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   Chapter 5 Benjamin's Father

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By A. DAVES Characters: 6513

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At this moment, a pulse of maternal love radiated from Daryl's heart. She gently held the child in her arms and said, "Good boy. Don't cry. It's okay. Where is your daddy? I will take you to your daddy, okay?"

Daryl knew that the boy must come from a rich family as he had so many bodyguards around.

"No. I don't want to go back. I want to live with you,"

Benjamin said sobbingly.

Daryl was helpless. She did not know what to do.

She wanted to ask the driver and the bodyguards about the boy's family, but they all played deaf and refused to give her a reply.


the car sped up.

Dillon Si, who was sat in the passenger seat, said, "You dad's chasing after us."

Having heard that, Benjamin jumped to his feet and leaned against the car window to look back. His face turned red. "Speed up! If Daddy takes me back, I'll punish you!"

Dillon let out a bitter laughter.

"Yes, sir!"

But how could their car be able to escape from Zack's high-tech cars?

If they were caught, they would be doomed.

The motor roared and got into full speed!

The drivers honked their horns.

Behind the black Lincoln, the Bugatti drifted closer!

The scene was nerve-wracking. Benjamin waved his arms excitedly and commanded, "Speed up! Speed up!"

Daryl gripped the handle beside her tightly. Her stomach was churning. The speed took away her skin's healthy color.

"Bennie! Slow down! It's dangerous!"

However, Benjamin did not care about it at all. He folded his arms and said, "Mommy, hold tight! Don't worry!" Anyone could sense Benjamin's confidence with what he said.

At that moment, the child's phone rang continuously. It sounded like a death threat.

When Benjamin saw his father's name on the screen, he got scared. He threw the phone away with much haste.

But the phone was still ringing.

Benjamin angrily picked up the phone, pouted and snarled, "Daddy, stop chasing me! Do you want to see your son and future wife's car crash?"

The other side was engulfed in silence for a couple of seconds.

In a deep and cold voice, Zack said, "Benjamin,

how dare you?" "Daddy, why are you so angry? You're so heartless!" Benjamin burst into tears. He looked miserable.

Daryl was so anxious. This situation drove her to resolve the conflict between the father and son. She held the little boy in her arms and said into the phone, "Sir, I'm Bennie's friend."

"Tell him to stop the car. Otherwise, he won't be able to go out of the house for the rest of his life," Zack said coldly and frighteningly.

Then he hung up the phone.

Daryl held the phone tightly and got flustered. The man had such a domineering aura that people would bow the moment they hear his voice.

Benjamin curled up upon hearing his father's words.

His father's rage was so obvious, it made Benjamin hesitate for a few moments.

But before he could ask Dillon to stop the car, it was stopped by the Bugatti rushing up from behind.

The car screeched loudly because of its sudden stop.

Benjamin's head hit the front seat because of inertia!

His head was hit hard.

Daryl was scared to death. "Bennie!"

The Lincoln was surrounded by the jet-black Bugatti. A group of bodyguards in black suits got out of

the car.

Then the door of the car opened.

With a pair of perfectly cut pants and a simple but exquisite shirt that complemented his slender legs and wide shoulders, Zack walked towards them. He had a sharp look in his eyes which made the atmosphere seem tensed.

Benjamin puckered his buttocks up and wanted to cry, but it seemed that something was wrong. He pulled Daryl out of the car and was about to run away. "Mommy, run!"

H would be doomed if he got caught by his father.

However, before Benjamin could run out of the encirclement, Zack pulled him back by his collar. "You brat! Do you still want to run away?"

Zack held Benjamin in his arms, frowned and pressed his lips. Benjamin looked like a miniature version of himself.

Benjamin was about to jump down. "You're a bad guy! I don't want to stay with you! You're a liar!"

Benjamin had too much pride to compromise.

His daddy was a nuisance. All he knew was work and he never kept his promises. He even wanted to find a stepmother for him. Benjamin did not want to be mistreated by a stepmother.

"You still refuse to admit that you're wrong? Go back and reflect on yourself for a month!" Zack's face darkened.

"I know I was wrong." Benjamin freaked out. He leaned on his dad's shoulder, and sobbed while secretly wiping his snot on his dad's shirt. "I just came out to look for Mommy."

Hearing this, Zack fixed his sharp eyes on Daryl. His stern glance felt like she was being accused of abducting the boy.

After Daryl gained her composure, she tried to take the baby from the man's arms. "Bennie's dad, please do not do this. You're scaring him."

'Bennie's dad?'

This sounded very new to him. No one addressed him like this before. Zack avoided Daryl's hand and gave the child to Rollins Long behind him. "Please take Bennie away first."

"No, Daddy! I don't want to go with you! I want to be with Mommy! Mommy, help me!" Benjamin whined and complained, but it was useless in stopping Rollins from carrying him into the car.

The luxury car accelerated away!

Zack didn't leave yet; he was staring at Daryl.

Looking at Benjamin's sorrowful expression, Daryl could not bear to see him being taken away.

Then she looked to Zack, who was unusually tall and strong with a constantly stern expression. Daryl's sense of justice fired her up.

"Bennie's dad, are you really that cold-blooded? If a child doesn't know how to behave, he has to be educated. Parents like you who don't care and only know how to threaten children with violence are a rare breed! Bennie is a very sensible and obedient child. He just hates the idea of you finding him a stepmother. Why are you being so cruel to him?"

All the bodyguards lowered their heads upon hearing all of that.

No one dared to talk to Zack like that!

With his hands in his pockets, Zack looked down at Daryl with cold, menacing eyes. "Are you trying to lecture me?" he sneered.

"So what?" Daryl bit her lips and mustered all the courage she could get to glare back at the menacing giant.

She could feel the surroundings getting tense around Zack.

"You tried to abduct my son. Do you think you have the right to lecture me?" Zack pinned Daryl against the car door behind him.

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