves made her vent out what she had never mentioned to anyone in her heart.

"Why didn't you tell me? Parasol, why are you so stubborn?" He squatted down and held her in his arms after blaming her.

After venting her emotions for a while, Parasol gradually stopped crying and was just sobbing. Then, Yves let go of her, reached out his hand and wiped her tears. "Good girl, don't cry. I'm back."

"Okay." Parasol nodded immediately.

He helped her sit on the sofa and stood up. Then he went to clean up the house for her. Seeing that the third son of the Tang's was helping her pack up her things, her tears fell again, and then a smile slowly appeared on her face.

"What are you laughing at?" As he was tidying up, he turned to look at Parasol.

"The third son of the Tang's is cleaning up the house for me. Shouldn't I laugh?"

"In front of Parasol, I'm just... the Third." After saying that, Yves, who was cleaning up, suddenly came to her and sat down. "Then as the third person between you and Wilson, do I still have a chance?"

"Well, there is still a long way to go. Cheer up!" Parasol patted on his leg and joked.

Hearing her words, Yves stood up in a hurry and went to massage her shoulder. "Your majesty, are you still uncomfortable?"

"Right side."

"Okay. The Third will do as you command." At this time, Yves, like a servant, was joking with her like one did in TV dramas.

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