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   Chapter 41 Fresh Cute Actor

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Wendy filmed her own part in the crew. According to the newly revised script, her role had been appreciated and favored by the emperor in advance.

At this time, Tara gave herself to the emperor and her heart was almost entirely on him.

When Daryl entered the role, the actor who played the emperor in front of her seemed not to be an actor anymore. The figure of Leon appeared in her mind. When she faced him, she smiled shyly and admiringly at him five years ago.

But in his heart, he would only use her and destroy her step by step and send her into the abyss.


Vivian was very dissatisfied with this scene. She called out, and then frowned and said, "Lewis, are you in the right state? Say the lines, not looking at Daryl absent-minded!"

Daryl had finished her lines and lowered her head. She didn't expect that she was distracted to continue the performance, but the actor who was opposite her was distracted.

"Director, I'm sorry. I was absent-minded just now."

Lewis apologized to Vivian, "I'm sorry. Let's do it again."

In fact, he was absent-minded when he looked at Daryl in front of him, because she was also his goddess in his heart for many years.

When he first entered the crew, he was very happy to see her, but soon he realized that the current Daryl was no longer the top actress goddess in the entertainment circle.

He wanted to know her, but he didn't know what to say. In the last scene, when he overturned the hot tea and scalded her, he was actually more nervous than her, but as a rising actor, he couldn't interfere so much.

In this play, the shyness and admiration that Daryl showed to him made him unconsciously stare at her.

"I'm sorry."

Looking at Daryl in front of him, Lewis finally plucked up the courage to speak to her in private.

Daryl looked up at him and smiled, "Never mind."

"I... My name is Lewis.

l. If you don't leave now, we will post this video online."

"Daryl, just wait and see!"

Leon said coldly, glanced at Lewis, turned around and left.

Seeing that he had gone far, Daryl looked at Lewis beside her and said, "Lewis, thank you."

"You're welcome."

Lewis scratched his head and said, "But why did you..."

As he spoke, he seemed to realize that his question was wrong. He changed his tone and said, "I mean, you should be careful in the future. If you meet that bad guy again, you can ask someone to drive him away."

"Okay, I know." Daryl smiled.

This young man was so innocent and cute.

"Can I have your WeChat?" Lewis asked her cautiously, "In fact, I used to be your fan."

"No, I will always be."

Hearing this, Daryl was slightly stunned. She didn't expect that she had many fans. She just met two in the same crew.

"Of course." She nodded and said, "You helped me today. I'll treat you to dinner another day."


Lewis agreed happily.

After the two of them added their WeChat accounts, Lewis went back to look for his agent.

Daryl went back to change her clothes.

After changing her clothes, Sofia came back after finishing calling.

"What's going on? I just heard that Leon was here."

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