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   Chapter 36 Zack Escorted Them

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"I see."

Leon answered irritably, and then said, "Mom, I'm tired. I'm hanging up."

After hanging up the phone, he looked at the luxurious night view of D City outside the French window and took a deep breath.


Wearing a bathrobe, Candida walked in from behind. She came to him and asked softly, "Who called you just now? Why are you so unhappy?"

"It's mom."

Leon turned around and held her in his arms. He rubbed her head with his chin and said, "Mom said that Daryl has been back to work and hit the headlines of the entertainment circle every two or three days."

Hearing this, a glimmer of light flashed in Candida's eyes. She quickly concealed her abnormality, and then asked worriedly, "Did my sister go back to work these days when she disappeared?

I thought she was homeless and wanted to transfer some money to her."

Hearing this, Leon felt that she was more kind-hearted than a rabbit. He touched her face lovingly and said, "Candida, you don't have to blame yourself for that bitch."

"But I'm afraid that she might say something bad about us at this critical moment."

Candida looked at him pitifully, "I don't care. I'm just afraid that mom can't stand it. And the baby in my belly, I don't want our baby to be blamed as soon as he is born."

"No, he won't."

Leon assured her in a low voice, "Honey, trust me. I will protect you and our child well."


Candida was so moved that she hugged him.

Leon also raised his hand and held her steadily. His eyes flashed a glimmer of sharpness without being seen. If Daryl dared to go against him, he would definitely let her taste the feeling of losing her reputation again!

The next day.

After using Ronan's ointment, Daryl felt that the scald on her arm was almost healed.

She got up early in the morning to have breakfast and was about to meet Sofia in the Film And Television Base. Today's shooting had her part.

"Mommy, will you drive me to school today?" Benjamin asked.


h fear was the Ji family.

It was obvious that the license plate belonged to the Ji family, so no one dared to take it.

Daryl didn't know why, but since Sofia said she would be fine, she was relieved.

When the two returned to the crew, the director, Vivian, was already preparing for the scene.

"Is that director Gu's new assistant?"

Daryl asked curiously when she saw a new comer beside Vivian.

Sophia shook her head and said, "I don't know. Maybe."

It was not easy to change the staff in the crew. People like assistants were usually familiar with each other. But it didn't rule out that something would happen.

Daryl didn't think too much and went to the dressing room to change her clothes and make up.

"I heard that your arm was scalded by hot water before. How are you now?"

Daryl was sitting in the dressing room when Lucy came in from the outside. She asked softly.

Daryl was a little surprised that she took the initiative to talk to her, but soon she stood up politely. "It's all right. I have rested at home for a whole day. It's almost recovered."


Staring at her slightly smooth arm, a glimmer of slyness flashed in her eyes. 'She dodged it!'

"That's good." Lucy smiled again and said, "There is a scene for us today. In fact, I'm here to rehearse the lines with you."

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