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   Chapter 6 What's Your Purpose Of Approaching My Son

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Daryl argued, "I didn't!"

"Are you sure? Then why did my son go to you? Tell me, what's your purpose of approaching him?" Zack pressed further as he scrutinized her being.

She was very beautiful woman.

She wasn't wearing any make-up, yet she managed to look alluring. Daryl had pink-colored cherry lips and bright eyes to accompany it. Her small face was fair and full of life. Furthermore, she had a fragrance that he was familiar with.

"How would I know when he was the one who came to see me? Maybe it's because his father doesn't pay attention to him."

Upon her words, his face darkened. He threw her a dagger look that could pierce any soul.

Instead of talking to her further, he pursed his lips into a thin line and turned to his subordinate. "Call the police."


Dillon’s face began to sweat profusely at Zack’s instruction.

If Benjamin found out that his mother was sent to the authority by his father, he would be upset.

It took Benjamin a long time to find his biological mother by searching in the gene bank.

"Why? Do you want me to be the one who'll call them?" Zack raised his brows as he spoke coldly.

"Sir, I'm on it." Dillon turned to the woman before he made the call. "I'm very sorry about this."

"Hey! What's wrong with you?" Daryl clenched her fist as anger got the best of her. "I told you, I'm not a liar! I wasn't planning to get close to you, okay? Don't flatter yourself. Let go of me! I want to leave!"

She had no idea why Benjamin came to help her. She was as clueless as Zack, but why did she have to be slandered like this?

Moreover, her mother was in danger. She had to go back as soon as possible.

Zack didn't listen to her protest at all. He only threw her an icy look as he sneered at her.

Without further ado, he walked straight to the car.

Before he left, he rolled down the car window and spoke venomously. "Don't approach my son again. If you do, I won't let you go."

Slowly, he rolled the window to a close.

He didn't have that much time to argue with her. Zack ordered Dillon to throw out her luggage and instructed the driver to leave.

In no time, the car was speeding on the main road of D City.

With a stoic face, he sat in the back seat of the car quietly. He had this cold aura around him that would keep anyone from speaking.

"Give me the woman's information."

"Sir, Miss Ye did nothing wrong. Benjamin had a paternity test and the result showed she is his mother. So..."

While speaking, Dillon handed Daryl's information to Zack.

He peered at Zack and noticed how the atmosphere became heavier.

Zack never thought that his son would go through all those troubles just to find his mother. So, Daryl was the woman who gave birth to his son.

Unexpectedly, the day that he slept with Benjamin's mother five years ago came rushing to his mind.

What he felt that night returned to him, and it was exactly like what he felt last night.

There was something that burned in his body.

He continued to read the document further until a deep frown overwhelmed his face.

For a while, he stared at it with disgust. Her ex-husband was Leon Lu?

He had asked his men to investigate the woman he had slept with last night. In order to please him, Leon sent the woman to his bed.

A mixture of different emotions flooded his mind.

At that thought, he crumpled th

e document out of rage.

Did that mean that Daryl was the same woman that he met five years ago and last night?

Never in her dream that Daryl pictured herself at the police station. Not to mention, she was accused of abducting Zack's son.

She just found out that Benjamin was the son of Jack Ji, the CEO of Ji Group. The Ji family had a long line of succession that would be traced back for hundreds of years.

That arrogant man was actually Zack!

He was the richest and the most sought-after man in D City.

No one dared to offend him as he had an immeasurable power all over the city.

Now that explained how Benjamin managed to bring trouble for Leon.

Daryl was left alone in the interrogation room. She couldn't help but recall what Leon had done to her.

She was devastated, desperate, and heartbroken in that small room as questions ran in her mind.

What would she do in the future now? Who would save her from that forsaken place?

How would her mother survive in the hospital without her? She had all those questions but all she could do was cry.

Fortunately, someone came to bail her out on the second day.

It was Sofia, who used to be her agent many years ago.

Her phone began to vibrate the moment she stepped out of the police station.

When she saw who was calling her, she couldn't help but clench her teeth. It was from Leon.

He even dared to call her.

She wasn't even able to speak when Leon began to shout. "Daryl Ye! How could you play tricks on me? Who was that little boy yesterday? Do you have a death wish? Are you trying to shame me by asking a kid to help you?"

She had no choice but to listen to his ramblings.

This was getting ridiculous.

"Did you know that Candida almost lost her job because of you? The stock of the Lu Group began to plummet too! This is all your fault! Just wait till I come to you. I'll kill you myself!"

"You can't even deal with a kid," Daryl mocked.

"Daryl Ye!" Leon took a deep breath. "Does that mean that your mother's life doesn't matter to you anymore?"

His life fell into a mess. Candida's career got destroyed and their business was in jeopardy.

Even the Ji Group that he had been trying to butter up for almost a year refused to cooperate with him.

Everything was becoming unbearable.

"Leon Lu, what are you planning to do?" Daryl asked hysterically.

"What am I planning to do? Why don't you see for yourself?"

Her heart pounded against her chest after he hung up. She quickly dialed the butler's number.

When he answered the phone, a frantic voice was the only thing that she could hear. "Ma'am, I don't know what Leon told your mom. She got so furious that she lost consciousness!"

"What? Jim, don't let Leon approach my mother again, got it? I'll be right there!"

'That bastard! He really used my mother to get back at me!'

Without further ado, Daryl went to the hospital without catching up with Sofia at all.

If anything happened to her mother, Daryl would die with Leon.

When she came to the ward, it wasn't her mother who was waiting for her but Leon.

There was a burning tension when their eyes met.

Everything happened so fast. Just a couple of days ago, she was begging him to return. Now that he was in front of her, she couldn't ignore the hatred she had for him. The only desire she had was for her to cut him into pieces.

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