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   Chapter 17 An Oral Agreement

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"I see.

Can you let go of me first?" Daryl asked with a frown.

Zack grabbed her so hard that she wondered if he wanted to hurt her.

Zack loosened his grip on her and eyed her coldly. "Is there anything else that you want?"

"There is. I hope you can transfer my mother to a hospital abroad."

She wanted to transfer her mother abroad. As long as she was here, Leon would have the chance to hurt her. She didn't want to risk that possibility.

"Okay," he replied curtly.

Daryl thought deeply some more. She told Zack that she wished to return to the entertainment industry. He was the most influential man in D City. If he could help her, she wouldn't have to worry about her future anymore.

Candida used Daryl's resources to defeat her; now Daryl was going to stage a comeback.

Zack wasn’t exactly stingy when it came to his resources, but he had another plan. He raised his brows at Daryl and uttered, "I don't have any problems if you want to act again. However, I have other conditions."

She met his eyes with a deep frown. "What do you mean by that?"

"We can talk about that later."

As a cunning man, he shouldn't set his trap too soon. That would be a careless move.

It was already too late when Daryl realized that she had just exposed her weakness to him. He was a powerful man, how could she even put up a fight with him?

With a sigh of resignation, she agreed to him.

They reached an oral agreement. They would register their marriage. In front of others, they would act like strangers; she would serve as Bennie's nanny to take care of him at home.

It would only last for two years.

It was already at an ungodly hour when they finished their discussion. She went inside the ward to sleep while Zack would stay on the sofa outside.

Daryl lied in the bed and stared at the ceiling blankly. She couldn't sleep at all. Not after the image of Zack with his long legs over that tiny sofa occupied her mind.

She rubbed her temple as she shook the thought off her mind.

She must have gone insane to think of him.

Sleep only came to her after a lot of tosses and turns.

The next day came in a snap.

Benjamin woke up earlier than Daryl.

The first thing that he did was look around for his mother. Fortunately, she didn't leave.

His mother was very beautiful.

Benjamin tip-toed quietly towards her bed and stood on the edge. He propped his chin in his palms as he gazed at Benjamin. His hair was hanging loosely, which made him look cuter.

Daryl widened her eyes when she saw Benjamin's face.

"Bennie, why are you up so early?"

She reached for her phone on the bedside table and looked at the time. It was only half-past six.

A proud look appeared on his face. "It's getting late, Mommy. Daddy usually takes me with him to jog at this time."

She scrunched up her nose upon his answer. Zack was being too strict with his son.

That reminded her of her stay with the Lu family. She had to wake up earlier to prepare their breakfast. They were too picky and unreasonable. Fortunately, she managed to master the art of cooking in no time.

Daryl shook off that thought from her mind and focused on the kid. "How's your stomach?"

"It doesn't hurt anymore."

Benjamin tapped his belly arrogantly. "Daddy told me that I am a man who has a good

immunity. I'll recover from this in no time!"

He sounded so confident as if he didn't bawl his eyes out yesterday out of pain.

"Alright, then. Let's take you to the bathroom and get you washed up."

Daryl led him to the washroom and freshened him out. When they got out, they caught sight of Zack.

He came in with breakfast in his hand and started to set up the table as Daryl assisted him.

"Porridge? I don't like it."

Benjamin was whining with his long face. The last thing that he wanted to eat was this bland food.

Zack raised his brow at his son's pickiness. "What do you want to eat, then?"

"I want to eat something cooked by Mommy!"

His eyes started to light up with anticipation.

Unfortunately, he was met with heavy silence and Zack's piercing eyes.

When he sensed his father's terrifying aura, Benjamin quickly hid in Daryl's arms. "Mommy, Daddy is being scary! Even though I'm sick, he doesn't allow me to eat something tasty. Maybe he doesn't see me as his son after all!"

She quickly turned her attention to Zack after she heard the little kid's grumbling. There was an impatient look in Zac's eyes. To avoid any argument between the two, she cooed Benjamin. "You're sick and that's why you have to eat lighter food. That's what the doctor advised. You have to eat, okay?"


Benjamin nodded with resignation. "But I want you to feed me."

She was about to do his bidding; after all, it was such a small request. However, Zack's reprimanding voice resonated in the room.

"Benjamin Ji!"

Benjamin peeked at his father. The moment that he saw his darkened face, he quickly jumped out of Daryl's arms. "Mommy, I think I can eat by myself!"

Upon his change of attitude, Daryl didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

His quirky acts only proved that he was getting better and that was enough to calm her worried heart.

Once they finished their breakfast, the physician came in to check up on Benjamin. The boy still needed intravenous drip. To be safe, they would observe him more.

Benjamin wasn't very fond of hospitals. Now that Daryl was with him, he didn't mind it at all.

It only took two days for him to recover and be discharged from the hospital.

Daryl started to pack up their things so that they could leave. After that, Zack led them to the car.

"Daddy, this is not the way home. Where are we going?"

Benjamin looked out the car window as he couldn't sit still.

Upon hearing that, Daryl stared at Zack in curiosity.

He was driving with his stoic face on. While keeping his eyes on the road, Zac replied briefly, "I'll find a place to sell you, Bennie."

Benjamin's eyes widened as he hugged his mother tightly. "Mommy! Daddy is planning to sell me!"

Daryl smiled at him and hugged him softly. "You don't have to worry, Bennie. If he does, I will buy you."


The kid peered at her expectantly. "How much are you going to pay in exchange for me?"

She thought for a while and answered, "Well…fifty dollars?"

Bennie pouted his lips. "Mommy, I'm your sweetheart. Fifty would be too little."

He took out a green bill from his pocket and stuffed it inside her bag. "That's one hundred dollars, Mommy. If you're going to buy me, never leave me alone okay?"


Daryl was moved by his affection for her.

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