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   Chapter 2 Making Trouble

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Parasol reached out her hand and touched Missy's head. She smiled knowingly and said, "I'm not in a bad mood. I just suddenly remembered the past."

"Parasol, you are my star. So I will always be with you, Star," Missy said with a smile.

Parasol touched her head again and said, "Go get your clothes. I will help you take a bath so you can go to bed. You have school tomorrow."

"Okay." Missy then walked to her room. She took a pair of pajamas from her cabinet and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Since Parasol had to wait for the buns to cool down, she went to the bathroom to help Missy take a bath. After that, she carried Missy to the bed and said, "Go to bed early. I'm just going to eat my buns."

"Okay," Missy replied with a nod. "You go to bed early, too, okay? You have to go to work tomorrow."

"Yes, I will." As soon as Missy closed her eyes, Parasol walked out of the room.

She took the buns from the kitchen and sat on the sofa to watch TV while eating. A sad love story was currently showing on TV, and soon enough, Parasol began to cry while gnawing at the buns.

She subconsciously wiped her face with the back of her hand and stared at it, surprised that she shed tears. It had been five years. Parasol thought that it was long enough for her to forget everything.

She believed that she no longer hold grudges against the past. But when Wilson suddenly showed up with another woman and bought all the clothes she sold, she relived the past. And there was a pain in her heart.

Parasol took a deep breath and wiped the new tears that streamed down her face. She changed the channel and focused herself on the TV show to forget what happened tonight.

Tomorrow would be another day, and she had to prepare for it, so she said to herself, "After eating, I'll go to bed. I need energy again tomorrow, so I have to recharge."

She kept on reminding herself of this. After all, this had been her routine in the past years. She usually went to bed early, so she could be ready for the next day's work. Seeing Wilson this evening should not change it.

After eating, she took a shower and went to bed.

The next day, Parasol went to work as usual. It was the same morning that she spent at work. She heard from her colleagues that Wilson was in their hotel today, but she didn't mind it. It had nothing to do with her anyway. So everything went smoothly until her lunch break.

After lunch, Parasol went back to the front desk. As soon as she arrived, her supervisor rushed over and said, "Parasol, Mr. Wilson Yin will have an interview here this afternoon. Go there and see to it that—"

Before the supervisor could finish his words, Parasol interrupted him. "No, I won't."

"Parasol, I am not giving you options. I am giving you my order." Since she refuted, the supervisor changed his approach.

"But this is too sudden. I'm not prepared to handle this event. If I fail, I can accept it if you scold me. But I don't want to leave a bad impression on our guest. The hotel's reputation is at stake here." Parasol tried to use the hotel's image as an excuse.

However, her supervisor didn't buy it. "If I don't believe in your ability, I won't assign this task to you. I know it's too sudden, but I also know that you can do it. Go now and prepare everything." The supervisor then turned around and left without giving her another chance to refuse.

"But..." Parasol's words hung in the air. Her supervisor was already too far to hear whatever she wanted to say.

Left with no choice, she reluctantly walked towards the interview venue. In her heart, she had the feeling that Wilson deliberately did it. There were so many hotels in this city. Why did he choose to hold the interview here?

Parasol also heard that Wilson would be staying in their hotel for the time being because his house was not fully furnished yet. Since that was the case, she didn't see anything wrong with it. After all, he could afford to stay in a hotel, even for months. But she just couldn't understand why of all so many hotels better than the Kingston Hotel, he decided to check in here.

Wilson's interview would be held in the cafe of the hotel. It was said to be casual and not so private.

When Parasol went there, the other hotel staff were already waiting for her. But she didn't need to give any instructions to them. Wilson was not the only person who held an interview in their hotel, so everyone here was skillful enough to handle the situation. And since the guest was him, she didn't really pay much attention to it.

It was a bit early yet, so Parasol went to get a cup of coffee. She then sat by the window and took a sip while looking at the view outside. The good thing about this sudden job was that it gave her some time to relax.

Parasol was almost done with her coffee when she saw a man coming in. She stood up in a hurry to welcome him.

Wilson looked so handsome in his formal suit. But the person beside him was no longer her. When she saw him coming towards her, she was about to greet him. But he ignored her and just passed by her. She just shrugged her shoulders. There was no need to waste her time talking to him.

When everything was ready, the interview started. The questions that the interviewer asked were just usual questions that could be heard in other business interviews.

Parasol just sat there and continued drinking her coffee.

"Is it okay if I ask you some private questions?" asked the interviewer, who had finished the first set of questions.

Wilson nodded.

"I actually searched about your college days. I learned that despite your appearance and abilities, there was a rumor that you were a homosexual..."

"Ahem!" Parasol was only listening quietly. But when she heard the question, the coffee made her choke for a moment. She coughed to clear her

throat before the interviewer could finish the question.

