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   Chapter 8 The Woman He Was Obsessed With

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By Little Red Cap Characters: 6048

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The party hosted by Jackson was in a luxury private room of the BOSS Club. The dim light in the room made people's hearts palpitate.

The girls in the room wore a few clothes, and they all tried their best to seduce the big shots around them.

But Daryl was different from them.

Five years of married life had already made Daryl conservative and introverted. She had been struggling in her mind for a long time. She was too embarrassed to wear hot pants to compare with these young people. Moreover, she had the marks left by the strange man on her body that night.

Daryl chose a long white dress and high heels that she hadn't worn for five years.

Daryl encouraged herself again and again to be relaxed. Jackson might not remember her since he had seen countless women.

No matter what Jackson did to her, Daryl had to hold back her impulse!

In the private room.

With a flattering smile on his face, Jackson sat at the table, where there were countless pictures of beauties. He touched his chin and looked at them one by one, commenting.

"Mr. Zack, what do you think of those women just now? Is there anyone you like? "

In the middle of the sofa, the man who was resting with his eyes closed didn't raise his eyes, but even if he was unwilling to speak, his innate royal temperament was still not to be ignored.

Without getting any response, Jackson didn't get angry, but continued to flatter him, "there's still one more person. This is a beauty. How about Mr. Zack having an interview in person?"

When Jackson saw the last photo, his eyes lit up and he swallowed unconsciously.

Emily was 25 years old. Although she was a little older than other young models, she had a grace and charm that could not be hidden under the her age.

Her delicate face and perfect figure were all wrapped. When she took off her clothes, her skin must be as white as jade, like a dazzling pearl, making people excited and unable to look away for a long time.

How sweet would it be if he could get her?

However, the more Jackson looked at Emily, the more familiar he felt.

When Daryl pushed the door open and entered the room, she was stunned. In the neon light, a familiar and strange face came into her sight.


Yesterday, the strange man who had all the power for himself sent her to the police station indiscriminately. He had a big prejudice against her.

As Daryl pushed the door open and walked in, Zack finally raised his eyes. He was still handsome, wearing a simple white shirt and a long handmade suit pants. Even in the club, he seemed not to be influenced by other people.

Daryl paused for a while and walked up, pretending to ignore him.

"Director, I'm Emily. May I start the interview?"

Daryl took a deep breath and stood in the middle of the room, pretending to be calm.

Daryl didn't want to be recognized by Jackson, so she changed her name. But she didn't expect that Zack would be here. She was afraid of being exposed by him.

Jackson fixed his eyes o

n Daryl under the flashlight, and the blood all over his body was flowing upward uncontrollably.

This woman was even more eye-catching than in the photo. In the colorful light, her beautiful face was coated with a layer of enchanting light, and her long and straight legs were shyly exposed outside, making people's blood boil.

The white dress was flawless, but it made people have infinite daydreaming.

Her legs were so closed that she wouldn't get tired of playing for a few years.

Jackson pretended to clear his throat and said, "well, Mr. Zack is our real boss. Emmy, what kind of talent do you have to show in front of Mr. Zack..."

Being stared at by Zack, Daryl felt uneasy and wanted to run away, but her steps were rooted.

"Beg your pardon, Mr. Zack." Daryl raised her eyebrows slightly and smiled brightly. Then she braced herself to dance a hot dance.

Her waist was stretchable and flexible, looking graceful and attractive.

Jackson rubbed his chin with half closed eyes. He thought she was an innocent lady, but when she danced, she looked sexy.

After the dance.

"Director Jackson, when did our crew even want a female liar?"

Hearing this, Daryl's heart skipped a beat.

Jackson didn't understand what was going on, "what?"

"As far as I know, Miss Emily was a popular star in the entertainment circle five years ago At that time, her name was not Emily, but Miss Ye, tell him yourself... " Zack tapped his knee with his slender fingers.

Daryl clenched her fists and her face turned pale!

She knew that Zack wouldn't let her go. "Mr. Zack, did you get the wrong person? !"

Jackson squinted, Miss Ye?

A popular actress five years ago?! !

He remembered!

"Daryl Ye!"

The little bitch who had stuck to his mind for years!

No wonder she looked so familiar!

Jackson stood up with a smile and couldn't help striding to Daryl. "Daryl, I miss you so much for so many years. Mr. Zack, to tell you the truth, I'm an old acquaintance of Daryl. I didn't expect that after so many years, Daryl is getting more and more attractive."

Jackson raised his hand and was about to touch Daryl's face.

"Director Jackson, you got the wrong person. I'm not Daryl!" Daryl stepped back vigilantly. She was angry and struggled to get rid of Jackson.

"Director Jackson, get your hand off her and get out!" A gust of cold wind blew. Sitting on the sofa, Zack finally began to speak.

His sharp eyes swept over and fell directly on director Jackson's hand.

"What?" Before Jackson could react, he was thrown out with his clothes by some guards!

There were only two people left in the big room, Zack and Daryl.

The light was dim, and only the sound of the music came one after another.

The man's tall body was shrouded in the light, and his eyes were cold and frightening.

Daryl felt uneasy and wanted to escape, but her wrist was tightly gripped by a pair of powerful hands.

Then, she was thrown to the wall, and the man's overwhelming breath came!

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