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   Chapter 15 I Saw Nothing

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By Little Red Cap Characters: 3542

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'How could she not feel it?' Zack thought.

He could almost clearly feel Daryl's heartbeat.

"You bastard, let go of me. I have something to tell you." It was not that Daryl was numb. She was flustered, so she tried to pull herself together and didn't dare to meet Zack's eyes. It was a very intimate moment between them.

The place was dimly lit.

She began to notice more of Zack's handsome face, up from his nose, to his chiseled jawlines, down to his angular chin.

Zack drew closer to her that she could feel his breath. "Really? What is it then? I'm giving you a chance," he mused.

His eyes were intimidating that Daryl's legs went limp. She felt breathless. The moment she looked at him, she was at a loss for words.

Zack warned her, "I'm not a very patient man."

He waited for a couple of seconds, but she remained silent. He was done waiting. In a snap, Daryl was already beside the deck chair.

His blood was boiling in anger.

Zack didn't know what was wrong with him. He just wanted to tease her with a kiss, but in the end, he couldn't control himself.

Daryl was startled.

She panicked and stammered, "No! Please stop!"

"No?" Zack pressed his lips on hers. "Your mouth says no, but your body says otherwise."

A muffled voice could be heard.

Zack kept pushing himself on her.

At this moment, the butler ran over.

"Bad news... Ah! I didn't see anything, sir!" The butler stopped and turned around, covering his eyes.

Daryl felt her heart skip a beat, and so did Zack.

Zack closed his eyes as he composed himself. He pursed his lips and roared, "What happened? Tell me!"

"It's Benjamin. He vomited. What should we do?"

Upon hearing that, Zack looked seriously worried.

Without any hesitation, he let go

of Daryl. He picked up his robe, put it on, and strode away.

Zack's figure was towering that it was enough to block the light in the corridor.

"Is he okay?" Daryl asked out of concern.

She didn't waste any time. She hurriedly tidied up her clothes, and then followed him downstairs.

They rushed into Benjamin's room.

Benjamin was throwing up badly that he held the toilet for support. He heard their footsteps and raised his face which was covered in tears. Upon the sight of the couple in front of him, he felt his eyes well up again.

"Daddy, Mommy..." he cried.

Benjamin might be smart, but he was still a child.

He now behaved like a kid when he was sick.

Seeing his son struggling, Zack felt his heart ache. He dashed over to Benjamin and held him in his arms. "I'll take you to the hospital. Don't cry now, okay?"

Benjamin felt safe in his father's arms. Zack held him tightly while Daryl was whimpering as she watched them.

She blamed herself. "Was it because of the dinner?"

Zack glanced at her and ordered, "Pack some of his clothes."

"Okay," she nodded.

Although Daryl had given birth to a child, she had no experience in being a parent. She thought it was her fault because she was the one who prepared their dinner.

Zack didn't blame her, but she felt guiltier.

Once she was done packing the child's clothes, Zack headed out while still carrying his son.

The car was already parked at the gate of the villa waiting for them.

Zack sat in the back seat while cradling Benjamin. Daryl was running that she didn't notice the door of the car. It hit her in the face when she got inside. She was too absorbed in that moment that she didn't mind the pain.

Zack saw it and a myriad of feelings flooded him.

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