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   Chapter 53 Love In Heart

Hypnotic Desire: Land The Perfect Kiss By Cun Li Characters: 6312

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:49

Was he cheated? By a woman who he thought loved him very much.

How long had she lied to him? He didn't know. She even lied to him about the baby. What else could he believe? Was the previous relationship true or not? He couldn't tell for a while.

He was furious. As a man, he was fooled by a weak woman, while he himself was as stupid as a fool. How ridiculous!

But more was disappointment and heartache.

He still didn't want to believe that such a kind and considerate Isabel would do such a disgusting and hypocritical thing, when he thought of the time they had been together, and the meticulous care and gentle care

Ivan looked at the information on those short pages. What Isabel had done since she pretended to be pregnant made him feel sad. He really didn't know how he could face Isabel next.

No, that was not his concern. He didn't have to face Isabel anymore.

She made the fake pregnancy by herself, and even used the excuse of miscarriage to make the fake pregnancy true, and even framed Queenie. When she did these things, she should have thought that one day the truth would come out, and how could she get her wish.

Although the information was short, what Isabel had done was been recorded. So it was enough to be evidence.

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