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   Chapter 19 An Agreement

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"Why did you suddenly stop?"

Daryl rubbed her nose and complained.

Zack turned around to look at her. He hovered above her slender figure, giving him the upper hand in their conversation. "From now on, I want you to stay out of how I discipline Benjamin."


Daryl thought for a minute. She just couldn't find it in her heart to let Benjamin have his childhood taken away. After some deep contemplation, she finally gathered her courage to meet his gaze. "He's not a tool that you will just shape however you want to fit in your standard. He might be your successor, but he is still too young. Don't give him unnecessary pressure."

"Mommy is so nice!"

Benjamin eavesdropped on their conversation at the foot of the stairs with Maruko. He was moved by Daryl's words and he wanted to cry. No one cared for him like that.

Dillon said helplessly, "Bennie, let's take Maruko out for a stroll."

If Zack found out that they were eavesdropping on their conversation, both of them would be dead.

"No," Benjamin answered as he clenched his tiny fists. "I have to stay here. What if Daddy is mean to Mommy? Maruko, you have to help me protect her, okay?"

His pet seemed to understand him as it began to shake its tail.

Left with no choice, Dillon sighed heavily and accompanied Benjamin in his little escapade.

Zack bore his dagger look at Daryl. Then he asked in a warning tone, "Are you trying to oppose me?"

A chill ran down Daryl's spine. She fiddled with her fingers and murmured, "I'm not against you. I just have a different opinion."

All she wanted was for every child to be loved and pampered by their parents. The last thing that she wanted was for Benjamin to grow up emotionless like his father.

Zack only sneered at her before he proceeded to go upstairs.

Daryl stared at his retreating figure with a frown. How should she interpret his withdrawal without saying anything back to her?

Since she couldn't figure out what that meant, she decided to follow him.

Zack entered his study and sat in his swivel chair. On top of his desk was a contract.

"Sign this."

Even though his voice was low and calm, there was an overbearing tone that lay behind it.

Daryl picked the document up; it was an agreement. She scrutinized every detail on it. It required that her relationship with him should be kept hidden. Furthermore, if she wanted to resources from him, she should offer something in return. Besides, she wasn't allowed to film any intimate scenes. She shouldn’t hold hands with or hug her co-stars.

At that ridiculous section, she creased her forehead. "Why can't I hold hands or hug in a movie?"

She was an actress, and such scenes couldn't be avoided. There were instances that they could ask for the director to use a substitute, though. However, if she couldn't do such a simple thing as holding hands, then how would she appear in a movie?

Zack stared at her questioningly. "Do you want to hold another man's hand and hug him?"

He spoke in such a way that their surrounding almost dropped to a zero-degree temperature.

"That's not what I mean," she denied. "But if I can't even do such mundane scenes, then which director would cast me in their movie?"

"That's no longer your problem."

He withdrew his eyes from her and spoke indifferently.

It seemed like h

er acting career would be under his supervision. Strictly no physical contact with her co-stars.

Daryl had no choice but to follow his biddings. After all, compared to an influential person like him, she was just a nobody.

"What does this mean? What do I have to offer?" she asked, pointing to the clause that she needed to offer something in return if she wanted to resources from him.

"I haven't decided yet. That will heavily depend on my mood," he answered with an arrogant expression.

She gaped at him in utter shock. Daryl was speechless. Was he trying to tell her that he would only provide for her acting career when he was in a good mood? Otherwise, he wouldn't?

That part of the contract was very Zack-like. Overbearing and unreasonable at its finest.

However, the thought of her mother and her hatred for the Lu family came to her mind.

With her clenched fists and greeted teeth, she made up her mind. "I'll sign it!"

Upon her answer, he took a pen and handed it to her.

The pen was cold in her grasp but that didn't stop her from signing the contract without hesitation.

She returned the document to him.

He put the document away and peered at her coldly. "Now, get out. Don't disturb my work."

Without further ado, she stood up from her seat and left the room.

Even before she could step away from the study area, her phone rang.

"Hello, Jim."

She was about to ask regarding her mother's condition, but Jim broke the news to her in a thrilling voice. "Your mom and I arrived at the place safely. You don't have to worry anymore as there is a top medical team here that would treat her."

Daryl heaved a sigh of relief and felt as if a heavy boulder was lifted from her shoulder. "That's good. I'll come and see you whenever I have time. I’m leaving my mother in your capable hands, okay?"

"Got it! You should take care of yourself too. Or else, your mom will worry about you."

"I will."

Daryl hung up her phone and stared at the door behind her where Zack was staying. Warmth overwhelmed her heart.

Zack wasn't the most likable person on earth, but he was very practical and fast in his actions.

Because of him, she didn't have to worry about her mother anymore. Her mother would be somewhere where capable people could treat her.

As for Leon and Candida, she would do anything to retrieve everything that they took from her!

Daryl was downstairs when she received another phone call. It was from Sofia this time.

"Daryl, I just got a call from the producer of Queen of Charm. They want to cast you as the female lead!"

'What? The female lead?' She was a bit skeptical about the news. After all, she thought she was the supporting role. Could it be, Zack pulled some strings?

"But I refused them."

Sofia's voice was soothing. "The female lead would be played by an influential actress. You would be out of place if you took her place. Furthermore, you would receive a lot of backlash and harsh criticism from her fans. That wouldn't do you any good."

"Okay," Daryl answered. Sofia's advice made sense. After all, she had just made her return. It would be questionable if she played the female leading role.

"There is a problem, though," Sofia began. "I said the supporting role is enough, but the film company didn't agree."

That was really strange.

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