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   Chapter 4 You Are My Mommy

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By A. DAVES Characters: 7471

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Benjamin was only five years old, but he was smarter than most adults.

He wore a black suit accompanied by neatly brushed-up hair and sunglasses.

Escorted by a group of bodyguards, he walked confidently with his tiny legs. His hand clutched peremptorily with the woman beside him, and with an innocent face, he asked, "Are you Daryl Ye?"

Daryl stared at him with awe. How could a child manage to sound aggressive yet cute at the same time?

Even though she was confused, she gave him her answer. "Yes, I am. Do you know me?"

Benjamin stared at her intently. The thing that he hated the most was when women were wronged. Not to mention, it might be his mother. Without much contemplation, he rubbed Daryl's hand gently as he assured her, "Of course. Don't you know me? I'm Bennie. I'll help you get rid of those bad guys. As long as I'm here, no one can hurt you!"

Daryl was stunned by his words.

There was a warm feeling that overwhelmed her heart. It was strange as she had never seen this kid. At that thought, she was willed that she wouldn’t let this child face a dangerous situation because of some stranger like her.

Daryl knelt in front of him and caressed his face soothingly. "It's very dangerous out here. Come with me before the bad guy and the witch caught up with us."

She peered at him with longing eyes. If her child was by her side, maybe he would have grown up like this.

Someone as cute as the boy in front of her.

Benjamin hated it when someone touched his face, but he couldn't find it in his heart to get angry with Daryl. In a determined voice, he declined her proposal. "Go home with me and be my mommy! I can help you teach them a lesson."

Of course, Daryl didn't take his words to the heart. After all, he was just a kid. However, she noticed his change of aura when he told the guards to take care of her.

"Leon Lu?" Benjamin probed at him with his dark and cold eyes. He was just a little boy, but Leon saw the intimidating atmosphere that he emitted.

Leon's face darkened when he realized what was happening. "Where did this bastard come from? Don't you know that it's rude to behave like that to an adult? Take this woman and this kid out!"

"Leon Lu, what are you doing? The child has nothing to do with this, you bastard!" Daryl threw Leon a dagger look. Doing this to a child was not something that she expected him to do.

On the other hand, Benjamin didn’t falter on his ground.

He plastered a smile across his lips as he waved his tiny hand to his men.

A man in a suit came forward and opened a black briefcase. He pulled out a paper and read it out loud. "When the Lu Group purchased the Brightest Company during the beginning of the year, they bribed a government official whose surname was Zhang. The authority is investigating. Candida Ye won the Best Actress Award simply because Leon Lu bribed the chairman of the selection committee. The evidence has been posted on the Internet."

Upon the revelation, Candida's and Leon's faces darkened.

"Nonsense!" Leon growled defensively as he clenched his fists hard. "How did this wicked kid manage to enter here in the first place? Get rid of him!"

Before the guards could reach Benjamin, he lunged on Leon's leg and bit it hard.

"You’re a meanie! How dare you bully Daryl? I'm going to bite you to death!"

Out of reflex and pain, Leon kicked Benjamin.

At that action, Daryl gasped and glared at the man as she ran towards the child.

"You jerk! Why would you do that to a kid?"

Leon didn't even feel a bit remorse as he spat out his ruthless words. "Tell me where did this child come from? Tell me! You ungrateful bitch! How dare you do this? Were you planning to set me up?"

Even though his tiny body was kicked, Benjamin didn't even show an ounce of pain. He got up and cleaned the dirt on his hands and commanded, "Guards, I want you to shut this old man's mouth. I don't want to hear his voice anymore."

His men quickly surrounded him and Daryl and formed a circle around them to protect them from possible harm. Soon after, a brawl began.

In no time, Leon's men were crouching in pain on the floor.

They managed to obstruct any protest from Leon as they gagged his mouth with a towel.

Their little show was interrupted by Katrina's anxious voice.

"Leon, I have some bad news! Mr. Zhang was arrested and the acquisition of the Brightest Company is under investigation. And Candida―" Katrina trailed off when she saw the messed-up scene in front of her. After a moment of hesitance, she continued, "Her agent just called and said that the matter regarding Candida buying the Best Actress Award has been exposed. Since the public relations can't handle all the backlash, they decided to suspend her acting career."

Candida knew enough that her suspension meant a full stop permanently.

Her face turned pale at that as shame caught up to her being. "What? I…"

Not knowing how to deal with all of this at once, Candida finally gave up and collapsed in Leon's arms.

"Mom, call an ambulance!" Leon instructed the moment Katrina removed the rag from his mouth. Wordlessly, Katrina pulled out her phone.

The Lu family was in a mess.

"Daryl, you're such a bitch! Is this your doing? Are you the one behind this?" Leon's roaring voice resonated within the area. He was so furious that he wished he could skin Daryl alive.

Daryl chose not to refute any of his accusations. Instead, she kept mum and looked at them calmly.

She felt a tug on the corner of her clothes. When she looked down, she saw that the little kid behind her was clutching her dress tightly. "Mommy, keep your words. From now on, you'll stay with me. Let's go, I'll take you to the hospital first."

After that, he held her hand and pulled her to the luxurious car that stopped in front of them.

As the limo sped away, Daryl couldn't help but be dumbfounded when she recounted what had happened.

Benjamin crossed his tiny legs as he sat opposite her. With his sparkling eyes, he gaped at her.

"Mommy! You don't have to be sad for that jerk," he whined as he comforted Daryl.

Daryl came back to her senses when she heard that tiny sulky voice. She beamed at Benjamin gently as she ruffled his hair affectionately. "Thank you, my little savior."

"You're welcome! Your business is my business. I'll protect you from now on!" Benjamin exclaimed. His face blushed. 'Mommy is so gentle and pretty.

I love her."

There was still a doubt in her heart. Daryl stared at him and asked softly, "You can't call me your mommy. Just call me Auntie. So, won't you tell me who told you to come here? How did you know about me?"

It was just hard to believe that some unknown little kid would come and salvage her from that situation.

Aside from that, she was anxious about her mother's condition. If she could, she wanted to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Daddy doesn't love me anymore. He's being annoying. He is planning to find me a stepmother. He wants me to live on my own. A child without a father's love is the most pitiful. Mommy, if you won't take me, then I have to go to the orphanage." Benjamin faked a cry as he threw himself into Daryl's arms.

Hearing his sob, Daryl couldn't help but rub his back gently. A lump formed in her throat as she remembered her child.

She didn't even know his whereabouts or how he looked. Was he being loved and cared for by someone?

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