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   Chapter 2 I'm Not Your Husband

Baby Cupid: Could You Be My New Mommy By A. DAVES Characters: 5730

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"I said, you slept with another man at that time. It wasn't me. And the reason why I let you come here today is for you to do the same business again," Leon replied.

'You are such a disgusting man, Leon.

If you were not the man who slept with me that night, then why did you marry me?' Daryl thought inwardly.

Leon's last words kept on playing back in her mind like a recorder.

"Daryl, if you entertain Mr. Ji well tonight, I assure you that we will treat you fairly. Leon will even pay you alimony after your divorce. But if you don't do this, I'm afraid you will have to give up all your properties." Candida knew Daryl's weakness, so she said something to pierce Daryl in this sore spot. "I am now pregnant with Leon's child. He needs to save money for us. You know, children are expensive."

As soon as Candida mentioned the child, Daryl looked at Candida's belly blankly.

The news on TV a while ago said that Candida was pregnant.

But Daryl hadn't paid much attention to it when she arrived just now because her main concern was Leon. She smiled bitterly.

'Leon is forcing me into sleeping with another man, or else he will divorce me. Candida is pregnant with his child, ' Daryl thought over and over again.

She couldn't believe that Leon was this cruel. He didn't only abandon her in front of Candida, he even rubbed salt into her wound.

"Leon, you are such a bastard! Give my son back to me." Thinking about her missing son, Daryl was almost on the verge of breaking down. She threw herself at Leon hysterically.

She would kill him right now.

"You're a shrew!" With disgust written all over his face, Leon pulled Daryl's hair and slapped her. "Are you going or not? I have never touched you for five years. Don't tell me that you don't need a man right now."

Leon slapped her so hard that Daryl's mouth began to bleed.

A sense of revolt suddenly surged up in her heart. She looked at him and said firmly, "No, I won't go. I would rather die than let you get what you want. Give me back my child. You are a beast, Leon. Give Sam back to me!"

Leon couldn't bear Daryl's screaming, so he covered her mouth with his big hand. Daryl opened her mouth to shout, but she felt a strong smell of medicine penetrate her nostrils.

"Since you don't want to be obedient, I will teach you a lesson. Send her there and let her feel that living is worse than dying."

Daryl tried to fight back, but she gradually lost her consciousness until everything in front of her became dark.

She felt terribly


In the dark, Daryl heard the door open, and the cold air rushed into the room. There were also steady and powerful footsteps getting closer to her.


She wasn't sure if she was only dreaming.

But she knew that Leon lied to her. He didn't sell her child to someone else.

Leon was Sam's father

. Sam was their child.

Leon was just playing a trick on her.

A tall and slender figure walked over and stood in front of Daryl. His mint scent gave her a pleasant feeling.

Daryl held the man tightly and rubbed her cheeks against his chest.

It felt so comfortable.

"Hubby, am I just dreaming?" she asked.

Looking down at the woman who threw herself at him, Zack Ji frowned and said, "I'm not your husband."

"Yes, you are." Daryl looked up at his handsome cold face. "Hubby, don't leave Sam and me, okay? You can't leave me alone like Sam did. Do you know how much I've missed you?"

"I told you, I am not your husband." Zack Ji got more pissed off, so he tried to pull her arms around him, wanting to push her away.

But Daryl wouldn't let go of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

Zack Ji didn't see it coming. Daryl even pushed him until his back already hit against the wall.

She clung to him like a vine, and her lips were so sweet.

Zack Ji couldn't resist her anymore.

The next morning, Daryl woke up in a daze.

She was stunned when she saw a strange surrounding. As she looked at the clothes on the floor, she suddenly realized that what happened last night was not a dream.

Leon and Candida indeed sent her to a strange man.

Daryl felt so desperate. She had never thought that the man she loved for many years would become the man she hated the most.

She wanted to find Leon right now.

She had to make everything clear with him.

Despite the pain that she felt, Daryl got out of the bed, put on her clothes, and left quietly. Although she didn't even spare a glance at the man on the other side of the bed, she was too careful not to wake him up.

When Zack Ji woke up a few moments later, Daryl was already gone. He touched the space of the bed beside him, and it was already cold. She had been gone for a long time now.

Zack Ji got up slowly. The morning sunlight that peeped through the window shone on his handsome face, making him look more profound. He pursed his thin lips and took a deep breath of regret.

He took his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

"Hale, check who entered my hotel room last night."

After saying yes, Hale hesitated for a few seconds before he finally said, "Sir, Benjamin is missing."

Zack Ji's face darkened at once. He picked up his shirt on the floor and put it on while walking out of the room quickly. "What happened?"

"He left a letter saying that he is going to find his mother."

Zack Ji's eyes narrowed.

Hale could feel Zack's coldness from the other end of the line. He broke out in a cold sweat and immediately admitted his negligence. "Sir, it's all my fault. I didn't take good care of him. Please punish me."

"Find him now. Give me his specific location in ten minutes."

"Yes, sir."

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