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   Chapter 48 I Have To Say

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Therefore, Ivan followed the doctor to Isabel's ward and "carefully" observed Isabel's condition. The doctor told him that Isabel was fine, but she couldn't have any emotional problem with her. During this period, Ivan must try his best to be obedient to her.

Ivan thanked the doctor and sent him out of the ward. Then he returned to the ward. Standing in front of Isabel's bed, Ivan looked at Isabel's pale face, which was frowning even in a coma. He couldn't help but reach out his hand to gently smooth her beautiful eyebrows.

He withdrew his hand soon. Somehow, he felt a little awkward today, as if Isabel was an unfamiliar person.

But Isabel was the one he loved!

The one she loved. Does... Does he still love Isabel? It seemed that Isabel had changed a lot. He couldn't tell where she had changed, but he just felt that Isabel was not as simple and lovely as before.

Was it his illusion?

He shook his head. It couldn't be. It must be his illusion. After all, nothing could explain it.

Taking a look at Isabel, who was still in a coma, Ivan decided to go out and call his parents. After all, the child was gone, and there must be no way to hide it.

And he couldn't hide it from his parents. It couldn't be kept for a long time. If his parents knew it later, they might be angrier. He'd better tell them now.

Even if they were sad, there was nothing they could do. Now that things had come to this, he could only face it frankly and accept it. The rest was useless.

He turned around and gently opened the door. When he went out, Ivan slowly closed the door for fear of waking up Isabel.

After he went out, Ivan walked to the end of the corridor and stood by the window.

Ivan didn't take out his phone immediately, but took out a cigarette and a lighter. He lit a cigarette and held it in his hand. Looking at the smoke swirling around it and taking a puff from time to time, the scene was a little beautiful.

In fact,

, this is the room. Let's go inside."

Hearing the voice, Isabel pretended to be in a coma again.

But in fact, just now, she was still playing with her cell phone in high spirit, but her face seemed to be a little pale. She had put on makeup in the operating room, which made her look like a woman who had just had a miscarriage.

Not long after they entered the room, Isabel pretended to have a nightmare. She kept shouting "no, no" and then woke up from the nightmare.

When she woke up, her face was full of fear, coupled with her pale and morbid face at the moment, which was very pitiful. Hertha was the first one to rush up and grab her hand, trembling and unable to speak.

Seeing this, Isabel knew that Hertha didn't feel sorry for her. Knowing how much Hertha felt sorry for the child, she began to act again.

"Mr and Mrs. Han, why are you here? Am I in the hospital? "

She first calmly and politely asked Mr. and Mrs. Han, and then suddenly remembered something. Her eyes were wide open and full of horror. She shook her head in disbelief, and then lowered her head and began to talk to herself.

"No, no, no, it's impossible, it's impossible..."

Then she suddenly raised her head and looked at Ivan, "Ivan." She cried with a trace of grievance, "Tell me, am I... am I..."

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