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   Chapter 1 Reencounter With First Love

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The bright moon hung beautifully in the sky, spreading a layer of silver light onto the ground. The neon lights all over the place were dancing and twinkling, making the night brighter.

It was a bustling night market in H City, and vendors cried their wares. There were so many stalls. All kinds of foods, clothes, accessories, toys—whatever people wanted was available.

In one of the market stalls that sold women's apparel stood Parasol Su. She was offering her goods to all the women passing by. "Hey, beauties. Check out these dresses. I'm sure you will like them. This one is only fifty dollars. It's very affordable but excellent quality."

The two women that she called "beauties" stopped and looked at the clothes in her hands. One of them asked, "Is it really of good quality?"

"Beauty, you can check all you want. I've been selling clothes here for a long time, and I already have many regular customers. They know that I sell good-quality clothes, so they keep on coming back."

In an alley not far away, a man and a woman were inside a car. The man's eyes were fixed on Parasol Su, who was still chatting with the customers. On the other hand, the woman in the passenger seat kept shifting her gaze between the man and Parasol Su.

Parasol Su handed the clothes to the two women after receiving their payments. She then bade goodbye to them with a smile. "Thank you, beauties. Come back to my stall next time."

Parasol Su intended to look for other customers. But when she turned around, she saw a man and a woman walking towards her.

Obviously, they were wearing clothes from luxurious brands. The woman was holding the man's arm while smiling at her.

Parasol Su recognized the man. He was Wilson Yin. Upon looking at them approaching her, she froze. She had totally forgotten about her business.

She and Wilson Yin had not seen each other for a few years. From the looks of it, he had become more energetic and charming than before.

And because she was stunned, she didn't notice that Wilson Yin and the woman were already in front of her. The smile on his face deepened upon seeing her staring at him in a daze. "Parasol, we haven't seen each other for some years. What happened? How did you end up like this?"

His words sounded insulting, but Parasol Su couldn't get angry. She knew that he had the right to mock her. But this sudden encounter was something she didn't expect, so she didn't know how to face it.

Wilson Yin stared at her for a long time, waiting for her to say something.

It was only then that he noticed that her cheeks were flushed because of the cold wind. And although she was wearing thick cotton clothes, it wasn't difficult to see her slender figure.

It was so easy to tell that she had become thinner than before.

Before Parasol Su could even recover from shock, Wilson Yin glanced at the clothes she was selling. He then asked, "How much are they? I will buy them all." He then turned to the woman beside him and said, "These are all for you."

"Wilson, I don't want to wear these cheap clothes from a stall," the woman complained in a coquettish voice. She then pinched him on his side and giggled.

"Baby, with your beauty and charm, I'm sure that these clothes will look high-end on you." Wilson Yin didn't stop coaxing the woman until she finally gave in with a smile. He then turned to Parasol Su and asked, "How much?"

Parasol Su wanted to refuse his offer. But when she thought of her current situation, she realized that she had no right to decline. She needed money to survive. Seeing how the two flirted with each other in front of her, she got annoyed, so she said harshly, "Ten thousand dollars! Take it or leave it."

"You..." The woman was about to say something, but Wilson Yin promptly stopped her.

He took out his phone and called someone.

After hanging up, he looked at Parasol Su and said, "I don't have so much cash with me, so I asked someone to bring some cash here. You can pack those clothes now."

Parasol Su wanted to say something. But on second thoughts, she decided not to. The truth was, even if she had one hundred pieces of clothes here, none of them would cost one hundred dollars. She just gave the price casually in the fit of petty annoyance. She didn't expect that he would still buy them. She would earn thousands of dollars tonight. What a good deal!

It didn't matter. Anyway, Wilson Yin was rich now. Parasol Su knew that he came here today just to show off and make her feel regretful for abandoning him. So without hesitation, she started packing the clothes.

While she was packing, a four-year-old girl ran to her and asked in confusion, "Are we going home so early today?"


"Why?" The little girl got very curious when she saw that Parasol Su was putting all the clothes into a bag.

"Because all of our clothes were bought by this gentleman," Parasol Su replied, pointing to Wilson Yin. She didn't even take a look at the girl.

The girl turned around and looked at Wilson Yin. Her big eyes blinked a few times while staring at him.

At first, Wilson Yin thought that she was a child of another stall owner. But when he saw that she looked exactly like Parasol Su, he lost his composure.

Anyone would believe that she was Parasol Su's daughter.

It had been five years since she dumped him. The girl in front of him was around four years old. It only meant that she moved on with a new man as soon as she left him.

The girl didn't say anything but just looked at him and smiled lovingly.

Wilson Yin mocked himself. He was looking at the small version

of Parasol Su. They even had the same dimples on their faces.

"Missy, help me pack here," Parasol Su called out.

