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   Chapter 11 A Pitiful Benjamin

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By A. DAVES Characters: 5775

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Daryl shook her head at Benjamin. "No, that's not true. I like you."

"Mommy, do you know how pitiful I am? There are too many women around my daddy. They want to be my mommy, yet they don’t treat me well. Daddy's so busy that I don't even know how it feels to be loved."

Her heart twitched in pain upon his confession.

When Zack heard his son's complaint, he almost gave in to the urge to throw him out and feed him to the vultures.

Benjamin was only four years old, but he was provided with an excellent education. He was a precocious kid that had a high level of intellectual and emotional quotient. His behavior was often meticulous and steady. Honestly, he didn’t know how his kid could act so sweet and silly before this woman.

It seemed like all those years of education were in vain.

He threw a sharp look at Benjamin who nestled himself comfortably in Daryl's arms. Zack inhaled deeply and warned, "Benjamin, come here and go home with me."

The coldness in his tone was enough to prove that he wasn't pleased with all.

Benjamin curled up and pushed himself against Daryl further. "I won't go back with you unless you take Mommy with us!"

"Are you trying to test my patience?" Zack pursed his lips as he peered at him with his raised brow.

"No. I…" Benjamin faltered on his ground as he started to fear his father.

However, he didn't want to take his words back.

"If you don't want to go back with me, then suit yourself!" Zack loved his son dearly, but he would never spoil him.

Benjamin was his successor. He had to be strict if he wanted him to grow up as a respectable person.

"You're being unfair," he whined.

Why was his father acting like this?

"I'm sorry, Daddy," Benjamin apologized as he softened his facial features. He got out of Daryl's hold and hugged his father's leg. "I was wrong."

With his cold eyes, Zack detached Benjamin's arms from his thigh. "Your apology is too late."

Zack put on his suit jacket. He threw both a sharp gaze before he turned on his heels and slammed the door shut.

He left, just like that.

Tears pooled in Benjamin's eyes as he stared at the door. He clenched his fists as he tried his best to choke back his tears. He screwed up this time and now his father didn’t want him anymore.

Sadness hovered above his being.

He was remorseful as guilt gnawed his heart.

Daryl was surprised at the sudden turn of events. She never expected that Zack would leave his child just like that.

She hugged his tiny body and comforted Benjamin. "Don't cry, Bennie. It's not that your dad doesn't love you anymore. You went too far this time. As a man, you shouldn't make trouble out of nothing, okay?"

"I know. I'm sorry about that. It's just that I really want you to be my mommy. But Daddy doesn't seem to share the same sentiment as me." Benjamin settled himself in her arms. He

felt wronged as he didn't know why his mother left him and his father.

However, he believed that she didn't mean to do that.

All he wanted was to be with his parents.

He didn't want to be separated from them, but it seemed like he only made the matters worse.

Daryl's heart softened. "Good boy. You should apologize to daddy, okay?"

"Does that mean that we can still be friends, Mommy?" Benjamin stared at her expectantly.

"Of course! If you want to, I can even be your godmother. You can come over whenever you miss me."

Benjamin was so happy that he burst into tears.

He was such a crybaby. Why did he feel as if he wouldn't be able to live without his mother?

Zack, on the other hand, had a foul mood.

With a long face, he strode into the elevator without turning back his head.

Benjamin was his son.

The last thing that he would do was abandon him.

"Send someone to follow and protect Bennie," he ordered Rollins who was trailing behind him.

"Right this instant, Mr. Ji," he answered. He didn't dare to put in a good word for Benjamin as Zack was in a bad mood.

"Inform the media that if anyone leaks any of the happenings earlier, I will wipe them out from the industry forever," Zack muttered under his breath in a threatening tone.

"Yes, sir!"

Rollins broke out in a cold sweat upon his clearly annoyed voice.

Since Zack declared that he didn't want his son anymore, he took away all the things—from Benjamin's car to his nannies.

He didn't even pick up his phone when Benjamin started to call him.

Benjamin was now a prince in distress.

It was getting late. Daryl called the hospital to inquire about her mother. Before going to the hospital, she decided to call a cab to send the poor kid home.

Zack's villa was located in a private property in the suburbs. It had a large perimeter that was covered with flower fields and trees. There was even a majestic mountain and a free-flowing river. It was a very pleasant environment.

The European-style villa was not exactly extravagant, but it was very luxurious inside.

Even though Daryl had seen a lot of elegant places, she couldn't find the right words to describe this one.

The Ji family was indeed rich.

When they arrived at Benjamin’s home, Zack was not at home.

Daryl wanted to go back and take care of her mother, but she couldn't find it in her heart to leave the kid alone. Not after he begged for her to stay out of fear of his father's rage.

"Mommy, I'm starving. Can you cook something for me before you leave? I want to taste your cooking." Benjamin lowered his head as he told her about his wish. He was embarrassed yet thrilled at the same time.

She was a very gentle person.

What if he got used to her and couldn't live without her anymore?

Daryl nodded at him. Rather than just waiting, she might as well do something.

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