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   Chapter 37 The Script Had Been Revised

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Daryl nodded and invited Lucy to sit down in the chair beside her.

"By the way, I heard that you have won many awards before."

After sitting down, Lucy didn't seem to be in a hurry to rehearse lines with her. Instead, she asked curiously, "I'm very confused. Why did you suddenly retreat at such a critical time? Is there any unspeakable reason?"

Daryl smiled faintly, "No, I just felt a little tired and confused at that time, so I want to give myself a holiday. But I didn't expect it to be so long. "

"Actually, I've seen some of your previous movies. With your acting skills and appearance, you can even play the heroine in this movie.

Why didn't you compete for the female lead, but acted third supporting female role? This role is so annoying. "

"Every role that appears in the script has its importance."

With a serious look in her eyes, Daryl said, "For me, the key point of shooting a movie is not to pick a good role. As long as I can play the role well, I will be satisfied."

"You are right."

With a sweet smile on her face, Lucy said, "You are my senior now. How about I call you Sister Daryl from now on?"

"Do as you like."

Daryl nodded.

Then, she started to read lines with her. The two of them were in good sates. For the first time, Daryl felt that she couldn't underestimate Lucy.

After all, she had been recuperating for so many years. It was time for her to cultivate some skills even if she didn't have any acting skills.

The two didn't have much to do with each other. After that, Lucy was asked to go back to make up before leaving.

After she left, Sofia came in.

"Why did she come to you just now?"

Daryl looked down at the script in her hand and said lightly, "Nothing serious. She just wanted to rehearse with me and then chatted with me for a while."

"Be careful of her."

Sofia was still worried and told her, "The closer Lucy is to you, the more likely you will die at any time."

"I understand." Daryl nodded.

When she met Jackson for the first ti

suddenly slapped her!

Being slapped, Daryl had mixed feelings. But she didn't hear Vivian say "Cut", so she had to act on the spot.

Kneeling in front of Lucy, she said in a very humble and scared way that she didn't have any objection and begged her to forgive her.

When the people outside saw this scene, they were surprised to see Lucy slap Daryl. It was a real slap, and it seemed that she had used too much strength!

Sofia was also shocked when she saw it outside, but soon she looked into Sadie's eyes and gave her a provocative smile.

Instantly, Sofia realized that they wanted to give Daryl a hard time!

But Daryl was a good actress. Even if the script in her hand was different from the one in the show, she could continue.

After the scene was finished, Daryl returned to Sofia.

"How's it going? Does your face hurt?"

"It doesn't matter." Daryl shook her head, "Sofia, Lucy's lines are different from mine."

"What did you say?"

Sofia was shocked, and then she responded, "They colluded with the scriptwriter to change the script, but they didn't inform us!"


That was the only reason that Daryl could think of.

It turned out that it was premeditated for Lucy to look for her to rehearse earlier this day. She wanted her to lower her guard, so that she couldn't react when there was a change on the scene.

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