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   Chapter 18 Can You Please Smile

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Zack slowed the car as he listened to the silly conversation that the two shared in the back seat.

When he pulled over, Daryl realized that he brought them to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Get out of the car."

His deep voice bounced off the car and brought her back to her senses. Daryl quickly got out with Benjamin.

"Daddy, are you going to get your marriage registered with Mommy?"

When he read the sign of the institution, Benjamin couldn't help but jump in excitement. "When did you decide to get married?"

Daryl didn't know whether to laugh or cry at his words. The child wasn’t even aware that he was the sole reason why she was doing this.

To be honest, it was in Zack's character to use his time wisely. The moment his son got discharged from the hospital, he decided to register their marriage.

He was an above-average lad, in terms of physical appearance and social status. He had a handsome face and a tall and lean body. However, his cold expression and intimidating aura made people stray away from him.

The passersby got the idea that he came here to get a divorce and not the other way around.

Some girls were openly gawking at him. That was how stunning he was.


Daryl realized that she had forgotten something. "I'm sorry but I didn't bring my household register with me."

He glimpsed at her before he instructed, "Just go in."

Left with no choice, she dragged the excited Benjamin inside.

The moment they entered the establishment, the staff came quickly to assist them.

"Mr. Ji, this way please."

They decided to take their wedding photos first.

They went inside the room to take pictures. Since Zack was too tall, he had to sit down.

Zack was so stiff during the shoot. He had this arrogant look on his face, and he didn't even smile.

When Benjamin noticed this, he quickly turned to his father. "Daddy, can you please smile a bit? No one takes a wedding photo with a stern face!"

The staff who heard the kid's complaint could only sigh in relief. They had noticed that too, but they were too scared to point it out. Zack's cold features made them thought that he came here for a divorce.

Daryl laughed at Benjamin's rambling before she whispered to Zack, "You're allowed to smile, you know?"

Did this man never know how to curl his lips and smile?

Zack frowned at them, as he thought it was so troublesome.

"That's it."

His firm voice made the staff give in out of fear.

However, Benjamin stood on his ground as he whined, "Daddy, you don't even smile!"

With his puffed cheeks, he ran up to the staff who was in charge of taking their photos. "Uncle, please make my mommy look more beautiful in the photos. As for my daddy, you don't have to worry about him."

He nodded as a sign of affirmation. Fortunately, Zack was so handsome, he looked stunning even when he didn't smile.

Furthermore, Daryl was also a beauty and didn't need the image retouching.

Benjamin secretly took a glimpse of the photos to see if his father looked good. Thankfully, the photos looked great.

Soon after, Dillon rushed in with Daryl's household register in

his hand.


He handed the document to Zack. Dillon was still shocked that Zack would get married so soon. After all, Zack wasn't interested in women before. Even though Daryl was Benjamin's mother, this was really going too fast.

As soon as the red stamp hit the license, Daryl got herself a new civil status.

Her slender fingers stroked the marriage license gently. Unknowingly, the memories of her marriage with Leon rushed into her mind.

After getting married, she quit as the most popular actress. She tried her best to fit in with the Lu family for five years. She wanted to maintain their marriage.

However, Leon was an ungrateful man who didn't appreciate her sacrifices.

At that thought, her heart began to break once again.

"What’s wrong?"

Just when she thought that she would be pulled again to the abyss of painful memories, a cold voice pulled her back. She noticed that the license was no longer in her hand.

Her eyes widened in shock when she saw it in his hand. "Why did you take that from me?"

"I don't want you to lose it."

His voice was dead serious as he put the license away.

"It seems like Daddy doesn't want Mommy to divorce him,"

Benjamin said. "If you want to keep Mommy that much, you just have to say it."

When Dillon heard Benjamin's words, his body broke out into a cold sweat. He had thought that Benjamin would change after he found his mother.

It seemed like his assumption was wrong. If he might say, Benjamin became franker in his words that he would even go against his father.

As expected, Zack's face darkened.

"Are you trying to test my patience, little kid?"

"Mommy, Daddy is being scary again!"

Benjamin quickly ran up to his mother and cried for help. "Please, let me live with you in the future, Mommy!"

Daryl took his hand with an amused look on her face. "Sure!"

"Daryl Ye!"

Zack raised his brow at her as he squinted his eyes. She shouldn't have gone against his will in public.

At the sight, Dillon couldn't help but admire her. All his life, it was the first time that a woman dared to disobey Zack.

"What are you getting so angry about?"

Daryl took the kid's hand and stepped back for a bit. "This is the day that we registered our marriage. Why are you scolding the kid?"

Zack heaved out a sigh and glared warningly at Benjamin. "I'll let you go today."

Next time, even if Daryl tried to stop him, he would teach that brat a lesson!

Benjamin wrapped her arms around Daryl's leg as he stared at her proudly. He was over the moon now that he got his mother.

The three returned to the villa once they finished their business at the bureau.

"Dillon, take Maruko out for a walk with Bennie."

Maruko was the name that Benjamin gave to his Golden Retriever.

"Yes, sir!" Dillon answered.

Zack turned his attention to Daryl and commanded, "Come with me to the study."


Daryl trailed behind him closely.

They were walking towards the second floor when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Daryl rubbed her nose that bumped into his back. Soon after, she could feel his breath close to her.

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