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   Chapter 16 It Hurts

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By Little Red Cap Characters: 5755

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The driver drove to the hospital at a fast but steady pace.

Benjamin was crouching in his father's arms as tears streamed from his pained eyes. "Mommy, it hurts…"

It wasn't the first time that he got sick, but it was the first time that he had a mother to share his pain. Now that Daryl was by his side, he wanted to ask for a motherly comfort, just like the other kids his age.

Her heart ached upon hearing that tiny excruciating voice. Daryl leaned closer to him and stared at him softly.

Her usually bright face was overwhelmed with worry and anxiety. She slowly reached for his hair and rubbed it gently. "It'll be alright soon. We'll arrive at the hospital in no time. You can wait, right? After all, Bennie is a very brave kid."

She tried to speak stably despite the burning in her eyes. Even though Daryl wanted to be strong for him, his pain was too much for her that she burst into tears.

Zack neither refrained his son from crying, nor did he ask Daryl to go back to her seat.

"Mommy, don't cry. I don't feel the pain anymore."

He lied to comfort her.

Daryl felt like a cry baby for tearing up easily. She quickly wiped the corners of her eyes and smiled at the child. "I'm sorry about that."

Soon after, they arrive at the hospital. With a sense of urgency, Zack got out of the car with Benjamin in his arms and strode inside the emergency room. After his well-built figure was Daryl.

The doctor who examined Benjamin gave him an injection. After that, Benjamin fell asleep.

He had acute gastroenteritis. The physician said that he must have eaten something that he wasn't supposed to eat. His stomach was still weak, so he needed to be careful with what he ingested.

Daryl stayed by Benjamin's side in the ward. His steady breathing eased the woman's heart. She couldn't but admire his features. He had squishy cheeks and fluffy hair. It was a cute sight. However, his sickly pale face didn't look good on him.

She rubbed his hair soothingly as a sigh escaped her lips.

Benjamin reminded her of Sam. What if he was sick, too? Was there anyone who took good care of him? She could only wish for that in her heart.

That passing thought brought tears to her eyes.

She didn't want to interrupt the kid's slumber, so she stood up quietly and went out of the ward.

Zack came back with medicine in his hand.

"How's Bennie?"

He spoke in a low voice when he caught sight of her tear-stained face.

"He's fast asleep," Daryl answered as she lowered her head to subtly wipe her tears. "I'm very sorry. It's my fault that he got sick."

"Don't blame yourself."

She didn't know if he was trying to comfort her or what. After all, his voice sounded neither gentle nor sharp.

Zack pursed his lips into a thin line before he spoke indifferently. "He has eaten so much in such a hurry, that's why he got a stomach


His words didn't make her feel better at all. That only made her realize that no matter how smart that kid was, he still longed for his parents' love. Daryl couldn't figure out why his mother left him. Wasn't she aware that having a kid was something she wished for? She would have trade with anything just to find her Sam.

Zack peered at the woman's slender figure. She was staring on the floor as if she was in deep contemplation. His cold eyes scrutinized her, but he couldn't figure her out. It seemed like she had some secrets more than he had imagined.

Daryl finally raised her head and unexpectedly met with his probing gaze. Her heart throbbed at the sight. He was always like this. Zack had always been cold and mysterious. He would look at you as if he was trying to uncover every part of your mind.

"Have you considered my proposal?" he asked in his icy voice.

Upon his inquiry, she clenched her fist so hard that her knuckles turned white. She didn't expect him to ask her under such circumstances. Even though she already thought of an answer, she felt oppressed under his presence.

"I've made up my mind."

Her voice trembled.

Zack pursed his lips as he waited for her answer. His deep orbs bore intently at her.

He might have looked calm and patient, but it was the opposite of what he felt inside. He had decided that if the woman dared to reject his proposal, he wouldn't have a second thought to punish her.

"I accept the conditions."

Relief washed over his heart when he heard her answer.

"But I have a request."

Daryl inhaled deeply as she gathered up all her courage. "I...I just hope that..."

She wanted to say that they shouldn't have sex. Unfortunately, under his eyes that squinted dangerously at her, she couldn't say it at all. It was as if he was trying to tell her that she would be dead if she made an unreasonable request.

However, Daryl was just worried for her well-being. This man loved to force her. He was so domineering that no one could resist at all.

"What is it that you want?"

His impatience finally caught up to him for her hesitation.

"I hope that we won't have any physical contact!"

Daryl lowered her head again after she voiced out her request in a heartbeat.

Zack frowned at her. 'Is this woman aware of what she is asking for? How could she ask me not to touch her? Doesn't she know countless women wish for me to have sex with them? Damn it! This woman has her guts!'

He pulled her chin up so that she would look at him.

They were so close that even the wind could barely pass between them. Their breaths dangled around each other.

"I want you to remember that if Bennie isn't fond of you, I wouldn't have noticed you at all."

It wasn't the first time that she heard such venomous words from him. Strangely, his words brought relief to her heart.

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