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   Chapter 5 Bennie's Father

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By Little Red Cap Characters: 7000

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At this moment, a flood of maternal love rushed out from Daryl's heart. She gently held the child in her arms and said, "good boy, don't cry. It's okay. Tell mommy, where is daddy? Mommy will take you to Daddy, okay? "

Daryl knew that it was impossible that no one would want such a sensible and obedient child. With so many bodyguards around him, he could also turn the Lu family upside down. The child must not be a child of an ordinary family.

"No. I don't want to go back. I want to live with mommy. "

Tears welled up in Benjamin's big eyes.

Daryl was helpless and didn't know what to do. "Okay."

Daryl wanted to ask the driver and bodyguards, but they all ignored her and refused to give her the answer.


The car sped up!

The assistant in the front row, Dillon, reported the situation urgently through the sound transmission, "Master Benjamin! Mr. Zack's car is coming! "

Hearing this, Benjamin jumped to his feet and leaned against the car window to look back. His face turned red. "Speed up! If Daddy takes me back, I'll throw you to Africa! "

Dillon laughed bitterly.

"Yes, sir."

But how could their car be able to get away from the top equipped cars of Mr. Zack.

If they were blocked on the road by Mr. Zack, they would probably die without knowing how!

The motor roared and sped up at the fastest speed!

The whistles rang out one after another!

Behind the black Lincoln, the arrogant Bugatti drifted closer!

The scene was fierce and tense. Benjamin waved his arms excitedly and ordered, "speed up! Speed up! "

Daryl gripped the handle beside her tightly, and her stomach was churning. The racing speed made her pale.

"Bennie! Slow down! It's dangerous! "

However, Benjamin didn't care about it at all. He folded his arms and sat on the chair. He promised to Daryl confidently, "Mommy, hold tight! I'll take you to fly! "

At this moment, the child's phone in his pocket rang, like a death warrant.

When Benjamin saw his father's name on the screen, he was so frightened that he threw the phone away immediately.

But the phone was still ringing.

Benjamin picked up the phone angrily, pouted and roared inside, "Daddy, stop chasing me! Do you want to see your son and your future wife's car crash? !"

There was silence for two seconds on the other side.

Then, a deep and cold voice said, "Benjamin, how dare you?"

"I! I! Daddy, why are you so angry? How cruel you are! " Benjamin burst into tears, poor and miserable.

Daryl was so anxious that she couldn't help but want to resolve the conflict between the father and the son. She held the little boy in her arms and answered the phone, "sir I'm Bennie's friend... "

"Tell him to stop the car. Or when I get him back, he won't be able to go out of the house for the rest of his life." The man on the other end of the line said in a low and calm voice, which was frightening.

Then the phone was hung up.

Daryl held the phone tightly and felt flustered inexplicably. This man's aura was so strong that people could not help but bow to him only by hearing his voice.

Benjamin curled up and heard what his father said clearly.

He could tell that his father was really angry, so Benjamin hesitated embarrassedly for a while.

But before he could ask Dillon to stop the car, the car was forced to stop by the Bugatti rushing up from behind!

The car screeched loudly because of a halt!

Benjamin was thrown out because of inertia!


is head was hit hard.

Daryl was scared to death. "Bennie!"

The lengthened Lincoln was directly surrounded by the black Bugatti. A group of bodyguards in black suit got out of the car.

Then, the door of the car in the front was opened.

With a pair of slender and straight legs, wide shoulders and narrow waist, a simple and exquisite shirt and suit pants, Zack strode towards them. His sharp and deep eyes swept over, and the atmosphere at the scene immediately suppressed.

Benjamin puckered his buttocks up and wanted to cry, but it seemed that something was wrong. He pulled Daryl out of the car and was about to run away. "Mommy, run!"

He was doomed to be caught by his father.

However, before he could run out of the encirclement, Benjamin was pulled back by a strong force with his collar. "You brat, do you still want to run away?"

Zack held Benjamin in his arms, frowned and pressing his lips. Benjamin looked like small version of him.

Benjamin was about to jump down, "you bad guy, I don't want to play with you! You liar! "

Benjamin was too proud to compromise!

Daddy was a nuisance. All daddy knew was work and he never kept his promise. He even wanted to find a stepmother for him. Benjamin didn't want to be mistreated by his stepmother.

"You didn't know where you did it wrong? Well, go back and reflect on yourself for a month! " Zack's face darkened and his eyes darkened.

"I know I was wrong." Benjamin was freaked out. He leaned on his dad's shoulder, sobbed, and secretly wiped his tears and snot on his dad's expensive suit jacket. "I just came out to look for Mommy..."

Hearing this, Zack fixed his sharp eyes on Daryl, who was standing beside him. His inquiring eyes seemed to be looking at a female liar who abducted and sold children.

Daryl calmed herself down and tried to take the baby from the man's arms. "Bennie's father, don't do this. It will frighten him."

Bennie's father?

It was a new way to address him. No one had called him like this before. Zack avoided Daryl's hand and handed the child to Rollins behind him. "Take Bennie away first."

"No, daddy, I don't want it. Mommy, help me. I want to be with Mommy! !" Benjamin whined, but he was finally carried into the car by Rollins.

The luxury car sped away!

But the sense of oppression that belonged to Zack did not dissipate for a long time.

Looking at Benjamin's pitiful face, Daryl couldn't bear to see him being taken away.

Then she looked sideways at Bennie's father, who was unusually tall and strong with a dark face all the time. The justice in Daryl's heart suddenly burned.

"Bennie's father, are you too cold-blooded? If a child doesn't know how to behave, he should be well educated. There is no father like you who doesn't care about the child and only knows how to threaten him with violence! Bennie is sensible and obedient. He just doesn't like you to find him a stepmother. Why are you so cruel to him? "

Hearing this, all the bodyguards lowered their heads.

God, how dare someone talk to Mr. Zack like that!

With his hands in his pockets, Zack looked down at Daryl with cold eyes. He looked down at her and sneered, "are you teaching me?"

"Yes..." Daryl bit her lips and summoned up the courage to glare back.

She could feel the pressure from this Mr. Zack.

"You are a traitor who abducted my son. Do you think you have the right to teach me?" Zack pressed Daryl against the car door behind him step by step.

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