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   Chapter 3 Divorced

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When Daryl entered the villa, she saw Candida going down the stairs. The gloating expression in Candida's eyes was apparent.

When their eyes met, both felt the hostility towards each other.

"What are you doing here?" Daryl asked as she stood in front of Candida.

Candida looked elegant and calm, but she was emitting a proud, arrogant aura. She smirked and said, "I should be the one to ask you that. Daryl, how can you be so shameless? After sleeping with another man last night, you still have the face to go back to the Lu family? Are you not afraid to be mocked and humiliated by the whole Lu family?"

Daryl bit her lips tightly and clenched her fists to suppress the anger that started to well up in her heart. Her hands were trembling, but she didn't show any signs of weakness in front of Candida. "This is my home, and I am Leon's wife. How about you? You are just a mistress who climbs into her brother-in-law's bed. You even get yourself pregnant by a married man. How cheap!"

She had been so blind for so long that she didn't see through Candida's true colors.

"What did you say?" Daryl's words irritated Candida at once. "Daryl, wake up! Do you really believe that the Lu family still wants you? Don't be too naive. You are no longer useful to Leon. The Lu family doesn't need you here anymore. Until now, don't you still realize that he only married you because of the Ye family's wealth? I am the one he truly loves. He wants to marry me. I am going to be the hostess of the Lu family soon."

Daryl straightened her back and pursed her lips. She didn't want to see Candida's face for another second, so she stepped forward and said, "Get out of my way."

"No way!" Candida blocked the way, raised her hand to push Daryl out. "What are you doing? Ahh!"

With a sudden scream, Candida stumbled and fell to the floor awkwardly.

Her face turned pale and twisted in pain. Her voice was full of grievances. "Daryl, how can you do this to me? I'm pregnant with Leon's child. Do you want me and my baby to die?"

Leon was upstairs. The moment he heard Candida's scream, he rushed downstairs. When he saw Candida in a pathetic situation, his face darkened.

He strode to her and held her in his arms. "Honey, are you okay? Don't scare me like this."

Candida leaned in his arms weakly, grasped his collar tightly, and sobbed, "Honey, how can my sister do this to me? She wants to kill our child."

Upon hearing Candida's words, Leon immediately got enraged.

He raised his head and pursed his thin lips. His eyes were filled with fury and disgust. "Daryl, what did you just do? Who gave you the right to hit my woman? If anything happens to my baby, you will surely pay for it. Get out of here! Don't you ever show up in front of me again!"

"Your baby? How dare you brag that bastard to me!" Seeing how Leon cared for and worried about Candida, Daryl's heart bled. She stared at the man she used to love with hatred. "What about my child? You were so heartless to sell him. Do you think you can be a good father? Tell me, Leon. Why did you marry me? And why did you do this to me? Have I wronged you?"

Looking at Leon's face, Daryl felt more aggrieved. She wanted to scold and curse this heartless man in front of him.

For so many years, she continued to hold on because she was hoping that her child would come back soon. She had thought that they could still be a happy family in the future after they found Sam.

But now, Leon cruelly destroyed everything. He took away the last ray of hope from her.

Leon raised her eyebrows and said scornfully, "You want to know why? Because I never loved you. I married you because of the Ye family's wealth. I have loved Candida even before. But I have to be separated from her for five years because of you."

It took Daryl five years to find out that everything was a fake. She had never thought that Leon just used her.

She felt like she was on the verge of br

eaking down. Her body felt numb all over. She stepped back and asked, "Did what happened to Ye family have something to do with you?"

Her voice was so weak when she asked the question.

"All of the Ye family's properties are now under Candida's name. You know what? You are penniless now." Leon looked at Daryl with cold and contemptuous eyes. He felt ecstatic to see Daryl in such a miserable situation.

Daryl clenched her fists, feeling so desperate. She suddenly grabbed the fruit knife on the table beside her and rushed towards Leon.

"I'm going to kill you! You deserve to die, Leon Lu! You took my child away from me!"

She didn't care if she would become a murderer.

If she killed this unscrupulous man right now, she could avenge her child.

The Lu family was ungrateful. If it weren't for the help of the Ye family, they would have been still poor until now.

Leon deceived her. If she had known that it wasn't him who slept with her that night, and he was not the father of her child, she wouldn't have wasted five years of her life. She endured the Lu family's maltreatment, in hopes that things would change in the future.

Because of her love for Leon, she forgot herself. She gave everything to the Lu family. But after finding out that he had been with Candida for a long time, she regretted that she loved him.

"Ahh! Daryl, are you crazy?" Candida screamed in panic. Her face turned pale with fright. Katrina heard the commotion in the living room, so she rushed downstairs.

With a gloomy expression, Leon snatched the knife from Daryl's hand and threw her out of the door. "You're a shrew!"

Daryl fell down and felt that her bones were broken.

But still, she raised her head.

Leon then threw a certificate on her face. With a murderous look in his eyes, he said, "Since you helped me last night, I won't make a fuss with what you did to me just now. Take the divorce certificate and get out of here immediately. Don't bother Candida or me ever again. Otherwise, I will do everything to ruin your reputation."

His words were like lightning that hit Daryl and broke her into pieces.

She looked at the divorce certificate in astonishment, her eyes red with fury.

If this was in the past, Daryl would have begged Leon not to divorce her. But after what happened last night, she had finally woken up.

She didn't want to deceive herself any longer.

"Shameless!" Daryl snapped through clenched teeth. She glared at Leon with tears in her eyes.

"What did you just say?"

"I won't get tired of telling you how cunning and despicable you are! A shameless man like you doesn't deserve to be loved. I shouldn't have been blinded for too long." Daryl stood up, raised her chin, and looked at Leon and Candida. Her eyes were filled with hatred. "I swear, I will make you regret this day!"

Leon sneered contemptuously. "I'm looking forward to that day. I can't wait to have a face-to-face competition with you. But I'm afraid that time will never come. You have nothing now, and you will never be able to get back on your feet forever."

Looking at Daryl's ashen face, Candida also butted in, "Daryl, I advise you to save your strength. You need to go to the hospital and see your mom for the last time. Since she has no money left, she can't pay for her medical expenses anymore. The doctor said that she's dying now."

Daryl was shocked to hear such awful news from Candida.

Her mother was her only family now.

Tears streamed down her face. She didn't have time to argue with these two scums, so she turned around and was about to leave.

But all of a sudden, a loud and clear voice of a little boy reverberated around them.


They all looked at the little boy in awe.

None of them knew how long had the black Lincoln been parked outside the gate of the villa. Several men in black got out of the car and stood behind the little boy in a suit as he walked towards Daryl.

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