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   Chapter 43 Mr. Zack's Sexual Orientation

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"Mr. Lyman said he wanted to invite you to have a drink at the Boss club."

Although Dillon knew that Mr. Zack wouldn't agree to Mr. Lyman's request, he still told him the whole conversation.

"He said he found you some handsome young men."


Before Zack could get angry, Daryl came out with the medicine box.

As soon as Daryl walked close to them with the medicine box, she heard that Dillon had found some handsome young men for Zack.

She looked at him strangely. It was said that the Master of the Ji family didn't like women and hated contact from all the opposite sex.

Seeing the change of expression on Daryl's face, Zack's handsome face darkened.

"Ah, Mrs. Daryl, please don't get me wrong!"

Seeing this, Dillon wanted to explain in a hurry, "Mr. Lyman just likes joking. There is no problem with Mr. Zack's sexual orientation!"

Daryl kept silent for about ten seconds. Finally, she nodded and said meaningfully, "Okay."

Dillon couldn't help but sigh in his heart. Mr. Lyman was about to be shot this time.


When he was lost in thought, he heard his Master's cold voice.

"Yes, sir."

The air around Zack was as cold as an iceberg in the North Pole. He said word by word coldly, "Cancel all the recent joint venture with X Entertainment."

"Yes, sir."

In silence, he prayed for Mr. Lyman.

Zack didn't give any other orders, so Dillon left by himself.

"Well, do you want to apply some medicine?"

After he left, there were only two people left in the big living room, Daryl and Zack.

Zack looked very angry. Daryl wanted to leave, but she didn't dare. She could only ask him in a low voice.

Looking at her coldly, he asked in reply, "What do you think?"

Daryl sat beside him with the medicine box. She lowered her head and gently rolled up his sleeve. "It may hurt. Just bear it."

As soon as she said this, the temperature ar


Of course, this was not the most important thing. The last thing Daryl wanted was to make Zack angry at any time because of her, and then affect Benjamin.

Although Benjamin had a high level intelligence, he was still a child. If he lived in an uneasy environment every day, it would also affect his psychological growth.

After dinner, Zack went upstairs to answer the phone.

Daryl was worried that his arm might hurt because the medicine hadn't been applied to it. But he went back to his room directly and she didn't dare to follow him.

"Mommy, if you are worried about daddy, just go and have a look!"

Benjamin was so smart that he could easily read her mind every time.

Daryl pinched his little face helplessly and said uncertainly, "But if your daddy is busy, I will disturb him."

"No, you won't."

Benjamin promised her seriously, "I swear, Daddy won't be angry with you! If you help him apply medicine, he will be happier! "

"How could be."

Daryl pursed her lips. As a demon, Zack was always on the edge of losing his temper.

"Mommy, don't think too much!"

Benjamin held her hand and ran upstairs with a medicine box.

"Hey, Bennie, slow down!"

In order not to let the little guy stumble, Daryl had to follow him.

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