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   Chapter 38 Mommy Never Gets Dirty

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By Little Red Cap Characters: 6536

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But Lucy still underestimated Daryl's ability to cope with the situation on the spot.

Even if she read the revised script, she could handle it calmly.

In fact, Vivian was the only one in the crew who saw all this. She knew what happened between Lucy and Sadie.

It could be seen that Daryl was very good at adapting herself to changes. But she couldn't do anything to Lucy.

Vivian felt that although this movie could be a turning point in her career as a director, what she had to experience was far more than what she had seen on the surface.

She hesitated for a while and walked to Daryl and Sofia.

"Daryl, you have a good professional quality."

Vivian continued, "But I hope your agent can pay more attention to the work of the crew in the future. For example, the script has been revised, and you should know in advance."

"Yes, Director Gu. We got it." Daryl nodded.

"If your face hurts, go buy some medicine and apply it on it."

After saying that, Vivian turned around and left.

"I'm going to buy some medicine for you." said Sofia.

"Okay." Daryl nodded.

After Sofia left, Lucy came over with a glass of water.

"Sister Daryl, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hit you too hard."

With a guilty look on her sweet face, Lucy continued, "I received the revised script after we finished the rehearsal."

After saying that, she handed the water in her hand to Daryl. "Drink some water. Don't be angry with me, okay?"

"Thank you."

Daryl took the water and smiled, "As an actress, I think you have a good professional quality. This is within our scope of work. It's not your fault. You don't have to apologize to me."


With a sweet smile, Lucy said, "I'm just afraid that you will be angry with me, so... Well, since you don't take it to heart, I'm relieved. "

After saying a few words of concern, she left.

When she returned to Sadie, her smiling face instantly darkened.

"I should have worn a

e would take part in the shooting, but they didn't dare to go because of the powerful aura of the bodyguards around him.

"Young Master, Mrs. Daryl's crew is just in front of us."

Then Dillon led the way for him.

However, as soon as Benjamin entered the crew, he found his mother sitting in a corner eating lunch box!

Most of the crew had gone to bed after lunch, so few people noticed that Benjamin was coming.


Daryl didn't want to have lunch because she didn't have a good appetite, but Sofia insisted on her eating. She was afraid that she was too tired to shoot in the afternoon, so she found a quiet corner to eat slowly after Sofia finished eating and went to rest.

But unexpectedly, a young voice came from the side!

Looking at the direction of the voice, Daryl found it was Benjamin.

"Bennie, why are you here?"

Daryl put down the lunch box in a hurry and the little boy walked up to her.

She wanted to hug him, but she withdrew her hand halfway. She smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm sorry, Bennie. Mommy's clothes are not clean."

"It doesn't matter, Mommy."

Benjamin took the initiative to hug her, buried his little head in her neck and said considerately, "In my eyes, Mommy is the most gentle and kind person in the world. She never gets dirty."

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