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   Chapter 51 Worry And Distrust

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"Send me the address and I'll pick you up."

Ivan said in a tone that allowed no one to refuse. He was afraid that his mother would find fault with Queenie when she went to the old house alone, so he'd better take her back.

Hearing what Ivan said, Queenie thought that maybe it was because he had to go back to the old house that Ivan had to pick her up. She didn't expect that Hertha was very dissatisfied with her now.

So, Queenie replied yes and sent her address to him after hanging up the phone. Ivan turned on the navigation and arrived near the address sent by Queenie. He happened to see Queenie standing by the road and waiting for him.

The light purple dress was elegant and noble. In the sun, her side face was soft, exuding a warm feeling. She looked into the distance, as if there was nothing, but her eyes were felt full of deep feelings, but nowhere to be found.

After parking the bright yellow Lamborghini slowly beside Queenie, Queenie looked up at it, and walked to the passenger seat. She opened the door and got in the car.

The two remained silent all the way. When they arrived at the house of the Han family, Queenie was about to get off the car, but Ivan suddenly leaned over and grabbed her hand that was about to open the door.

The two of them were very close. Queenie could smell the tobacco on his body. She thought he smoked because he was worried about Isabel's losing her child. After all, she had never smelled such a smell before on him.

As for Ivan, he could clearly see that Queenie was staring at his long and curved eyelashes and her pink lips. Ivan couldn't help but roll his throat.

Enduring the abnormality of his body, he said to Queenie, "If anything happens later, don't keep silent. You should know how to defend yourself, or you will suffer losses. What's more, if mom asks you about Isabel, you just tell the truth. Don't tell her to Isabel or s

t of her. She took a sip of water and put it down heavily. The sound was frightening.

Looking at Hertha like this, Queenie was deeply disappointed. She always thought that Hertha treated her well, but she didn't expect that things would turn out like this.

"Queenie, about this... It's really your fault. Even if you don't like her, you can't kill the baby! "

"Even you don't believe me? ”

Queenie looked at Phipps in surprise. She didn't expect that Phipps, who had always favored her, didn't believe her today.

She thought that he knew her well and would stand firmly on her side.

Queenie glanced at Ivan and looked away. Even Phipps didn't believe her. How could she expect Ivan to believe her? He must be the one who didn't trust her the most and the most angry person.

But in fact, Ivan was out of her expectation.

"Dad, mom, I believe it has nothing to do with Queenie. Isabel said it was not her fault, wasn't it? We haven't found out the truth yet. We can't put all the blame on Queenie. If it's really her fault, it's not too late to blame her after the matter is investigated. "

When Queenie heard him say "I believe this has nothing to do with Queenie", Queenie looked at him in surprise, as well as a trace of inquiry and examination.

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