"Coming," the girl answered. She then turned around and walked towards Parasol Su.

Wilson Yin, who was just in a trance, came back to his senses when he heard Parasol Su's voice. He stared at the girl's back.

All of a sudden, the girl stopped and turned around. She looked at him and said with a sweet smile, "Thank you, Brother."

The girl

called him Brother. Of course, they didn't belong to the same generation. He was too old to be her brother.

Wilson Yin remembered the name that Parasol Su mentioned.

She called the little girl "Missy."

Thinking of this name, he said in a jealous tone, "What? Yves abandoned you too?"

"It's none of your business," Parasol Su snapped. After packing up all the clothes, she put the bags in front of him, stretched out her hand, and said, "Give me the money."

Hearing her words, Wilson Yin realized that she really didn't care about him anymore. So, he took the money from his assistant, who had just arrived, and handed it to Parasol Su.

He then turned around and left with the woman, leaving the assistant to carry the bags of clothes.

Parasol Su just stared at them as they got in the car and drove away. When she couldn't see his car anymore, a smile crept on her face.

She looked at the ten thousand dollars in her hands and thought, 'As long as he lives well, everything will be fine. I won't feel guilty that I owe him too much.'

"Let's pack up and go home," she said to the girl.

After making sure that their stall was securely locked, they left the night market hand in hand.

Wilson Yin was outside the gate of a mansion. He stood under a parasol tree, staring at the brightly-lit mansion.

Lillian Song walked up to him and looked at the mansion too. She then said, "I just asked. The girl's name is Missy Su."

'Missy Su.

Parasol and Yves didn't end up together?' Wilson Yin thought inwardly.

Hearing the child's last name, he suddenly felt ridiculous standing here at this moment.

"Wilson, don't you think that child is yours? Normally, in a TV play—"

Lillian Song said deliberately. She strongly believed that Parasol Su didn't let her child carry Yves Tang's surname because the real father of her child was Wilson Yin.

"You said it was in a TV play!" Wilson Yin interrupted her.

He then turned around and was about to leave. But before he could go back to his car, a maid came out of the gate to throw the garbage. The maid was a little vigilant when she saw them. But since they didn't look suspicious at all, she asked hesitantly, "Who... are you looking for?"

Lillian Song stopped, walked towards the maid, and asked politely, "Auntie, could you tell us where the original owner of the house is?"

"Do you mean Miss Parasol Su? She sold this house three years ago."

When she saw that Wilson Yin stopped too, Lillian Song continued to inquire, "Do you know why she sold this house?"

"I don't know. I heard that she was with Mr. Yves Tang. Maybe she went abroad with him."

Before Lillian Song could ask more, Wilson Yin stopped her. She had no choice but to thank the maid and leave with him.

As soon as they got in the car, Lillian Song said, "It's obvious that Parasol didn't go to France with Yves. Why don't you let me ask?"

"She has nothing to do with me anymore."

Wilson Yin only said that. But the truth was, he hired someone to investigate about Parasol Su as soon as he came back. No wonder he knew that she was selling clothes in the night market. That was also the reason why he was outside her house in the middle of the night.

Upon realizing that Wilson Yin was not in the mood to talk about Parasol Su, Lillian Song changed the topic. "My best friend will interview you tomorrow afternoon. Is Kingston Hotel okay for you?"

"Up to you." He started the engine and left the mansion that once belonged to Parasol Su.

In an old apartment building, Parasol Su opened the door. She then threw the key on the cabinet beside the door and changed her shoes. Missy Su followed her, did the same thing, and asked, "Who was that brother just now? Do you know him?"

"No, I don't," Parasol Su answered and walked to the kitchen.

"Then why did he buy all the clothes?" Missy Su followed her and asked again.

"Maybe because he is rich." Parasol Su opened the refrigerator. "I'm hungry. I'm going to steam some buns. Do you want one?"

She wanted to change the topic. However, Missy Su just shook her head and asked another question. "Then why did he call you Parasol?"

Parasol Su paused for a moment before she continued to steam the buns. She turned to Missy Su, who was standing at the side. Since she knew that Missy Su wouldn't stop bombarding her with questions, she sighed and said, "He is my first love. Do you get it?"

"Yes," Missy Su replied. She tilted her head and thought for a while. "Star, you still like him, that's why you felt bad when you saw him with another woman, right?"

Parasol Su smiled resignedly and said, "How can you say that?"

"Star, every time you are in a bad mood, you say that you are hungry," said Missy Su affirmatively.

Parasol Su was rendered speechless. She just walked to the living room and sat on the sofa. Although she was not in the mood to watch, she picked up the remote control and turned on the TV.

When Missy Su saw that Parasol Su just kept on changing the channels, she sat beside her and said seriously, "I like Ben, and I also feel unhappy every time I see him play with Abby."

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