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   Chapter 4 You Are My Mommy

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Although Benjamin was only five years old, he was smarter than normal adults.

Benjamin wore a pure black three piece suit, which was neat and tidy. His hair was meticulously combed, and he wore a cool black sunglasses on the bridge of his nose.

Followed by a group of bodyguards in black, Benjamin walked to Daryl with short legs, held her hand peremptorily, and asked with a childish face, "are you Miss Daryl?"

Daryl had never seen such a cute and powerful child.

She was in a mess and anxious, but she was confused. "Yes, I am. Do you know me?"

Benjamin hated it the most when a woman was wronged, especially when it might be his mother who is beautiful and charming. He gracefully held Daryl's leg and said like an adult, "of course, of course. Don't you know me? I'm Bennie. I'll help you get rid of these bad guys. Beautiful girl, I'm here. No one can bully you! "

Daryl was stunned.

Daryl felt an inexplicably gentle in her heart, but she had never seen this child, let alone know him. How could she let a child face such a dirty danger?

She raised her hand and rubbed the child's tender face. "It's very dangerous here. There are bad guys and witch. Come with me..."

If her child was by her side, he should have grown up like this.

Maybe he was as cute as him.

Usually, Benjamin hated being pinched by others, but he didn't get angry even if Daryl rubbed his face. However, he was not convinced in his heart. "If I can help you teach the bad guys and the witch a lesson, you must go home with me and be my mommy!"

Daryl couldn't take his words seriously. But when she was thinking, the little guy asked the bodyguards behind to take care of her carefully.

"Leon Lu?" Benjamin stared coldly at Leon with his dark and bright eyes. Benjamin was a five year old child, but Leon was shocked by his noble and strong aura for a few seconds.

Leon's face darkened when he realized what had happened. "Where this bastard came from?! It's rude of you to behave like this. Guards, throw Daryl and this little thing out! "

"Leon Lu, what are you doing?! It has nothing to do with the child. You bastard! " Daryl wanted to protect the child, but she didn't expect that Leon would do something to the child!

While Benjamin didn't show any fear on his face.

He smiled and waved his hand behind him.

Benjamin's man immediately took out a pile of materials from his briefcase, opened it and shouted, "at the beginning of the year, when the Lu Group purchased the Brightest Company, there was a black case work that someone from the Lu Group had bribed an government official, whose surname was Zhang. The relevant authority has involved in the investigation. The name of the Best Actress of Candida was suspected of money transaction, and the bribe record of Mr. Leon Lu to the chairman of the selection committee has been posted on the internet"

The faces of Leon and Candida darkened!

"Nonsense!" With a malicious and insidious look on his face, Leon clenched his fists and said, "where does the wild child come from?! Guards, catch this little guy! "

Several men rushed up, and Benjamin directly held Leon's leg and bit it!

"Bad guy! Who let you bully my Miss Daryl! Bite you to death! "

Leon kicked Benjamin away in pain!

Daryl's face changed and got annoyed!

"Bastard! Leon Lu, don't touch the child! "

But Leon didn't buy it at all. He said cruelly, "Daryl, tell me where this wild child comes from? ?! You bitch! You want to set me up? !"

Benjamin didn't cry even though he was hurt. He clapped his hands and got up again. "Guards! Shut up this old man's mouth.

I don't want to hear his dirty words anymore! "

The bodyguards around Benjamin immediately formed a human wall to protect him and Daryl behind, and the two sides fell into a melee.

The bodyguards were so powerful that they knocked down Leon's men in seconds!

Leon was under control and he was even stuffed with a broken towel in his mouth!

Suddenly, Katrina's anxious voice came. Seeing her son being bullied like this, she immediately rushed over.

"Leon, bad news! Bad news! Official Zhang has been arrest and the acquisition of the Brightest Company was uncovered. And, as for Candi... " Katrina wanted to say something but hesitated. She looked at Candida and finally said, "her agent just called and said that the matter of Candi buying the name of the Best Actress has been exposed, and the public relations agency can't suppress it at all. He decided to suspend all Candi's acting career..."

The so-called suspension was a permanent stop!

Candida's face turned pale and looked extremely embarrassed. She was on the verge of collapsing. "What? I I... "

Perhaps because of the stimulation, Candida closed her eyes and fainted in Leon's arms.

"Mom, call an ambulance!" The rag in Leon's mouth was torn off by Katrina. Holding Candida in his arms, Leon shouted anxiously. With a pale face, Katrina hurriedly took out her phone and wanted to call 120.

The Lu family was in a mess.

"Daryl, you are such a bitch! Did you do it? !" Leon was so furious that he wanted to eat Daryl alive!

Hearing this, Daryl did not refute. She quietly looked at this scene, as calm as water.

A small force grabbed the corner of her clothes. Daryl looked down and saw the little boy standing straight behind her. His little hand held her clothes tightly. "Mommy, keep your words. From now on, you are mine! Let's go. I'll take you to the hospital first. "

With these words, Bennie held Daryl's hand and stepped on the exclusive car that his father gave him.

The limo sped away from the Lu family's villa. In the spacious car, Daryl was still in shock.

Benjamin crossed his short legs and sat opposite her. He stared at the pretty girl with his big sparkling eyes.

"Mommy! Don't be sad for the jerk... " He pouted and comforted Daryl.

Daryl came to her senses, stood up and squatted gently in front of Benjamin, rubbing his fluffy little head lovingly. "Thank you, my little savior."

"You're welcome. Mommy's business is my business. I'll protect you from now on! " Benjamin blushed with embarrassment. He was so excited. His mommy was so sweet and beautiful

He liked her so much.

Although the atmosphere was harmonious, all kinds of doubts in Daryl's heart were not solved. She asked softly, "little savior, you can't call me mommy. Call me aunt. Tell aunt, who let you come? How do you know about me? "

It was unbelievable that a child who had never seen her come down from nowhere and saved her from that situation.

But Daryl was anxious about her mother's condition and wanted to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Daddy abandoned me and asked me to come to you. Daddy is so annoying. He wanted to find me a stepmother. He abandoned me and wanted me to live on my own. A child without a father's love was the most pitiful Mommy, you are my mommy. If you don't want me, I have to go to the orphanage... " Benjamin cried and threw himself into Daryl's arms, pretending to be pitiful.

Daryl held the soft Benjamin tightly in her arms and felt a lump in her throat.

She didn't know where her child is, whom she had never met before. Is he loved and cared for by someone now?

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