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   Chapter 10 What's Your Relationship With This Woman

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By Little Red Cap Characters: 6454

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At this moment, someone broke in.

The reporters carried cameras, and then pressed the shutters.

Before Zack and Daryl could react, the reporters had aimed their cameras at Zack.

"Mr. Zack, what's your relationship with this woman? ?"

"Mr. Zack, I heard that you are going to be engaged to the daughter of the MI Company? Are you cheating on Miss Madge? Who is this woman on your bed? "

"Mr. Zack..."

"No, the woman on the bed looks familiar. It seems to be Daryl? !"

"Daryl ye?! Didn't she quit? Was she a mistress? Or was it because of the unwritten rules? It's really a super gossip... "

Daryl was still in a panic.

"Get out! !" With a straight face, Zack wrapped her tightly with the quilt. His tall and straight body stood up from her, and his cold eyes swept over the crowd, covering his whole body with indifference and arrogance.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely depressing.

The reporters were shocked and took two steps back. None of them dared to speak again.

Suddenly, a shiny little boy in a small suit came out from behind the crowd.

Seeing Daryl on the bed, Benjamin's eyes lit up and he pounced on her obediently.

"Mommy, daddy, how could you be so careless on a date? It was photographed by the media! In this way, your love affair will be exposed, won't it? !"

"Benjamin! !" Zack lowed his voice. As he spoke, the air around him was frozen.


Daryl had never thought that she would be caught cheating on her bed when she met the media friends again after five years!

Did Bennie find these reporters?

What a naughty boy!

She blushed with shame.

"Bennie, you misunderstood. Mr. Zack and I are not like what you think I... " Daryl explained in a panic.

Benjamin threw himself into her arms and kissed her. "Mommy When do you want to hide it from the media? Tell them that you are my dad's legitimate wife and Benjamin's mom"

As Benjamin spoke, he looked up at his dad who had a long face and asked, "Dad, do you think so?"

"Bennie! Don't mess around... " Daryl's face turned red. She was so anxious!

If she was misunderstood by the media, Zack would definitely take her as a scheming woman who took the opportunity to get the position!

That night was a mistake. She didn't want to be entangled with this man anymore!

"Oh my God! This little boy was the child of Mr. Zack and Daryl? It turned out that Mr. Zack had already been married? Is Daryl his wife? "

"Oh my God! The boy is so cute! He looks fair and chubby. Daryl is really a winner in her life... "

"But, have Mr. Zack and Daryl been married or not? Hasn't Daryl become the legitimate wife to Mr. Zack yet? "

"So this little guy is an illegitimate child? It's so pitiful. Let me hug you. "

The reporters used their powerful gossip skills to make up a big play in an instant that a female star would marry a rich man before marriage and have children.

"Miss Daryl, when you left the entertainment circle, did you secretly marry Mr. Zack for five years? ?" The reporters were so excited that their eyes lit up!

Daryl bit her lips, "no, No."

Hearing this, the reporters were more excited.

"Haven't the Ji family accepted you yet? You wa

nt to get the position with your son. This is your illegitimate child, right? "

Daryl didn't expect that the reporters would think of a child like this.

"What nonsense are you talking about? As the youngest son of the Ji family, when did I become an illegitimate child? !" How could Benjamin not know what an illegitimate child meant? His face turned red with anger. "Daddy, tell them that I'm your legitimate child."

Daryl opened her mouth and tried to explain, "Bennie..."

Anyway, Daryl didn't want the reporters to misunderstand the child!

"Fuck off!"

At this time, Zack's face was gloomy. His thin lips were pursed into a straight line with coldness and displeasure, like the emperor of the dark night, enveloped by the breathtaking coldness.

A gust of cold wind blew!

Zack opened his thin lips and looked down at everyone with a murderous look. "I'll count to three. Those who don't get out are waiting for the lawyer's letter of Ji group tomorrow. Three!"

Just after counting three words, these people fled in panic as if they had seen a ghost!

Although it was a big gossip!

But few people dared to take pictures of Zack in the past few years!

No one dared to displease Zack.

All of a sudden, the noisy presidential suite quieted down.

Zack's dark eyes fell on his son and pulled Benjamin away from Daryl. "Benjamin, did you find the reporters? ?"

How dare you scheme against me!

"Daddy, why are you so angry? Is there anything wrong with a son finding his father a wife? " Benjamin started to cry bitterly.

Zack pursed his lips and regretted that Benjamin didn't live up to his expectations.

"You brat, do you still have a point? Do you think anyone can be your mother? "

"Daddy, if you don't want mommy and me, why are you still giving birth to me? You are bullying us! " Benjamin was sobbing. He didn't want to be hugged by his dad anymore.


"You scared the baby." Daryl felt bad. She couldn't bear to see Bennie cry, so she reached out and wanted to hold Bennie in her arms.

Benjamin peeped at his father's darkened face. Although Benjamin was a little timid, his father wouldn't yield if he didn't make things worse.

"Mommy, daddy doesn't even admit me as his son. Take me away." Benjamin put his arms around Daryl's neck pitifully and said, "I don't want to go home with him. He will beat me when we get home!"

Benjamin looked like a homeless little poor boy.

Zack frowned.

Looking at the grievance on Bennie's face, Daryl quickly patted him on the back, and then patiently and gently wiped his tears. "Good Bennie, don't cry any more. Listen to me, I can't be your mommy, but I can be your friend, okay?"

"No, I don't want others to be mommy, only you."

"Bennie, I have nothing to do with your father. Even if you insist on bringing us two together, we will never be happy together."

Daryl was also depressed. She didn't understand why Bennie was so stubborn that he suddenly recognized her as his mother.

Hearing this, Zack looked at Daryl coldly.

Feeling angry, Zack didn't know why Daryl was in such a hurry to draw a clear line with him?

Bennie felt even more aggrieved, "Mommy, you don't like me, do you?"

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