Because of the sudden noise she created, everyone turned their head to look at her, including Wilson and Lillian.

"I'm sorry. Just go on." Parasol couldn't hide the embarrassment on her face. She tried her best to restrain from coughing, but her throat felt too itchy. Her cheeks even flushed because of it.

The interviewer didn't continue until Parasol stopped coughing. She didn't make a fuss over it since it wasn't the first time that she had experienced such a thing during her interviews. She then turned back to Wilson and said, "Mr. Yin, can you tell us about it?"

"I lost in a bet."

The interviewer was about to ask a follow-up question, but Lillian interrupted, "No more private questions, please."

Because of what she said, the interview ended. Wilson went back to his room, Parasol went back to the front desk, and Lillian saw her friend off.

The interviewer was Lillian's friend. But why did she stop her friend from asking personal questions? It was because she noticed Parasol's reaction when her friend mentioned about Wilson's college life. Obviously, Parasol had something to do with it. Lillian didn't want Wilson to talk about him and Parasol ever again.

Not long after Parasol returned to her post, the phone at the front desk rang. She picked it up, and the person on the other end of the line just said, "Come here."

The caller only said that two words, without even introducing himself. But his voice was too familiar to her. She hung up, thought for a moment, and walked to the caller's room.

Standing in front of Room 1217, Parasol felt a little nervous. She didn't know why Wilson asked her to come here. She took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.

A few seconds later, the door opened. Wilson stood at the door and looked at her. "Don't you have a room card?"

"I forgot to bring it with me." Her nervousness made her forget to bring the room card.

"How did you even pass the test in this hotel? Did you pull the strings?" Wilson mocked her while wiping his wet hair. He then walked into the room, motioning for her to follow.

His words made Parasol lose her temper. She forgot that this time, he was a guest in their hotel. The moment she entered his room, she snapped, "So what? If you don't like our service in this hotel, why are you here then?"

"This hotel is famous all over the world. I don't have any reasons not to come here." Wilson turned around and looked at her. He then walked up to her with an evil grin. "What's wrong?" Does my presence here affect you and Yves?"

Parasol stepped back until she felt that her back touched the wall. But still, she didn't show any fear. "What made you think you affect us?" This time, disdain was written all over her face. It was as if Wilson could no longer pose any threat to her.

She wanted to show him that he meant nothing to her anymore.

Much to her surprise, Wilson was not angry at all. It seemed that he had already anticipated this scene. Standing in front of her, he said leisurely, "You disturbed my interview just now."

"I choked." Parasol didn't look afraid at all. She was so familiar with Wilson that she knew he didn't have the heart to punish her even if she made mistakes.

"Your guest had an interview. You were the person in charge, but you just drank coffee at the side. I didn't know that such an idle job exist."

Wilson still had a smile on his face, but his tone didn't sound gentle anymore.

"What do you want from me?" Parasol was not stupid. She knew that he called the front desk on purpose to ask her to go to his room. He must have some bad intentions.

Wilson just ignored her. He unhurriedly dried his hair and hung the towel around his neck. He then said slowly, "Since I am staying in your hotel, you have to do whatever I ask you to do."

"Or what?" Parasol asked fearlessly, meeting his gaze.

"I will let your supervisor handle it."

She smiled and said, "I pulled the strings to get this job, right? Kingston Tang is Yves' father. Do you think I will be punished?"

She then turned around and walked towards the door, totally ignoring Wilson's threat.

But he couldn't let her leave so easily. He held her wrist to stop her from going out. "Even if he can protect you, if I really want to call you to account, I'm afraid that you will still experience demotion and salary reduction. Do you want to give it a try?"

"You..." How could Parasol forget that Wilson was a smart person? For sure, he knew that she was short of money given that she worked at the hotel in the daytime and set up a stall in the night market to sell some clothes in the evening. She should have known that he was a cunning person.

It was actually true that she personally came to Kingston Tang to ask for help to work in this hotel because she didn't have any other skills to make a living.

If Wilson really wanted to get even with her and complain about her service, she would definitely be punished.

Parasol knew that Wilson was only avenging her for abandoning him. But at the moment, she was not in the position to refute. So she tried to soften and asked, "What do you want to do?"

"I will do whatever I want with you," replied Wilson. He then pushed the door shut.

Parasol was shocked. She quickly pushed him away and said, "Don't do this."

"Didn't you tell me before that you would be a good wife?" Wilson grabbed her arm and pushed her to the floor.

"Wilson, don't do this." Parasol tried her best to stand, but her strength was no match for his. So she just sat on the floor helplessly.

Wilson then dragged her. She called out his name to stop him. "Wilson..."

But he just turned a deaf ear to her. He kept on dragging her to the living room. There, he let go of her and said, "Clean up the room."

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