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   Chapter 40 Mommy Was Bullied So Miserably

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This time, when Lucy went back to make up, she was reciting the lines with her own script. She wanted to be outstanding in front of the little crown prince.

When it was time to shoot, Lucy had already prepared all her emotions and was ready to go to the filming site.

But at the beginning of the shooting, the leading role of the emperor directly flew into a rage at her. "This is an important place of the imperial palace. Although you are a good friend of the Empress, you can't abuse my maid without my permission!"

After saying that, the emperor ordered to punish her with twenty plank hitting.

Before Lucy could react, she was dragged down by a group of guards, and then the beating began!

"Ah -"

Lucy was hit hard on the body in an instant, and she screamed out of pain.

There was no pretentious natural pain on her face, and Vivian took the opportunity to take a close-up of her.

Daryl widened her eyes and watched this scene. The history was always astonishingly similar. Lucy was also changed the script without telling her, and then she was beaten!

"Your young master is so courageous at such a young age!" Sofia whispered to her.

Hearing this, Daryl looked in the direction of the crowd and saw that Benjamin was not as obedient and sensible as he was in front of her at the moment. His handsome little face was the same as his father's cold and ruthless appearance.

She couldn't help laughing, "This child is really good at reason and emotion"

Maybe it was the same as Zack. With a father like him, it was difficult for a son to be not outstanding.

Daryl had to admit that Zack was an excellent man, but it didn't include his personality. After all, when he became cold, people would be frozen to death!

Lucy was beaten ten times with a plank. In fact, this kind of scene did not need so many shootings, but the little crown prince sitting on the scene had to watch it, she could do nothing.

Later, she was afraid that it would be bad if

n gave him a look that he was used to, indicating that he didn't need to be surprised.

Anyway, when it came to Mrs. Daryl, Mr. Zack was always ruthless.

"Did Benjamin go back to school?"

It was not until he knew about his wife that he remembered his son.

"Yes, sir."

"Young master said that he would change the past and study hard in the future..." said Dillon.

"All right."

Zack didn't want to listen to his son's explanation. He just ordered in a low voice, "Ask him to attend school obediently these days. If he dares to skip school again, he will lose his pocket money next month."

"Yes, sir."

When Zack was about to continue his work, Dillon and Rollins went out together.

"What's wrong with Mr. Zack?"

Rollins was still confused.

"Well, except for the little young master, Mr. Zack will have another weakness in the future." Dillon patted him on the shoulder.

Hearing this, Rollins asked in confusion, "Is it Mrs. Daryl?"

But how could it be! Mr. Zack always hated women. Even if Mrs. Daryl was the biological mother of the little young master, there was no exception!

"You have to understand that what Mr. Zack doesn't like is all those fancy women outside."

"But Mrs. Daryl is different."

Rollins was still confused. Women were not all the same? They were classified?

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