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   Chapter 52 Trust, The Truth

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Ivan, on the other hand, looked straight into Queenie's eyes and said.

Hearing what Ivan said, Hertha also felt that her conclusion is somewhat decisive. She looked at Queenie and said, "Then let's wait and see. If I know that it was really you, Queenie, who did it, I will definitely let Ivan divorce you. Moreover, you can't get anything from our Han family."

For some reason, when Ivan heard his mother say about divorce, his heart was filled with unwillingness, as if to cover up his inner reaction.

Ivan interrupted Queenie who was about to say something and said, "Mom, don't worry. I've arrange someone to investigate. The result will come out soon. I'm sure to find out the truth. People will leave some clues when they do something. As long as we put our heart into it, we will definitely find it. "

Queenie had heard from Ivan that he believed her at first, and now he said that he had arranged someone to investigate. She suddenly remembered what he had said to her before she got off the car.

Somehow, she had an impulse to cry. Because Ivan's series of actions showed that he had trusted her from the beginning, and now he was trying to defend her. He really believed her.

Queenie was surprised, but she felt more happy. Ivan chose to believe her when facing such a thing.

After all, he was the father of the child. How could she not have a ripple in her heart that he could still maintain his grace and firmly believe in her.

She had to admit that she was really moved.

At least, Ivan didn't fail to distinguish right from wrong and lose his temper because of Isabel. Queenie admired his way of handling problems.

Since Ivan had said that, Hertha could not say anything more. She just asked them to go back first and come to her after the matter was investigated. Then she would make a decision.

Hertha was still cold to Queenie, not as kind as before, but there was no tit for ta

tal to help her apply for a fake certificate, and this miscarriage was also helped by her friend. "

"What did you say? ! Did Isabel do it? Was there any mistake? ”

"Boss, are you still worried about my ability? That must be first-rate! "

However, Ivan didn't listen to him anymore. He turned to Edward and said coldly, "You can leave now! No one is allowed to come in without my permission. "

After Edward left, Ivan sat alone on the CEO's chair in front of his desk. His deep eyes were cold and unfocused, but he stared at the table in front of him motionlessly.

His hands on his legs were slowly tightening, and his fingers were gradually clenched into fists. What his assistant Edward had just said kept flashing through his mind.

Before that, although he firmly believed that it was not Queenie who did it, he had never thought that it was Isabel herself who arranged it.

However, this was not the most surprising thing. Just when he thought that Isabel went all out to set up Queenie and even be cruel enough to give up their child, Edward said something that made him even more unbelievable.

Ivan sat there in a daze, unable to come to his senses. Except for the coldness around him, which could prove that he could not calm down, he did nothing else.

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