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   Chapter 2 Making Trouble And Threatening

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Parasol reached out her hand to touch Missy's head with a mushroom hairstyle and smiled knowingly, "Star is not in a bad mood, but the past just suddenly occurred to me..."

"Parasol is the Star of Missy, so Missy will always be with Star."

"Go get your clothes. Star will bathe you and then go to bed. You have class tomorrow."

"Okay." After that, Missy got off the sofa and walked to her room, tidying up her pajamas to wear after taking a bath.

Parasol turned off the heat and bathed her while waiting for the bun to cool down. After taking a bath, Parasol carried her to the bed and said, "Go to bed early. I'm going to eat the bun."

"Okay." Lying on the bed, Missy said obediently, "You go to bed early too. You have to go to work tomorrow."

"Okay." Seeing that Missy closed her eyes, Parasol walked out of the room.

She took the bun which had already cooled down and sat on the sofa, watching TV while eating. The TV was playing a love story, while Parasol, who was gnawing at bun, began to cry.

Surprised, she reached out her hand and wiped off the tears, staring at the hand with tears. Five years had passed. She had thought that after so many years, she would no longer hold grudges against the past, but

It was all because of Wilson. Why did he buy all her clothes and let her have so much free time to...

Wiping her tears, Parasol took a deep breath and gradually deleted what happened tonight in her mind.

She had to go to work tomorrow. 'After eating the bun, go to bed early!'

This sentence kept repeating in her mind at this moment. It seemed that she had been used to it and she did what she thought.

After finishing eating, she took a shower and then went to bed.

On the second day, Parasol went to work as usual. In the morning, except for hearing from her colleagues that Wilson was staying in the hotel, everything went smoothly until lunch.

After lunch, Parasol went to the front desk of the hotel again. As soon as she arrived, her supervisor rushed over and said, "Parasol, Mr. Wilson is receiving an interview here this afternoon. You go and see..."

"No, I won't." Before the supervisor could finish his words, Parasol directly refused.

"Parasol, I'm not discussing with you." Seeing that Parasol refuted, the supervisor's attitude became tough.

"It happened all of a sudden. If I couldn't do it well, it doesn't matter if I was scolded by you. But it will leave a bad impression on the customers." Parasol used the hotel's image as an excuse.

"If I don't believe in your ability, can I leave such an emergency to you? Go and prepare." After saying this, the supervisor turned around and left without giving her another chance to refuse.

"Hey..." Parasol hadn't finished yet. The supervisor had gone far and didn't listen to her at all.

Reluctantly, she walked towards the interview venue. She couldn't help complaining in her heart that Wilson was deliberately doing it. There were so many hotels, why did he choose to stay in the Kingston?

Parasol just knew that Wilson temporarily stayed here. It seemed that his house hadn't been decorated yet. Even so, there were so many hotels he could choose. Why did he have to choose here?

The place for the interview was in the coffee shop of the hotel, which was said to be casual and not so reserved.

When Parasol came here, there were already other hotel staff waiting for her. In fact, she didn't need to give any instructions. After all, Wilson was not the only one who received an interview in the hotel, everyone here was skillful at it. In addition, the client was Wilson, so she didn't pay much attention to it.

At this moment, she brought a cup of coffee and sat down by the window, tasting it. This sudden job gave her some time to relax.

When she saw the man coming in through the window, she stood up in a hurry.

Wilson was still so handsome in a formal suit, but the person beside him was no longer her. When she saw him coming towards her, she was about to say hello to him, but he ignored her directly and bypassed her, so there was no need for her to talk to him.

When everything was ready, the interview began. In front of them were just some questions that were often seen in financial magazines.

Parasol sat there and continued to drink coffee.

"May I ask you some private questions?" The host who had finished the first section asked for the opinion of Wilson.

Wilson nodded.

"I learned about Mr. Wilson's college days. At that time, in addition to your appearance and performance, there was also a rumor that you were homosexual..."

"Ahem..." Parasol was supposed to listen to them, but when the host said the last sentence, she almost spat out the coffee she had just drunk, which caused her to cough for a long time.

Because of her sudden reaction, everyone turned to look at her, including the staff of the magazine, the staff of the hotel, Wilson and Lillian. At this time, they all looked at her.

"I... I'm sorry. You can continue." Being stared at by them, Parasol felt a little embarrassed. She restrained herself all the time and her face was a little red because

of the cough.

