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   Chapter 9 Don't Look At Me Like That

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The cold and ferocious killing intent made the surrounding air freeze.

Daryl gasped and felt that her bones were about to break. She screamed for help, but her jaw was clasped.

With his cold eyes fixed on her, Zack pursed his lips and his face darkened!

Zack was wearing a well-designed and simple suit, blocking all her ways. He was tall and straight, making people feel very stressed.

"Ben, Bennie's father..." Daryl murmured in a daze.

Zack's dark eyes covered her. He tightened his grip on her waist and said, "stop pretending? Huh? "

Zack looked down at her. Daryl's perfect figure was dazzling in the light.

Daryl was wearing a white dress, full of fairy aura, so sexy that it made people's blood spurt out!

How could such a shameless woman deserve sympathy?

If Bennie really had such a mother, it would be a stain in his life!

Daryl was ashamed into anger. "Mr. Zack, What did I pretend? Let go of me. I'm going back. "

The interview was messed up, so Daryl didn't have to continue to stay, or she would be hazed!

Squinting dangerously, Zack said, "you think I ruined your interview? What? Do you need me to call Jackson back? !"

"It's none of your business. If Mr. Zack is not satisfied with me, I will leave... " Daryl's cold eyebrows and eyes frowned under the light, and it was obvious that she refused.

Feeling wronged, Daryl turned around and was about to get rid of Zack.

"Why do you feel wronged? What did I say wrong? " The man grabbed Daryl's slender wrist, unwilling to give her a chance to break free. "With your little ability, you don't even know how to hook up with men. Do you still want to work in the entertainment industry? !"

"You!" Daryl had never seen such an arrogant man. He was sharp tongued and cold-blooded, and poked her wound specially!

"Don't look at me like that!" "If you please a man like Jackson, you will only sink deeper and deeper in the entertainment circle." Zack added with coldness.

"So what?" Daryl didn't need his lecture. "It's my own fault that I failed in the interview. Please let me go, Mr. Zack."

Moreover, Daryl didn't know that the backstage investor of this play was Zack. If she knew it was him, how could she come for this?

With one hand propping against the wall, Zack leaned over and his eyes darkened. "Beg me. I can help you."

Hearing this, Daryl suddenly stopped breathing.

"What, what did you say?"

"It's more useful to work on me than on Jackson." Zack pressed his lips and let go of Daryl. His face was full of arrogance.

He had never seen any woman who didn't want to seduce him.

Of course, Daryl was willing to seize the opportunity he gave her.

However, Daryl bit her red lips angrily and turned her face away from him. "Sorry, I don't want to!"

"Say it again!"

"Mr. Zack, there are indeed some misunderstandings between us, but I'm not the kind of person you think. You are superior to me, and a nobody like me can't afford to offend you. Please let me go and don't force me, okay?"

"Pretending to be innocent in front of me? Well, have you forgotten the time when you were lying in my arms? !"

Then a strong force grabbed Daryl and dragged her directly into the elevator.

"Bastard, let go of me!"

Daryl didn't understand why Zack made things difficult for her. No matter how cheap she was, she had her own freedom. She didn't need him to interf

ere in her life.

But her struggle didn't work on Zack at all.

At this time, in the corner of the corridor of the hotel, there was a little guy who was sneaking around.

When Benjamin heard that his mommy was coming to the audition, he was worried that his mommy would be bullied by a bad guy, so he sneaked out of his house to be his mommy's bodyguard!

It turned out that it was daddy who bullied mommy!

"Didn't he say that I should stay away from mommy? Daddy dated with mommy behind my back! " Benjamin roared angrily, "you still want to lie to me!"

The last group of bodyguards who had done evil with Benjamin had been thrown to the base camp in Africa.

The new bodyguards behind him were so scared that they didn't dare to breathe.

Benjamin rubbed his chin. In order to defend the family's unity, he had a sense of justice. "Well, daddy is too bad! Daddy was in a relationship with mommy, but he didn't admit it! No, I must let her be my mommy legally! "

Zack threw Daryl directly into the presidential suite on the top floor.

The big water bed reminded her of

That man was as domineering as Zack.

When Daryl looked up, she saw that Zack pulled off his tie irritably.

Zack approached Daryl step by step.

"You What are you doing? !"

"Stay away from me!"

Zack raised his hand and pinched Daryl's chin coldly and ruthlessly.

It seemed that he wanted to crush Daryl's jaw.

Daryl cried out in pain, but the man didn't show any mercy to her.

She bit her lips and struggled hard, tears coming out.

"You must answer my question honestly!"

"No, I won't. Zack, why did you do this to me? You want to punish me? I've already been in the police station. Why are you still holding me back?"

"The night before yesterday, in the Capital of Cloud Hotel, was it you who Leon Lu gave me as a gift?" Zack stared at her with his dark and sharp eyes, unwilling to let go of any expression on Daryl's face.

Hearing this, Daryl was stunned.

She almost forgot to breathe.

Was Zack the man of that night? How is that possible?

But Daryl couldn't help thinking of the day when she caught adultery in the Capital of Cloud Hotel. Leon told her that he wanted her to take good care of Mr. Zack

Was it him?!

Daryl denied subconsciously, "no, I didn't I don't know what you are talking about... "

Seeing all her emotions, Zack's eyes darkened. "Lie? Aren't you afraid that I will ban you from the entertainment circle? "

"Mr. Zack, I really don't know what you are talking about."

Hearing this, Zack's face darkened.

He squinted his eyes and clasped her slender waist, breathing heavily. "Don't you admit it? Okay, I'll check it myself! "

Daryl's face turned pale in panic. She couldn't bear such humiliation.

She wanted to escape, but she couldn't. "let go of me!"

Zack couldn't help clenching her waist.

His buried himself in Daryl's fragrant hair, and he took a deep breath. Zack's Adam's apple rolled and he closed his eyes. It was this smell!

The woman who had slept with him and escaped!

It was her!

She gave birth to his child five years ago, and was given to him again the day before yesterday!

He really had to thank his capable and smart son for helping him find her.

But at the thought that she had been married in the past five years and that her body had sex with her ex-husband, Zack's face darkened.

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