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   Chapter 3 Being Divorced

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As soon as Daryl entered the house, she met Candida's gloating eyes on the spiral staircase.

When their eyes met, a string of sparks exploded between the two women.

"Why are you here?" Daryl stood up and looked coldly at the arrogant Candida in front of her.

Candida was elegant and calm, arrogant, and couldn't hide her pride. "I should ask you this question. Sister, how did you go back to the Lu family today shamelessly after sleeping with a random man last night? Aren't you afraid that you will be drowned by the Lu family's judgment? !"

Daryl bit her lips tightly, her hands trembling, but she didn't get angry but laughed instead, not showing weakness. "This is my home, and I am Mrs. Lu. It's none of your business. How dare a mistress who climbed into her brother-in-law's bed and was pregnant judge me?"

She was so blind to see the true face of Candida until now.

"What did you say? !" Daryl's words irritated Candida. Candida seemed to want to kill her, "sister, wake up! Do you think the Lu family still wants you? Don't you know that you are no longer useful to Leo? If it weren't for the Ye family's money, do you think Leo would marry you? He wants to marry me. I should be the hostess of the Ye family!"

Daryl straightened her back and pursed her lips. She didn't want to take another look at Candida, so she stepped into the porch and said, "get out of the way!"

"No way!" Candida blocked the way and raised her hand to push Daryl out. "What are you doing? Ah... "

With a sudden scream, Candida stumbled and fell out awkwardly!

Candida fell to the ground in pain, her face pale and her eyes red with grievance. "Sister, how can you do this to me? I'm pregnant with Leo's child. Do you want me to die with the baby?"

At this moment, Leon came downstairs in a black bathrobe. Seeing this, his face darkened!

He strode to Candida and held her in his arms, "are you okay, honey? Don't scare me! "

Candida pitifully leaned in his arms, tightly grasped the man's collar, and sobbed, "honey, how can my sister do this to me She is going to kill our child... "

Hearing this, Leon got angry immediately!

He raised his head and pursed his thin lips. His eyes were filled with fury and disgust. "Daryl, what do you want to do?! Who gave you the courage to hit Candi?! If anything happens to the baby in Candi's belly, I will let you pay for it! Get out. Don't let me see you again! "

"A baby? How dare you mention the baby to me? " Watching Candida's performance, Daryl's heart was bleeding. She fixed her eyes on the man who she had loved to the bone. "What about my child? How could you sell my child?! Why did you marry me? Why did you do this to me? !"

At the sight of Leon, the grievance in Daryl's heart surged up. She wanted to question him, this heartless man!

For so many years, Daryl would have died if she hadn't been expecting this marriage and hadn't been looking for their baby son.

Now, how could Leon be so cruel to destroy her last hope of life!

"Why? Because I have never loved you, I married you just for the money of the Ye family! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been separated from Candi for five years! !"

It turned out that everything was fake.

Daryl was so numb that she was on the verge of collapsing. She stepped back and asked, "did what happened to Ye family have something to do with you?"

She could hardly find her voice.

"Everything of

the Ye family is under the name of Candi. She is also the daughter of the Ye family. Do you know? Candi is also the daughter of the Ye family! You owe her. " Leon looked down at Daryl with cold and contemptuous eyes. Seeing that Daryl's life was worse than death, he felt extremely happy.

Daryl clenched her fists, desperate. She grabbed the fruit knife beside her and was about to die with Leon!

"I'm going to kill you! I'll kill you, Leon Lu! Give my child back to me! "

She was the sinner of the Ye family!

She was going to kill this unscrupulous executioner!

If it weren't for the help of the Ye family, how could the Lu family come back to life so soon?!

At that time, if Leon hadn't said that the man that night was him, and if he hadn't lied to her that the child was his, how could she have stepped into this fire?!

Daryl loved Leon, but she didn't want to force him, let alone know that he had been with Candida for a long time!

"Ah! Daryl, are you crazy? !" Candida screamed in panic, and her face turned pale with fright. Hearing this, Katrina rushed out too!

With a gloomy face, Leon snatched the knife from Daryl's hand and threw her out of the door. "Bitch!"

Daryl fell down the stairs awkwardly and her bones were broken!

She raised her head again!

The two certificates fell arrogantly on Daryl's face. Leon's face darkened and his eyes were murderous. "For the sake of you helping me last night, I won't make a fuss with you. This is the divorce certificate. Get out of here as far as you can! Don't badger me anymore, or I have one hundred ways to ruin your reputation! "

These words were like a thunder, splitting Daryl into pieces.

She looked at the divorce certificate in astonishment, her eyes red!

If it was in the past, Daryl would beg bitterly. Even when Leon turned his eyes a bit, she felt that all her efforts and prayers were worth it. But after last night, she woke up!

She was just deceiving herself.

"Shameless!" Daryl clenched her fingers and looked up at Leon with tears in her eyes!

"Say it again!"

"I have told you one hundred times that you are also a cunning and despicable man! Leon Lu, I'm so blind to be infatuated with a shameless man like you! " Daryl gritted her teeth to show her sadness. She raised her chin and looked at the two people who seemed to be grand on the steps. Hatred burst out from her eyes. "I will make you regret what you have done today!"

Leon sneered contemptuously and said slowly and ruthlessly, "I'm looking forward to the day of the face-to-face competition with you, but you have nothing and will never be able to get back on your feet in your life."

Looking at Daryl's ashen face, Candida thought it was not enough, so she added, "sister, I advise you to save your strength to go to the hospital to see aunt Abbey for the last time! Aunt Abbey has used up all the medical fees. The doctor said she was dying... "

Daryl was shocked, "mother...

Her mother was her only family.

Tears streamed down Daryl's cheeks. She didn't even have time to argue with these two scums. She wanted to get up in a panic.

But at this moment, a loud and clear voice of a little boy pierced the sky!


Everyone was shocked.

Not knowing when, a black lengthened Lincoln stopped outside the villa gate. Several men in Black got out of the car, respectfully opened the door, and a little gentleman in suit walked out!

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