The host didn't continue until Parasol stopped coughing. She didn't take this episode seriously, as if it had never happened. "Mr. Wilson, can you tell me what happened?"

"I lost a bet."

The host wanted to ask more, but was interrupted by Lillian, "No interview on privacy."

Because of her words, the interview ended. Wilson went back to his room, and Parasol went back to the reception desk. Then, Lillian saw her friend off.

Why did Lillian suddenly stop her friend from continuing? That was because when her friend mentioned that thing, Parasol reacted so strongly, which meant that it must have something to do with her. Lillian didn't want Wilson to mention the thing between him and Parasol again.

Not long after Parasol returned to her position, the phone at the front desk rang. She picked up the phone and the person on the other side only said, "Come here."

Just two words, without any context, but the voice was too familiar. She hung up the phone, thought for a moment, and then walked to the destination.

Standing in front of Room 1217, Parasol was a little nervous. She didn't know why he asked her to come here. She took a deep breath again and rang the doorbell.

Not long after, the door opened. Wilson stood at the door and looked at her. "Don't you have a room card?"

"I forgot to take it." She was restless and didn't remember to take the room card after receiving the phone call.

"How did you pass the examination? Pull the string?" While wiping his wet hair, Wilson walked into the room. He didn't forget to make fun of Parasol.

With a bad temper and the ambiguous statement of Wilson, Parasol didn't have a good attitude. She entered his room and replied in a tone as if she was blaming him, "So what? Then why are you here?"

"The hotel of the Tang's is famous all over the world. Why can't I come here?" Wilson, who had already entered, suddenly stopped. He turned around and looked at her, who was standing by the wall. He walked up to her with an evil smile. "What's wrong? Did it affect you and Yves?"

"Well, do you think you can affect us?" Disdain was written all over Parasol's face, as if Wilson could no longer pose any threat to her and others.

It meant that he was nothing in her heart anymore.

Wilson was not angry at all. It seemed that he had been used to it. Standing in front of Parasol, he said leisurely, "You disturbed my interview just now..."

"Can't I choke on coffee?" Because she was too familiar with him, she didn't look afraid at all, as if no matter what mistakes she had made, Wilson wouldn't punish her.

"As the person in charge, the client is being interviewed, but you are drinking coffee? Can you introduce me to such an idle job?"

Wilson still had a gentle smile on his face, but his tone was no longer as gentle as before.

"What do you want?" Parasol was not stupid. He called the front desk on purpose to ask her to come up. He must have some bad intentions.

Wilson was not in a hurry. He continued to dry his hair and hung the towel around his neck. Then he said slowly, "When I am in the hotel, you have to do whatever I ask you to do."

"Or what?" Looking up at him, Parasol was fearless.

"Let your supervisor handle it."

Parasol smiled and said, "I pulled the string to get the job, okay? Kingston Tang is the father of Yves. Do you think I will be punished?"

After saying that, she turned around and walked towards the door, ignoring the threat of Wilson.

But he couldn't let her leave so easily. He held her wrist and forbade her to go out. "Even if he would protect you, if I really want to call you to account, I'm afraid demotion and salary reduction is essential. Parasol, do you want to have a try?"

"You..." How couldn't a smart person like Wilson know that she must be short of money given that she went to work in the daytime and set up a stall in the evening? Why didn't she know that he was so cunning before?

Just as he said, it was her who came to Kingston Tang to allow her to work in Kingston Hotel, because she knew nothing else.

Although the back door was bigger than the front door, it was impossible not to deal with the clients if they really cared about them.

She knew that he was avenging her abandoning him. In that case, he would really do anything, so she softened her attitude and said, "What do you want to do?"

"Of course. I can do whatever I want." With that, the door of the room was pushed and slammed shut by Wilson.

Parasol was also shocked. She quickly pushed away Wilson in front of her and said, "Don't do that..."

"Didn't you say that you would be a good wife and a good mother?" After saying that, Wilson grabbed her wrist and walked into the room.

"Ah Wilson, don't do that..." Parasol tried her best to stand still, but her strength was no match for his, so she just sat on the ground shamelessly.

Therefore, what appeared now was that Wilson was dragging Parasol away, while Parasol, who was sitting on the ground, had been shouting, "Wilson..."

When Wilson dragged her into the living room, he let go of her and said, "Clean up the room."

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