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   Chapter 1 Betrayal

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"According to the exclusive report of the Weekly News, Leon Lu, the heir of the Lu family, spent forty-eight hours in a hotel room with the famous actress, Candida Ye. Our reliable source confirmed that the actress has a slight bulge. Many believe that she is pregnant now."

It was still early in the morning, but the gossip about Leon Lu and Candida Ye had already spread all over the country, breaking the hearts of countless people.

Leon Lu was the CEO of the Lu Group. He was the heir of the nouveau-riche Lu family and a parvenu in the real estate industry. Currently, he was the youngest businessman in the city, known for being handsome, romantic, and affectionate. He was every woman's fantasy.

The media followed his love life all the time, broadcasting every woman he had associated with.

In the Lu family's villa

Daryl Ye sat quietly at the table with eyes staring unblinkingly at the TV screen. The news was all about Leon Lu and Candida Ye.

Her rough and slender hands grasped her thighs tightly. But still, she couldn't stop her body from trembling.

She couldn't believe that Leon Lu's mistress was Candida Ye, her parents' adopted daughter.

For a long time, Daryl Ye had doted on Candida Ye like her own sister.

"You're so stupid! Why did you put so much vinegar in the soup? Do you want to kill me?" Katrina Su, Daryl Ye's mother-in-law, who was sitting elegantly at the table, suddenly poured the bowl of hot chicken soup onto Daryl Ye.

With a darkened expression, Daryl Ye put down her chopsticks. She endured the burning sensation and knelt down to clean up the mess. "I'm so sorry, Mom. I'll cook for you again."

She tried to restrain her tears from falling, but they just streamed down her face like raindrops.

"You can't do anything right, but cry!" Katrina Su tweaked her left ear and pushed her away impatiently. "You're such a jinx. I don't know what's wrong with Leon that he chose to marry you. Even if you can bear everything, I can't stand you anymore."

"Mom, what do you mean?" Daryl Ye raised her head and looked at her mother-in-law in panic. She had a bad feeling with her words.

Her knees started to feel numb from kneeling, but she didn't complain.

"Are you really dumb? You can't even give birth to a child. And yet, you still want to be the hostess of the Lu family. Candida is pregnant with Leon's child now, so I will let her move in here tomorrow. A jinx like you should start packing now and get out of here."

"Mom, it's not that I can't have a child. Back then..." Daryl Ye was not able to finish her words as she choked with sobs.

The night wind that blew through the window made her body shiver more. She felt cold all over.

In the past five years, Katrina Su had abused her and treated her as a servant. But she endured it all for the sake of her marriage. But this time, Katrina Su's words made her heart break into a thousand pieces.

"Don't mention the past. If you hadn't set Leon up and got pregnant, he wouldn't have been forced to marry you." Katrina Su stood up and stared at Daryl Ye. "But what did you do? You didn't take care of my grandson. You lost him. It's been five years. I'm too tired to put up with you anymore. Get out of here! Make sure that I won't be able to see your face tomorrow morning."

Katrina Su then stomped off with a cold face.

Her words were like a knife that cut Daryl Ye's heart into pieces.

It was true that Leon Lu was forced to marry Daryl Ye because she was pregnant. But she didn't intentionally lose her child.

At this moment, her phone rang. She took it out from her pocket and saw Leon Lu's name on the screen.

She felt excited and nervous at the same time.

This was the first time that he had called her since they got married. But she was also afraid that he would only say something cruel to her.

As soon as she answered, she said, "Leon, mom said..."

"Where are you?" Leon Lu interrupted her coldly.

Daryl Ye felt more nervous. "I'm home."

"Come to Room 1818 of Cloud Hotel in half an hour."

Leon Lu then hung up before Daryl Ye could even say something.

Daryl Ye simply thought th

at Leon Lu just wanted a quiet place to explain his relationship with Candida Ye, so he told her to go to the hotel.

Maybe he didn't want a divorce at all.

With this thought, Daryl Ye gradually calmed down.

She went to her room, changed into a beautiful dress, and put on light makeup before she went out of the Lu family villa.

In less than half an hour. Daryl Ye was already outside Room 1818. She held the shopping bag tightly, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

Inside the shopping bag was a necktie from Leon Lu's favorite brand. She bought it before she came here.

Not long after, the door opened, and a tall man appeared at the door.

Leon Lu was wearing a white bathrobe with his neckline slightly open, giving off a fresh fragrance.

As soon as he saw Daryl Ye, his eyes narrowed slightly. Obviously, he was not satisfied with her looks.

Daryl Ye was about to say something when a delicate voice was heard from the inside. "Leon, is Daryl here?"

Her mouth opened, but there was no sound. The words that she wanted to say were stuck in her throat. As her gaze moved behind Leon Lu, she saw a beautiful woman walking towards the door.

The woman was none other than Candida Ye, who was wearing a white bathrobe too. Her long and curly hair danced as she walked gracefully.

She stood behind Leon Lu and wrapped her arms around his waist intimately as she greeted Daryl, "Daryl, long time no see."

Daryl Ye looked at the two people in front of her in astonishment. She felt a lump in her throat.

"Candida! How can you do this to me? Have you forgotten that he is your brother-in-law?"

Daryl Ye asked painfully as she took a few steps back. The shopping bag in her hand fell to the floor.

"But Daryl, I really love Leon," Candida Ye said weakly.

"Candida, you really disappoint me." Daryl Ye was about to run away from them when Leon Lu grabbed her arm.

"Shut up!" Leon Lu snapped. "I'm telling you, if you screw up my plan tonight, I'll teach you a lesson you can never forget." He dragged Daryl Ye inside the room and threw her on the sofa with a malicious look in his eyes.

He then looked down at her and ordered, "There is a very important person next room. Go and sleep with him."

Daryl Ye struggled to stand up, clenched her fists, and looked at Leon's heartless face in bewilderment.

She had been crying for quite a while now, so her eyes already felt sore. However, her tears still kept on falling. "You want me to sleep with another man? Leon, you asked me to come here just to sleep with another man?"

"Well, what else do you expect?" Leon Lu squinted his eyes and smiled coldly. "Do you think I still want to save our relationship and start over again?"

Candida Ye patted Leon Lu on the chest and said flirtatiously, "Don't say that. She has made an effort to put on makeup. There must be some misunderstanding here."

She then looked at Daryl and smiled. "Daryl, you haven't done anything for Leon in the past five years. After being married into the Lu family, you have never helped him. Now, he finally needs you. As his wife, do you have the heart to refuse?"

Daryl Ye tried to suppress the rage and pain in her heart as she said word by word, "I refuse."

"If you refuse, then let's divorce," Leon Lu threatened her.

"No, Leon." Daryl grabbed Leon Lu's hand and sobbed. "We can't divorce. If we do, Sam won't be able to find his way home. Leon, please."

Leon Lu's face darkened. "Don't ever mention that bastard in front of me again. I'm fed up with your crying and screaming because of that child."

"Don't call him a bastard. He is our child," Daryl Ye countered.

"Daryl, wake up," Candida Ye reminded her kindly. "He is not Leon's child at all."

Daryl Ye suddenly froze and stared at Candida Ye with her teary eyes. "What do you mean? Leon, what does Candida mean?"

Leon Lu said coldly, "She means that the man who got you pregnant that night was not me. That bastard wasn't stolen. I sold him."

His words were like a bomb that exploded in Daryl Ye's heart, and it shattered into pieces.

"What did you say?" she asked to confirm.

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